The 3rd Annual Holiday Ball At The Mall tournament tipped off yesterday at Fieldhouse USA in Columbus and proved to be a very competitive day of basketball. The 3rd-year event hosted community/school teams in boys and girls divisions from 3rd-6th grades.

Although the 6th grade Boys division was the largest with 22 teams, from what we saw, the most competitive division was the 4th grade boys, with 6 teams from are Buckeye Prep Power Rankings (Dublin Green, Gahanna, Hilliard Bradley, Pickerington, Big Walnut & Lancaster).

The 5th grade division was not bad, and featured 5 ranked teams as well (Gahanna, Olentangy Braves Blue, Big Walnut, Pickerington & Lancaster) as well as one of the better Cleveland-area teams (Norwalk).

As is always the case, there were a number of players who logged in individual standout performances. Below is a complete list of the players who caught our eye on  opening day.

Standout Players

Name Hgt/Pos Class City
Cole McClure 5’1”/PG 2030 Dublin
Jayce Fisher 5’2”/PG 2030 Reynoldsburg
Jordan Taylor 4’9”/PG 2032 Gahanna
Tony Jones Jr. 4’8”/PG 2032 Gahanna
Julian Winner 4’9”/SG 2032 Dublin
Maddox Gamble 5’3”/PF 2031 Norwalk
Ryan Parsons 5’0”/WF 2031 Pickerington
Robert Jameson 5’0”/PG 2031 Reynoldsburg
Benny Sellers 4’10”/PG 2031 Norwalk
 Rhett Bradley 4’7”/PG 2032 Big Walnut
James Braxton 4’9”/CG 2032 Pickerington
Jett Darbyshire 4’11”/CG 2032 Cincinnati
Landon Geist 5’1”/PF 2031 Gahanna
Anderson Swartz 4’10”/WF 2032 Lancaster
Palmer Warnock 5’0”/CG 2032 Hilliard
Alec Moore 4’9”/CG 2032 Pickerington
Derrick Perryman 5’2/SG 2031 Gahanna
Joran Davies 4’10/SG 2031 Olentangy

Standout Player Pictures

Jordan Taylor

Cole McClure

Jayce Fisher

Chris Blalock

Tony Jones Jr.

Maddox Gamble

Julian Winner

Derrick Perryman

Benny Sellers

Ryan Parsons

Archie Decker

Alec Moore

Robert Jameson

Landon Geist

Rhett Bradley

Palmer Warnock

James Braxton

Jett Darbyshire

Anderson Swartz