Although we have already published individual player rankings for the class of 2032, we thought it would be fun to break down those rankings into to several key skill categories. Below is a break down of the top 10 players in each of 6 skill categories based on our observations.

It’s important to note that we use this matrix when we compile our broader class rankings, and although not included in this particular product, we believe IQ, decision making, attitude, coach coach-ability  and overall effort are all important factors in evaluating players.

In total, about 27 players are represented among the 6 lists, with several players appearing on multiple lists. For players wishing to raising their ranking, development of their entire game maybe warranted.

It should be noted that although the bulk of our evaluation is based on play during the travel season, results from the recent Top 25 Combine played a significant role in some of our decision making. The general thoughts being; if a player got it done when the “best” were in the same gym, they deserve extra credit!

Of course we understand these lists will spark some controversy, however, the final product is our non-biased attempt at providing information to those who might be interested in our perspective. Enjoy and let the debate begin!

Top Shooters

Rank Name City
1 Britton Gilford Cleveland
2 Jett Darbyshire Cincinnati
3 Jordan Taylor Gahanna
4 Julian Winner Dublin
5  Dean Schwartz Mason
6  David Johnson III Worthington
7  Jayden Vega Avon
8 Chris Downing Jr. Canton
9 Durant Smith Cincinnati
T10 Kason Angert Springfield
T10 Cooper Kavanagh Wadsworth

Notes: In terms of shooting, a player should be proficient in not only catch and shoot situations, but must be able to shoot with range and off the bounce, going left or right.

Top Drivers/Scorers

Rank Name City
1 Chris Downing Jr. Canton
2 David Johnson III Worthington
3  Ron “RJ” Houston Euclid
4 Jedi Haynes-Lee Reynoldsburg
5 Jordan Taylor Gahanna
6  Dean Schawartz  Mason
7 Alec Moore Pickerington
8 Charlie Lombardy Avon
9  Durant Smith Cincinnati
10  Julian Winner  Dublin

In terms of driving/scoring, a player should be able to get to and finish near the basket at a high rate. This includes making tough finishes often through contact. In addition, a player should have a solid floater/runner package.

Top Defenders

Rank Name City
1  Rhett Bradley  Big Walnut
2 Tony Jones Jr. Gahanna
3 David Johnson III Worthington
4 Jordan Taylor Gahanna
5  Robert Simpson Columbus
6 Ron “RJ” Houston Euclid
7  Chris Downing Jr. Canton
8  Durant Smith Cincinnati
9  David Perry  Dayton
10 Alec Moore Pickerington

In terms of defense, a player should excel at both on-ball and help side defense, including jumping passing lanes and denying on dead ball/inbounding situations.

Top Rebounders

Rank Name City
1  Jedi Haynes-Lee Columbus
2  Will Harding Dayton
3 Ron “RJ” Houston Cleveland
4 Max Ratica Cincinnati
5 Zion Lancaster Reynoldsburg
6 Charlie Lombardy Avon
7 Abrielle Taylor Cleveland
8  Aiden Williams Columbus
9 David Perry Dayton
10  Lakye Berry Cincinnati

Top Ball Handlers

Rank Name City
1  Tony Jones Jr. Gahanna
2  Jordan Taylor Gahanna
3  Robert Simpson Columbus
4 Chris Downing Jr. Canton
5  Rhett Bradley Big Walnut
6  Jayden Vega Avon
7  Christian Morrow Jr. New Albany
8   Kason Angert Springfield
9  Julian Winner Dublin
10  DJ Bird Cleveland

Top Passers

Rank Name City
1  Rhett Bradley  Big Walnut
2  Jordan Taylor Gahanna
3  Robert Simpson Columbus
4 Chris Downing Jr. Canton
5   Kason Angert Springfield
6  Jayden Vega Avon
7  Christian Morrow Jr. New Albany
8  David Johnson III Dublin
9  Julian Winner Dublin
10 Durant Smith Cincinnati