The Buckeye Prep Report is an online magazine dedicated to providing media exposure and events that feature elite competition and maximum exposure opportunities to elementary, middle and high school boy and girl basketball players who desire to one day play middle, high school, college and/or professional basketball.

We serve as media outlet, scouting service and event organizer for youth basketball. For over 20 years now the Buckeye Prep Report has assisted young elite basketball players with reaching their goals of playing basketball at the highest levels. Our alumni list is extensive and filled with names of players who have gone on to play collegiate and professional basketball at the highest levels.

As a media outlet and scouting service, in addition to providing an unmatched level of exposure for participants of our elite showcases and tournaments, we also attend other elite events around the state, region and country in order to identify the next up and coming basketball players, and to provide exposure in the form of evaluations, post-event reports, rankings and special features. In order to maximize exposure opportunities, we use our website and various social media platforms to further highlight standout performances.

In terms of our events, we provide well-run and well-attended showcases and tournaments where elite student athletes and teams come to face a high level of competition and gain exposure. In addition, our decision-making is always fair, unbiased and based on what’s in the best interest of the student athletes. You can rest assured that our staff is always dedicated to providing a positive experience for players, parents and coaches in everything we do!

Rob Taylor
Buckeye Prep Report