Team Takeover-4th Grade Champions

The AAU Nationals concluded on Thursday, and all in all, we saw a lot of great basketball in Orlando. In terms of the final team results, in the 1st grade division, The Leaders 2035 defeated the Chi-Town Bulldogs; Garden State Bounce defeated NYBA Elite in the 2nd grade division, and Garden State Bounce defeated the Washington Warriors to take the 3rd grade crown.

Team Takeover took down Team United to claim the 4th grade title and in the 5th grade division, the Hoosier Phenoms won their 3rd straight national championship with a win over the Riverside Hawks. The Riverside Hawks got by Together On 3 to claim the 6th grade chip, while IBA Bird 2029 took down New Jersey Scholars in the 7th grade division.

In terms of individual talent, this year’s event was absolutely loaded! Below is a complete list of standout performers. In closing, from our vantage point, AAU is making a serious comeback and is now relevant again!

Standout Performers

Name Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Casy Dowd 6’0″/C 2032 Charlotte, NC
Jordan Taylor 4’9″/PG 2032 Gahanna, OH
Josiah Belfor 5’3″/PG 2031 White Plains, NY
Aydin Garth 5’0″/CG 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Kobe Harris 4’10″/CG 2032 Charlotte, NC
Dantrell Harvey 4’7″/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Montrez Hall 6’0″/PG 2032 Charlotte, NC
Brody Blake 4’9″/SG 2032 Orlando, FL
Cavalli Goldthreat 5’0″/SG 2032 Nashville, TN
Messiah Gregory 4’1″/PG 2035 Dayton, OH
Justus Thomas 4’3″/PG 2034 Nashville, TN
Keylon Thomas 4’11″/PG 2032 Nashville, TN
Carson Mullins 4’2″/CG 2035 Cincinnati, OH
Trey Clemons 5’3”/CG 2032 Prince George, VA
Camden Day 4’9”/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Wilhelm Clingan 4’8”/PG 2032 Ponda Vidra, FL
Tyler Pierce 4’7”/PG 2032 Ocelot, FL
KJ Battle 5’6”/C 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Jameson Costley 5’4″/WF 2032 Westminster, MD
Clinton Carter 5’3″/PF 2032 Bowie, MD
Amos Littles 5’9″/WF 2031 Indianapolis, IN
Leo McGuire 5’4″/WF 2031 New York, NY
Henry Jolly IV 4’11″/CG 2032 New Orleans, LA
Andrew Smalls II 4’11″/CG 2032 Columbia, SC
David Ice 5’7″/PF 2031 Indianapols, IN
Kaiden Hunter 5’2″/WF 2032 Waldorf, MD
Xavier James 5’5″/WF 2031 Wilmington, NC
Aiden Wright 5’5″/WF 2032 Columbia, SC
Harper Garnett 5’7″/C 2032 Minneapolis, MN
Murphy Carrol 5’0″/CG 2032 Minneapolis, MN
David Johnson III 4’11″/SG 2032 Worthington, OH

Standout Performer Pictures

Amos Littles

Casy Dowd

Jordan Taylor

Andrew Smalls II

Aydin Garth

Josiah Belfor

Clinton Carter

Brody Blake

Kobe Harris

Justus Thomas

Datrell Harvey

Montrez Hall

Aiden Wright

Keylon Thomas

Jameson Costley

KJ Battle

Leo McGuire

Trey Clemons

Harper Garnett

Camden Day

Wilhelm Clingan

Cavalli Goldthreat

Murphy Caroll

Cooper Newman

Kaiden Hunter

David Ice

Messiah Gregory

Xavier James

Carson Mullins

David Johnson III