Now that the COBA regular season is in the books, we decided to put together our All COBA Teams again. This year, for the 4th grade, we went with four formal teams and an Honorable Mention. For 3rd graders, were also able to develop 4 teams and Honorable Mention. In terms of our methodology, we spoke with and received feedback from the coaches of the top 5 COBA teams and a few other coaches as well, and we asked them to identify who they felt were top players in the league. Not only did we ask them which players they liked best over the course of the season, but we asked them to rank the players in order to the best of their abilities.

In addition, where a player was ranked was heavily influenced by their team’s level of success. Simply put, the better teams had more players who were ranked higher on our list. Moreover, every team listed in our top 10 Power Rankings had at least 1 player represented. Based on our own observations coupled with the coaches feedback, we feel really good about the end product. In total, over 30 fourth grade and 25 third grade kids were spotlighted in some form or another. Even though we identified over 65. Players in total, as is always the case with any list, we may have missed a few kids. We will try and do better next year.

Going forward, in order to receive recognition at any level, it’s important that the best teams play each other as often as possible. Not only does playing the best competition allow for greater exposure, competitive games go a long way in enhancing a player’s overall development, which is a big part of what this game is all about. In closing, at the end of the day, we did our best to highlight as many kids as possible based on what we saw and heard during the season. Let the debate begin!

4th Grade

 1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team 4th Team
 Derrick Perryman-Gahanna Jordan Taylor-Gahanna (3rd) Beckett Kistner-New Albany Jerimiah Buckner-Hilliard Davidson
Jack Shaker-Olentangy Blue Mason Vines-Gahanna Landon Geist-Gahanna Cooper Oaten-Dublin Ooten
Chris Blalock-Pickerington Ross Wilson-Olentangy Orange Ryan Parsons-Pickerington Uriah Hill-Olentangy Orange
Elliott Trautner-New Albany Logan Green-Pickerington Kallon Parker-Olentangy Orange Kyle Darfis-Lancaster
Jordan Davies-Olentangy Blue Robert/John Sumner-Worthington Red David Johnson III-Worthington Red (3rd) AJ Gast-Olentangy Braves Blue
Honorable Mention
Max Lombardi-Plain City
Braden Mitchell-Canal Winchester
Zack Robinson-Pickerington
Nash Hoying-Dublin
Takeo Berry-Worthington Red
Lucca Pentello-Big Walnut
Jase Owens-Reynoldsburg (3rd)
Tony Jones-Reynoldsburg
Grayson Bates-Licking Heights
Nolan Moore-Reynoldsburg
Liam Cain-Upper Arlington-Fromekes
Graham Ridgeway-Upper Arlington Bauer
Roman Humphreys-Upper Arlington-Fromekes
Beck Old-Upper Arlington-Rhulee
Truman Testerman-Upper Arlington-Rhulee
Brock Winters-Upper Arlington Bauer

3rd Grade

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd team 4th Team
Julian Winner-Dublin Green Cruz Kaplin-Gahanna Lane Bollie-Dublin Green (2nd) TJ Cutler-Upper Arlington-Backes
Rhett Bradley-Big Walnut Anderson Swartz-Lancaster  Alder Zipfel-Big Walnut Porter Whitts-Team Franklin (2nd)
Alec Moore-Pickerington Archie Decker-Dublin Green (2nd) Klein Ballard-Upper Arlington-Ballard Ethan Knott-Olentangy Berlin Carolina
 Becket Conrad-Dublin Green Eli Brockman-Big Walnut Tito Reynolds-Pickerington Jake Eichorn-Olentangy Braves
Tucker Bailey-Jonathon Alder Nolan Kautz-Upper Arlington Henry Wisler-Olentangy Braves Cale Ivery-Gahanna
Honorable Mention
Griffin Harmon-Dublin Force
James Yeager-Olentangy Berlin Carolina
Adam Kennedy-Lancaster
Colton Ash-Team Franklin
Dezi Williams-Upper Arlington-Carskadon
Zeke Davis-Olentangy Berlin Royal
Maverick Shields-Olentangy Berlin Royal
Camden Kern-Lancaster
Kobe (LNU-Newark
Cam Betts-Dublin
Colton Weidman-Fairbanks
Brody Rogers-Jonathon Alder
Kason Garrison-Jonathon Alder
Bryson Villanueva-Gahanna