Christopher Poellnitz

Drew Remlinger

Damon Friery

Blake Sommers

Dallas Stewart

King Kendrick

Elijah Rice

Chayse Hunter

Brody Denny

DeErick Barber

Kenneth White

Ashland Hanna

Isaiah Mack-Russell

Zander Pughsley

Lee Debro

Treyton Schroeder

Jeffery Reynolds

Reinaldon Perez

Landon Evans

Nate Miles Jr.

Jecarious Reaves

Trey Segester

Isaiah Wilson

Brayden Torgrimison

Name Hgt/Pos Class City Evaluation NotesGood size
Damon Friery 6’6″/PF2 2025 Brunswick Great length, athletic, finishes with both hands, soft touch around rim, rebounds well good court vision & passing skills
Blake Sommers 6’2″/WF 2025 Lima Good size, can stretch floor, shoots it well, hits catch & shoot treys, solid ball skills for size, nice touch around rim
Dallas Stewart 5’3″/PG 2029 Pickerington Good size for position, excellent 3 point shooter, hit 6 treys in 1st half of game we watched, great vision & passing ability
Jordan Bowen 6’3″/WF 2026 Reynoldsburg Good size, athleticism, explosive, already dunking in traffic, had 3 dunks in a game, finishes well, great interior passer, college prospect
Chris Poellnitz 5’6″/PG 2028 Toledo Good size for position, athletic, finishes layups w/both hands, smooth, versatile, plays passing lanes, good court vision
Treyton Schroeder 5’4″/PG 2026 Columbus Highly skilled floor general, changes speed & direction well, creates space, solid defender, excellent court vision & playing making ability, impacts games on both ends, IQ, gritty
Sae Robinson 4’3″/PG 2028 Toledo Excellent defender, best in the state, super quick, small, but tough as nails, has ball on a string, can shoot & drive ball
Nate Miles Jr. 6’2″/SG 2026 Toledo good size, shoots the rock well from deep, finishes at the rim well, athletic, versatile, can guard multiple positions, college prospect
Drew Remlinger 6’0″/WF 2025 Hilliard Undersized post player, finishes at a high rate, deceptively athletic, rebounds well, scores on cutbacks, physical
Elijah Rice 6’0″/C 2026 Springfield Undersized post player on AAU team, athletic, strong frame, soft touch around the rim, defends & outlets ball well
DeErick Barber 5’10″/PG 2025 Cleveland Explosive 1st step, athletic, good size for position,,, changes speed & direction well, solid handle, motor, college prospect
Jalen Slaughter 6’1″/PG 2025 Massillon Explosive athlete w/ solid ball skills
King Kendrick 5’6″/PG 2025 Columbus Dynamic, skilled PG who gets downhill. Lefty, crafty, elite ball skills, attacks cup & finishes
Zyaire Weaver 5’6″/PG 2025 Pickerington Strong, physical athletic PG that gets down hill. Has good vision and play making position, can hit catch & shoot treys, motor
Trey Sagester 5’6″/PG 2026 Tri-Valley Excels at catch & shoot treys, solid ball skills, IQ
Jecarious Reaves 5’7/PG 2025 Dayton Strong, physical athletic PG that attacks the rim
Isaiah Mack-Russell 5’9″/WF 2027 Toledo Good length, athletic, runs the floor well, finishes near the rim, Prospect
Broddy Denny 5’9″/SG 2026 Asheville Elite Shooter, has nice mid-range pull up jumper, skilled, smooth, good feel for the game
Jayce Fisher 4’2″/PG 2030 Reynoldsburg Good size for position, highly skilled, aggressive to the basket, great feel for the game, already has setback jumpier
Deloni Pughsley 5’2″/PG 2029 Columbus Super quick, highly skilled PG w/ great feel for the game. Knocks down treys off the bounce, excellent playmaker, prospect
Koen Bonner 5’11″/W/PF 2027 Columbus Good size, athletic, physical, finishes well around the basket
JJ Leoffler 4’3″/PG 2030 Galina Good size for position, solid skill set, high IQ, floor general who can also score, plays with good poise & pace
Kaleb Kelly 5’6″/PF/C 2028 Dayton Good length, athletic, runs the floor well, blocks shots, finishes w/left hand, plays passing lanes well
Michael Sellers Jr. 5’3″/W/PF 2029 Delaware Goos size, converts treys, off the bounce, stretch 4, solid handle and ball skills for size
Ashland Hanna 5’0″/CG 2029 Lewis Center Good size for position, skilled, aggressive to the cup. tough as nails, consistent performer
Julian Sam 5’7″/SG 2029 Bellbrook Good length and athleticism, solid skill set, dripping with potential

Sae Robinson

Kaleb Kelly

Xavier Blakely

JJ Leoffler

Keon Bonner

Deloni Pughsley

Jamarion Lovett

Moussa Sidime

Mitchell Zumberge

Jaxon West

Cameron Cooper

Jayce Fisher

A’Mari Wash

Albert Moore

Michael Sellers Jr.

