To register multiple teams, please complete the registration process using the link below, then send the fee via Cash App to $robtaylorbpr

or send check payable to Rob Taylor to PO Box 307793  Gahanna, Oh 43230


Tournament Sites & Locations

New Covenant Believers Church (3400 Kohr Ave Columbus, OH) (Grades 3rd & 4th)

Reynoldsburg HS (6699 E Livingston Ave Reynoldsburg) (Grades 5th-6th)

Reynoldsburg HS (8579 Summit Rd Reynoldsburg) (Grades 6th-7th)

Wellington HS (3650 Reed Rd Columbus, OH) (Grades 7th & 8th)

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Dates: April 5th-7th, 2024

Format: 4-team pools (3 pool games) with top 2 teams advancing to Gold bracket play and the bottom 2 teams advancing to Silver Bracket play. Three-game guarantee. We will be using Exposure Events for online scheduling and results.

Costs: $395.00 (Boys)  Multi-Team Discount: $370.00 


Grades: 1st-8th  (Boys) Location: Multiple locations around Columbus, Oh 

Awards: Team trophies for champions and runner-ups.  Individual awards for champions and runner-ups. All-Tournament Team plaques. 

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Buckeye Prep Invitational All Tournament Teams (TBT) 

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All Tournament Team Selections Template

Prior Tournament Results:

-2018 Results 2018 Tournament Star Watch List

2017 Results -2016 Results -2015 Results -2014 Results2013 Results

Committed Team List

8th/2028 (21) 7th/2029 (21) 6th/2030 (14) 5th/2031 (19)
Ohio Basketball Club All-Ohio Red-Stewart Ohio Basketball Club T3 Academy
Ohio Buckets Nova Village Phenom United RA1-Hoopsters
Nova Village Ohio Buckets Quality Sports Ohio Buckets
Hardwork Basketball Ohio Basketball Club Akron Fear Ohio Basketball Club
Ohio Swarm NEOhio RA1-Hoopsters Columbus Monarchs
T3 Academy Midwest Basketball Club-Pentello Ginn Elite Midwest Basketball Club-Burre
Michigan Playmakers (MI) Sharpshooter Elite (IN) Charging Elite Midwest Basketball Club-Pentello
Hidden Gems Hidden Gems RA1-Future Legends Nova Village
The Program c2k Xtreme Heat MWBC-Trutza Team Hibachi (PA)
Columbus Monarchs SPE/Phenom United MWBC-McCoy  Michigan Playmakers (MI)
Bates Fundamental (MI) The Program c2k-Brandon MBC-Weatherby Hidden Gems
Quality Sports The Program c2k-Miller MWBC-Troutman Phenom United Kings
TNBA Premier Columbus Monarchs WHOH Detroit Elite (MI)  Phenom United SPE
Charging Elite Phenom United Euclid Junior Panthers TNBA Elite
RA1-Future Legends Akron Fear Dews Elite-Dews Bates Fundamental (MI)
Another Level/Bremer Elite Playmaker U Select BTOP Charging Elite
MWBC-Wisler HOF City Hornets Dews Elite-Billings Another Level/Bremer Elite
Phenom United Alliance RA1-Future Legends TNBA Ohio
Phenom United Kings  Michigan Playmakers (MI) MWBC-Spurrier
Toledo Urban Sports Dews Elite Euclid Junior Panthers
WHOH Detroit Elite (MI)
4th Grade/2032 (18) 3rd Grade/2033 (5) 2nd Grade/2034 1st Grade/2035
Buckeye Prep RA1 Michigan Playmakers (MI)
Playmakers U Select Sharpshooter Elite (IN)
The Program c2k SPE/Phenom United
Columbus Monarchs/Ohio Hoopsters Columbus Monarchs
Indy Premire (IN) Bates Fundamental (MI)
Michigan Playmakers (MI)
T3 Academy
Midwest Basketball Club-Cummins
Ohio Buckets
Gem City Heat
REP Elite
Ohio Elite Basketball (OEB)
 Charging Elite
Ohio Basketball Club
Sharpshooter Elite (IN)
The Island
Phenom United SPE

2024 Buckeye Prep Report Invitational Tournament

Game Rules 

  1. 2/14 minutes halves with stop & go clock (5th-9th grade) 2/12 minutes halves (2nd-4th grades). Clock runs with score 15 + in 2nd half.  
  2. Three timeouts total (2 full & one 30 second per game). One extra timeout in the 1st overtime. 
  3. Two-minute half-time warm-up. 
  4. Game time is also forfeit time.  No grace period will be allowed (Director’s Discretion).        
  5. Three-minute pre-game warm-up. 
  6. Only one coach at a time can be standing during the game. 
  7. Fouls: Team fouls 7-9 results in a 1-and-1 situation (per half). Team fouls 10 or more results in a two shot penalty (per half). 
  8. Scores tied after regulation will result in one two-minute overtime period. After the first overtime period, the 2nd 2-minute overtime period will be sudden death (Except in championship game).
  9. Other than the # of exceptions, current AAU age/grade exemptions rules will be in effect. 
  10. If a player, coach or parent is ejected from a game for any reason, they are ejected for the rest of the tournament. 
  11. The top 2 teams in each 4-team pool will advance to Gold Bracket/single elimination play and the 3rd & 4th place teams will advance to Silver Bracket/single elimination play. (In some divisions all teams will advance to Gold Bracket play depends on the number of teams in each division). 3 teams in 5-team pools will advance to Gold Bracket play and all 3 teams in a 3-team pool will advance to gold bracket play.
  12. Tiebreaker criteria:  
  13. Won-lost record 
  14. Head-to-head competition; 
  15. Point system (+15 / -15). (Note -Regardless of the point difference,  “winning margin,” no team will receive more than a plus “15” or a minus “15” for point differential. For example, if team “A” wins by 20 points, team “A” will receive a +15 for that game.) Also, only the teams involved in the tie will be subject to the following point system formula;
  16. Least amount of points allowed in pool games;  
  17. Coin flip. 
  18. Although we will attempt to provide clock operators, the home team will keep the official book and will provide a scorekeeper and the visiting team should be prepared to provide a clock operator. 
  19. The home team is the 1st/top team listed on the schedule and will wear light colored jerseys and the visiting team will wear dark colored jerseys. 
  20. We will be using a regulation-sized basketball (the big ball) for 7-11th grades only. The 4th -6th grade divisions will be using the smaller ball. The home team must provide a 28.5 sized game ball. 
  21. Coaches must have birth certificates in hand in case of challenges.  If a player is found to be ineligible, the player will be ejected from the tournament and the team will forfeit all games the player participated in. 

  22. For age/grade challenges, the team issuing the challenge must submit a non-refundable $200 fee.

Note: An All-Tournament Team and MVPs will be selected (by director) at the conclusion of the championship game.  In addition, individual awards will be presented to the champion and runner-up teams. 

Special note to Coaches

  1. You are responsible for the behavior of your players and parents! We’re not going to tolerate violence and madness from coaches, players or parents!  We will be ejecting anyone who’s is out of control and creating an unsafe environment!
  2. Don’t bring kids who you know are too old or who does not meet our age/grade requirements! If one of your players is challenged and you don’t have grade cards or birth certificates that prove eligibility, the player will be ejected and you will forfeit games!
  3. Two coaches and a score keeper/clock operator will be admitted free.
  4. Each team must be prepared top provide a score keeper or clock operator to each game.  The home team will be responsible for keeping the official score, and the away team must provide a cook operator.  At Worthington Kilbourne, we will provide clock operators and maybe some score keepers.
  5. The home team is also responsible for providing a game ball.