As we’ve alluded to in the past, the Buckeye Prep Report intends to pay particular attention to the teams and players that make up the class of 2032, as we strive to become the primary source of information, content and all things associated with the current 2nd grade class.  To this end, as we travel across the country and provide media coverage for elite level events that hosts 2032 teams and players, we intend to identify standout performers at each event, then add their name and picture to our 2032 database. Below is our initial list of 2032 players we’ve seen and evaluated.  Our list is unique because we’ve seen and evaluated every player featured. We will not add a player to our list unless we’ve seen and evaluated them in person.  In addition, at this point, the list does not represent formal “rankings,” as much as it reflects the players we’ve seen and think should be nationally recognized.  However, at some point in the future, when we’ve had the opportunity to see and evaluate more players in this class, we may develop our own individual player and team rankings.  For now, simply enjoy the list and use the same for reference purposes.

Watch List Player State
Unranked Ashton Jolly LA
Unranked Henry Jolly  LA
Unranked King Tari CA
Unranked Penny King TN
Unranked Bobby Peebles III MO
Unranked Aydin Garth IN
Unranked Khalil Brooks KS
Unranked Cole Adams TX
Unranked  Cavalli Glodthreat TN
Unranked Chase Williams PA
Unranked  Camden Day IN
Unranked  Chris Downing Jr. OH
Unranked Keylon Thomas TN
Unranked Trey Clemons OH
Unranked Justin Coleman MD
Unranked Nas McCoy NY
Unranke Teran Jennings TX
Unranked Ronald Colbert/Erian Love MD/TX
Unranke  Jayden Hardy MD
Unranked Jedi Haynes-Lee OH
Unranked Dexter Turner Jr. WS
Unranked Davin Dejesus MD
Unranked Jayden Vega OH
Unranked Jordan Taylor OH
Unranked David Johnson III OH
Unranked Des’Vino Douglas TX
Unranked David Perry OH
Unranked Tristian Graham IN
Unranked Elijah Mathieu/Dylan Rader TN/IL
Unranked Preston Hanby TN
Unranked Josh Morgan-Green MD
Unranked Mason Alexander IL
Unranked Jacob Gorham MD
Unranked Jordan Bowles/Aiden Dixon KY/NY
Unranked Ari Anderson OH
Unranked Jase Owens OH
Unranked Cameron McDonald MI
Unranked Odin Khalid MD
Unranked  David Wright FL
 Unranked Layton Ray IN
Unranked Ayden Rodriguez NJ
Unranked Maddox Perry MO
Unranked Jayden Singletary NC
Unranked Kason Angret OH
Watch List Player State
Unranked Carmelo Malone  MI
Unranked Armani Cooper MI
Unranked Caanan Mercer OH
Unranked Aiden Manns MI
Unranked Xavier Pineda NJ
Unranked Hiro Niyama WA
Unranked Kiyan Thompson NY
Unranked Vernon Dixon  VA
Unranked Maxwell Ratica OH
Unranked Geno Land OH
Unranked Chodi Alston  MD
Unranked Milze Carter OH
Unranked Moe Miller TN
Unranked Samir Yocup TN
Unranked Rajon Palmer KY
Unranked Jeremy Murphy IL
Unranked Blake Blaize OH

Ashton Jolly

Henry Jolly

King Tari

Penny King

Bobby Peebles III

Cole Adams

Chase Williams

Aydin Garth

Cavalli Glodthreat

Justin Coleman

CJ Downing

Khalil Brooks

Camden Day

Keylon Thomas

Nas McCoy

Erian Love

Trey Clemons

Davin DeJesus

Jedi Haynes-Lee

Jordan Taylor

Dexter Turner

Jayden Vega

David Johnson III

Tristian Graham

Teran Jennings

Troy Collins Jr.

Elijah Mathieu

David Perry

Jayden Hardy

Jacob Gorham

Jeremy Murphy

Josh Morgan-Green

Dylan Rader

Moe Miller

Mason Alexander

Aiden Charles

Jordan Bowles

Jase Owens

Maddox Perry

David Wright

Tristian Waldron

Layton Ray

Caanan Mercer

Cameron McDonald

Hiro Niyama

Ayden Rodriguez

Milze Carter

Choudi Alston

Odian Khalid

Vernon Dixon

Devon Gary

Geno Land

Jayden Singletary

Kiyan Thompson

Carter Watson

Bradley Blake

Rajon Palmer

Samir Yocup