Now that the travel basketball season has concluded, we decided to put together our All-Central Ohio Teams again. In terms of our methodology, in addition to our own observations and evaluations, we spoke with and received specific feedback from a number of travel team coaches and parents, and we asked them to identify who they felt were the top players on not only their own respective teams, but players from across the various Central Ohio-based leagues (i.e., COBA,C League). Not only did we ask coaches and parents which players they liked best over the course of the season, we asked them to rank the players, in order, to the best of their abilities. To be honest, in some cases, the level of participation from some coaches was minimal, consequently, players on their teams may have been underrepresented or not represented at all on our lists. Bottom line, in many cases, the players who ultimately made our lists represented a consensus.

In addition, where a player was listed was heavily influenced by their team’s level of success. Simply put, our lists do not represent “rankings, ” as the more highly ranked/better teams had more players who made our lists, and those players were generally ranked higher. As a further example, let’s say the best player in the league played on an unranked team, then that player would unlikely make the top couple of teams, by virtue of his team’s lack of success. Moreover, every team listed in our top 10 Power Rankings should of had at least 1 player represented. Based on our own observations, coupled with the coaches/parent feedback, we feel really good about the end product. In fact, in total, 40 players in each of the 4th and 5th grade divisions were spotlighted, while 30 kids were represented in the 3rd grade division.

Going forward, in order to receive recognition at any level, it’s important that the best teams play each other as often as possible. Not only does playing the best competition allow for greater exposure, competitive games go a long way in enhancing a player’s overall development, which is a big part of what this game is all about. In closing, at the end of the day, we did our best to highlight as many kids as possible based on what we saw and/or heard during the season. As always, we invite your feedback. Please feel free to email us at, leave your comments, and we will do our best to respond. Let the debate begin!

5th Grade

Jayden Tonyemba

Derrick Perryman

Robert Sumner

Jordan Davies

Chris Blalock

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team 4th Team
Jayden Tonyemba-Olentangy Berlin David Johnson III-Worthington Red Robert Simpson Jr.-Reynoldsburg Purple Lucca Pentello-Big Walnut
Derrick Perryman-Gahanna Landon Geist-Gahanna Ross Williams-Olentangy Orange Jedi Haynes-Lee-Reynoldsburg Purple
Robert Sumner-Worthington Red John Sumner-Worthington Red Takeo Berry-Worthington-Red Luca Susi-Worthington Red
Jordan Davies-Olentangy Braves Robert Jameson Jr.-Reynoldsburg Gold Ryan Parsons-Pickerington Mason Vines-Gahanna
Chris Blalock-Pickerington Jordan Taylor-Gahanna Kyle Darfus-Lancaster Elliott Trautner-New Albany
5th Team 6th Team 7th Team Honorable Mention
Kaiden Graves-Reynoldsburg Gold Nolan Less-Olentangy Berlin Nolan Moore-Reynoldsburg Gold Carter Watson-Reynoldsburg Purple
Kallen Parker-Olentangy Orange Mason Lastivka-Big Walnut Zion Lancaster-Reynoldsburg Purple Nolan Sexton-New Albany
AJ Geist-Olentangy Braves Evan Yekisa-Gahanna Chase McCoy-Lancaster Owen Weinandy-Hilliard Davidson
King Lancaster-Reynoldsburg Purple JB Yeager-Olentangy Berlin Reed Waltman-Big Walnut Logan Greene-Pickerington
Beckett Kistner-New Albany Carter Gerkin-Reynoldsburg Gold Jase Owens-Reynoldsburg Gold Christian Hudson-Pickerington

4th Grade

Julian Winner

Rhett Bradley

Alec Moore

Tony Jones Jr.

Archie Decker

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team 4th Team
Julian Winner-Dublin Green Anderson Swarts-Lancaster Eli Brockman-Big Walnut James Yeager-Olentangy Berlin White
Rhett Bradley-Big Walnut James Braxton III-Pickerington Lane Bollie-Dublin Green Anderson Kitts-Ohio Swish
Alec Moore-Pickerington Cale Ivery-Gahanna Will Taylor III-Worthington Maverick Shields-Olentangy Berlin Blue
Tony Jones Jr.-Gahanna Palmer Warnock-Hilliard Bradley Ethan Knott-Olentangy Berlin Carolina Porter Witts-Team Franklin
Archie Decker-Dublin Green Cam Hendricks-Big Walnut Becket Conrad-Dublin Green Cruz Kaplin-Gahanna
5th Team 6th Team 7th Team Honorable Mention
Tyler Balmert-Upper Arlington Howe Klein Ballard-Upper Arlington-Ballard Eddie Williams-Dublin DYA David Leonard-Westerville Central
Nolan Kautz-Upper Arlington Ballard T’Khai Perkins-Reynoldsburg Landon Grisak-Olentangy Berlin Ethan Howe-Upper Arlington-Howe
Hunter Bakes-Upper Arlington-Carskadon Zeke Davis-Olentangy Berlin Blue Preston Raehil-Olentangy Berlin-White Ethan Wenning-Hilliard Bradley
Bryce Villanova-Gahanna Hesten Blankenship-Ohio Swish Adam Kennedy-Lancaster Nick Gischel-Olentangy Berlin Carolina
Wes Holman-Olentangy Liberty Torin Carskadon-Upper Arlington-Carskadon Henry Wisler-Olentangy Braves-Wisler Tucker Bailey-Jonathon Alder

3rd Grade

Marcus Parker Jr.

Dru Posey

Ely Johnson

Cam Reed

Chauncey Cumberlander Jr.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team 4th Team
Marcus Parker Jr.-Pickerington Jackson Maag-Olentangy Braves Boston Malakai Anderson-Lancaster Max Markakis-Pickerington
Dru Posey-Reynoldsburg Carter Ring-Westerville North Lincoln Libster-Dublin Scioto Griffin Thompson-Fairbanks
Eli Johnson-Dublin Scioto Pierce Green-Olentangy Liberty Jack Smith-Olentangy Berlin White Brantley Wright-Westerville North
Cam Reed-Olentangy Braves Boston Sammy Chalton-Olentangy Berlin Blue Rocco Brader-Olentangy Braves-Boston Aiden Roy-Olentangy Liberty
Chauncey Cumberlander-Pickerington Conner Kautz-Upper Arlington Piersall Alexander Ragland-Reynoldsburg Nicholas Gerschutz-Hilliard Darby
5th Team Honorable Mention
Hank Stover-Big Walnut Owen Seekely-Olentangy Liberty
Remy Anstein-Westerville North Carter Galloway-Dublin Scioto
Luke Spisak-Upper Arlington Ianzito Ronnie Smith-Pickerington
Danny Chalton-Olentangy Berlin Blue Wes Cerny-Upper Arlington Ianzito
Parker Reighard-Olentangy Berlin White Cobbs Cooper Burkam-Dublin Green