Tavyon Wright

Jeallen Lane

Jahleel Wakeel

Jordan Wylie

Cole Albers

Zion Coleman

Tyreke Ruffin

Julian Sam

Zyaire Weaver

Jordan Bowen

Zeland Vidales

Aazaab Burton

Da’kaben Taylor

Jaxon White

Ariana Rice

Sherone White Jr.

Jalen Slaughter

Brody Harris

Jared Wilson

Quincy Balcomb-Prichard

Amileo Norvell Jr.

Name Hgt/Pos Class City Evaluation Notes
Quincy Balcomb-Prichard 4’10″/SG 2029 Gahanna Excellent 3 point shooter, can knock down the setback jumper, hit 6 treys & 27 points in a game we watched
Chayse Hunter 5’3″/SG 2029 Indianapolis, IN Big, strong, physical guard who can get buckets, dropped 20 points in a game we watched
Cole Albers 6’5″/PG 2026 Massillon Already has good size for his age, projects as a long-term prospect, nice touch around the rim, rebounds well
Isaiah Wilson 5’8″/PG 2025 Lima Solid handle, athletic, explosive 1st step, strong with the ball to the basket, hits treys off the bounce, finishes layups w/left hand
Brody Harris 4’10″/PG 2029 Columbus Skilled PG with good court vision and passing skills, poised, stewed into a nice 3-ball in a game we watched
Sherone White Jr. 5’5″/CG 2025 Pickerington Quick combo guard who can play both guard positions, good motor, solid ball skills, attacks the rim
Jared Wilson PG 2029 Columbus Excellent handle, shifty, crafty, creates space, changes speed & direction well
Tyson Cornett 5’2″/WF 2029 Columbus Good size, solid skills, gets to the cup, can score the rock, consistent performer
Da’Kaben Taylor 5’5″/PF 2028 Lima Big, strong, physical and athletic. Does not mind banging in the post
Zeland Vidales W/PF 2030 Toledo God size, athletic, aggressive, strong with the ball driving to the basket, finishes through contact
Jeffery Williams 4’11″/PG 2027 Lima Standout performer
Josiah Williams 5’2″/CG 2028 Dayton Standout performer
Amelio Norvell Jr. 5’2″/CG2 2028 Dayton Is the heart and sole of his team. Always plays hard, super competitor, consistent performer, excellent ball skills
Ariana Rice 5’3″/CG 2028 Gallipolis A girl playing and competing with the boys, tough, gritty and unafraid to mix it up. Should be a good one going forward
Lee Debro PG 2030 Columbus Skilled, tough, clutch
Aazab Burton 4’8″/WF 2027 Lima Standout performer
Jaxon White 5’5″/WF 2027 Lima Standout performer
Zion Coleman 5’8″/PG 2026 Gahanna Standout performer
Tyreke Ruffin 5’10″/PG 2026 Columbus Standout performer
Jeallen Lane 5’5″/PG 2026 Columbus Standout performer
Tavyon Wright 5’8″/SG 2026 Columbus Standout performer
Jordan Wylie 6’3″/C 2026 Columbus Standout performer
Landon Evans 5’6″/WF 2027 Pickerington Standout performer
Albert Moore 5’2″/PG 2027 Pickerington Skilled, quick PG, standout performer
Brayden Torgrimson 6’3″/C 2025 Columbus Big, strong frame, physical, finishes through contact, consistent performer
Jahleel Wakeel 6’0″/PG 2025 Columbus Good size for position, solid ball skills, gets to the rack
Moussa Sidime 6’4″/CG 2025 Columbus Good size for position, strong, athletic & physical, can defend multiple positions, consistent performer
Zander Pughsley PG 2031 Columbus Small, but tough PG who is highly skilled with a good feel for the game.  Has the rock on a string, always in attack mode, can find open teammates or hit the jumper, plays up against older players
Jeffery Reynolds 5’10/C 2027 Columbus Good size, developing post moves, runs the floor well
Reinald Perez 6’2″/PF/C 2027 Blacklick Good size, continues to grow, developing post game, rebounds and blocks shots well, runs the floor
A’Mari Wash 5’5″/PG 2026 Lima Standout performer
Xavier Blakely CG 2030 Toledo Standout performer
Jamarion Lovett 5’10″/PF/C 2027 Columbus Standout performer
Mitchell Zumberge 5’7″/C 2028 Hilliard Standout performer
Jaxon West 5’0″/WF 2028 Sunbury Standout performer, scored 19 points in a game we watched
Bryson Thomas 4’10″/PG 2028 Dayton Dynamic PG w/solid skill set, stays in the paint, motor, can score, quick & fast, consistent performer