On day II of the All Grit tourney we were treated to more competitive play.  Case in point, TNBA Select (2025) and Nova Village squared off early in the day and the game proved to be a nail bitter by the time the horn sounded. Every time Nova Village tried to pull away, TNBA would close the gap.  By the end of the second half, TNBA had knotted the game at 37 with 3:50 remaining. In the end, Nova Village would get the 45-43 victory. The most impressive player on the floor was Jayden Quaintance (6’7″/C/2025/Cleveland Heights).  Blessed with great size for an 8th grader, Quaintance blocked a boat load of shots and proved to be the ultimate rim protector.  As soon as we thought Quaintance was just a defensive stopper, he displayed a soft touch around the rim and started scoring in the low post. Not only can he defend and score, Quaintance is an excellent passer and excels at out letting the basketball.  In terms of prospects, Quaintance projects as a D-I prospect and should be tracked by college coaches right now!

Another competitive game featured the 4th grade Ohio Hoopsters against the Ohio Mombas. The game turned out to be a defensive battle as the half time score was only 6-8. The Hoopsters would stretch out the lead early in the second half and eventually go on to collect the win. The Hoopsters were powered by the play of Askia Holloway Jr. (4’8″/PG/2030/Dayton), who displayed excellent point guard skills; the ability to score at 3 levels and make plays for teammates.  He changes speed and direction well, is deadly from beyond the arc, while also applying serious defensive pressure on his man.  From what we saw from Holloway, if there is a better 3rd grader in Ohio, we want to see him!  That Hoopsters team is absolutely loaded with talent and is built to win now and in the future. In fact, we also saw solid play from Tyler Postell (4’10″/PG/2029/Reynoldsburg), who made great decisions with the ball in his hands and found open teammates. We were also really impressed with Ashland Hanna (5’0″/PG/2029/Lewis Center), who showed an excellent skill set, a high basketball IQ and a will to win.  Every time we see Hanna play he does not disappoint. Below is a broader list of the standout performers we saw on day two.

Jayden Quaintance

Isiah Pearson

Bryden Hodge

Danny Bentley

Dekhi Owens

Laron Fuller

Khalil Daniels

Chavis Wilson Jr.

PJ Noles

Larrence Bell

Trey Jackson

Trey Bentley

 Name Hegt/Pos Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Jayden Quaintance 6’7″/C 2025 Cleveland Heights, OH Great size already, elite rim protector, soft touch around the rim, great passer, outlets ball well, excellent D-I prospect
Danny Bentley 5’2″/SG 2028 Vinton Co, OH Dynamic & highly skilled PG with a great feel for the game, IQ, ability to communicate and score
Dekhi Owens 5’7″/PG 2025 South Euclid, OH Gritty & tough guard who is aggressive to the cup.  Solid defender, can shoot it w/ a great motor
 Bryden Hodge 5’10″/PG 2025 Columbus, OH Athletic combo guard who gets down hill and scores. Excellent defender and can score drivng to the basket
 Larrence Bell 6’0″/PG 2024 Dayton, OH Can get a bucket at anytime. Went for 38 points in 2 games
 Isiah Pearson 5’9″/SG 2025 Dublin, OH Excellent 3-level scorer who has great 3-point range.Very active offensively, dropped 27 points in a game
 Laron Fuller 5’10″/PG 2024 Columbus, OH Hit multiple treys, strong and aggressive to the cup, had 21 points in a game
 Chavis Wilson Jr. 4’9″/PG 2028 Columbus, OH Super quick & aggressive play maker. Tough as nails & is unafraid to mix it up w/the big boys.  Pesky defender who can also put up points.  Great in transition
 Khalil Daniels 6’2″/WF 2025 Columbus, OH Athletic, attacks the rim, scored 10 points
 Trey Jackson 5’7″/C 2028 Westerville, OH Big body, moves well, soft touch around the basket, rebounds
 Trey Bently 5’3″/WF 2028 Vinton Co, OH Super aggressive, excellent defender, can knock down the 3-ball if left open, scrappy & tough
 PJ Noles 6’3″/CG 2025 Columbus, OH Solid frame, tough, solid handle, goes strong to the cup
 Gary Berry 5’3″/PG 2027 Westerville.OH Solid skill set and feel for the game, high IQ w/ability to score
Askia Holloway Jr. 4’8″/PG 2030 Dayton, OH Super quick & dynamic PG w/an excellent skill set and feel for the game. Pesky defender, changes speed & direction well & can make plays. Can stroke the 3-ball & Plays with great pace & poise.  Fun to watch.
Tyler Postell 4’10″/PG 2029 Reynoldsburg. OH Sold skill set, good decision making, excellent handle, plays w/poise
Jay Smith 5’5″/PF 2029 Columbus, OH Excellent 3-point shooter, hit 4 treys in second half
Gavin Toombs 6’2″/W/PF 2026 Highland, OH Big body, athletic, finishes well near the basket
Ziayrious Pettaway 5’4″/SG 2026 Lima, OH Standout performer and team’s leading scorer
Ashland Hanna 5’0″/CG 2029 Lewis Center, OH Excellent skill set and IQ, can score or make plays for teammates
Tony Cornett III 5’6″/PG 2027 Columbus, OH Can score, good size for position, dropped 18 points in a game
Kenny Scott 5’7″/PG 2025 Canton, OH Standout performer, scored 14 points in a game
Bryce Wells 5’5″/SG  2027 Columbus, OH Standout Performer

Gary Berry

Askia Holloway Jr.

Tyler Postell

Gavin Toombs

Ashland Hanna

Ziayrious Pettaway

Tony Cornett III

Kenny Scott

Bryce Wells