By most accounts, the Innuagural All Grind Tournament was a great success!  The first-year event was held at the brand new and state of the art Fieldhouse USA, and  attracted a number of very talented 3rd-8th grade teams, many of whom are currently listed in our Buckeye Prep Power Rankings. In fact, over 20 teams that participated in the event were ranked prior to the event.  Because there were also a few teams in the tournament that we had not seen previously and who played very well, a couple of teams played their way into our rankings.  Arguably, the biggest surprise of the event, in terms of teams, was 2025 HG Stockman, who boasts a roster with several college prospects.  We were most impressed with Damon Friery (6’6″/PF/2025/Brunswick), DeErick Barber (5’10″/PG/2025/Cleveland) and Jalen Slaughter (6’1″/PG/2025/Massillon).  Although we’ve seen them on several occasions now, we continue to be very impressed with Gem City Heat’s 5th grade squad, which is well built and special. I love their backcourt with guys like Amileo Norvell Jr. (5’0″/PG/2028/Dayton) and Bryson Thomas (4’10″/PG/2028/Dayton), while Ja’Kye Hoard (5’2″/PF/2028/Dayton) and Kaleb Kelly (5’6″/PF/C/2028/Dayton) hold it down in the paint.  This team plays hard and they know how to overcome a deficit. For they record, the #2 ranked Heat won the 5th grade Platinum Division championship this past weekend.

The Braxton Miller-sponsored Team Charging made some noise this weekend, winning the 3rd grade division crown. Jayce Fisher (PG/2030/Reynoldsburg) has a chance to be special, while Cameron Cooper (PG/2030/Columbus) and Lee Debro (PG/2023/Pickerington) are players to watch as well. Quincey Simpson’s C2K program was well represented at the event and headed back to Lima with a couple of championships to their credit.  All of the teams were well coached and full of talent. Of course the Mid-Ohio Pumas showed up, showed out and won multiple championships as well.  Dave Mirgon’s 2026 team and the 8th grade squad (Sever) were the best of the bunch. Michael Daniels put together a 6th grade team that has some promise as well. The All-Ohio program was also well represented and took home the the 4th grade title.  Big props to All Ohio Toledo who came down with short rosters, but found a way to reach championship games in 2 divisions. A couple of Columbus-based programs fought it out for citywide bragging rights including: Miller Factory, Renaissance University, Quality Sports, Ohio Hoopsters and Buckeye State Elite.  All I can say, those kids go hard, and they represent Columbus basketball very well. The Ohio Mambas (2028) are a good looking bunch with several quality pieces. Ashland Hanna  (5’0″/CG/2028/Lewis Center) is the heart and sole of that team, but there is plenty of support on the roster. Below is a complete list of the results.  From what we saw this past weekend, next year’s event should be big time!

Team Charging-3rd Grade Champions

All Ohio Toledo-3rd Grade Runner-ups

All Ohio Red- 4th Grade Champions

Ohio Mambas-4th Grade Runner-ups

Gem City Heat-5th Grade Platinum Champions

All Ohio Toledo %th Grade Platinum Runner-Ups

Crossover-5th Grade Gold Champions

Mid Ohio Pumas Wallace-5th Grade Gold Runner-Ups

Buckeye Stete Elite-6th Grade Platinum Champions

Renaissance University-6th Grade Platinum Runner-Ups

C2K Lima 6th Grade Gold Champions

Mid-Ohio Pumas-Turner-6th Grade Runner-ups

C2K Elite-7th Grade Platinum Champions

C2K Lima-7th Grade Platinum Runner-Ups

Mid Ohio Pumas Mirgon-7th Grade Gold Champions

Mid Ohio Pumas Weatherby-7th Grade Gold Runner-Ups

Mid-Ohio Pumas-Sever-8th Grade Platinum Champions

AG Stockman-8th Grade Platinum Runner-Ups

Miller Factory-8th Grade Gold Champions

Ohio Hoopsters Elite-8th Grade Gold Runner-Ups