Over the course of the 2023 travel season we had the opportunity to evaluate a number of very talented 2032 players in some very competitive tournaments around the state. At the conclusion of most events, we published tournament recaps, which included a list standout performers in the form of all-tournament teams. Below is our list of the top 3rd grade players we saw all season in the form of 5 “All-Ohio Teams” plus Honorable Mention.

In terms of our criteria, team success was a huge factor in our decision making! Simply put, the better teams placed multiple players on the higher teams, while lesser performing teams, despite the player’s individual success, produced fewer “All State” selectees. In addition, we only included 3rd grade players who we personally saw play this season. We also considered the level of competition of the tournaments and how frequently we saw players compete.

Also, we went back and reviewed our prior tournament recaps and “All-Tournament Team” selections. Let us be clear, our list does not represent “rankings,” as it may not included some of the top players around the state whom we did not see play this year in tournaments. In addition, duel sport players may have been at a slight disadvantage because of missed games and tournaments. Moreover, we did not consider players we saw in camp/showcase settings only. Some of the top tournaments we attended this season included:  T3TV March Madness, Buckeye Prep Invitational, Dru Joyce Classic, Hell’s Kitchen, All-Ohio Grassroots and All-Ohio Nike Cup.

Our list is primarily designed to provide recognition for standout performances in competitive environments. We also hope the recognition will serve as motivation for teams to compete in more competitive, statewide and national tournaments. We also hope that players to continue to work hard and to further develop their games. On a final note, we will continue to update our “Ohio 2032 Player Rankings” going forward in order to shine the spotlight on this class. Follow us on IG @robt1

Honorable Mention
Lakye Berry
 Chris DiPalma
 Carter Watson
 Durant Smith
 Jett Darbyshire
Josh Towns
Kamar Lee
Britton Gilford
Carter Abernathy