Earlier we released our initial list of standout performers from the Battle Royal Classic in Cincinnati, OH. Although that list tended to highlight players in grades 3rd-6th, the list below also includes 3rd graders but will include primarily 1st and 2nd graders.

In terms of our coverage, unfortunately, with almost 100 teams and multiple venues, it’s near impossible for us to catch all of the players who logged in standout performances over the weekend and deserved recognition.  We do our best to find as many players as possible, but regrettably, we will always fall short.

With that being said, we hope the recognition we’re able to provide serves as source of pride for parents and coaches as well as motivation for players to keep working hard on their craft and development, because at some point your efforts will be rewarded!

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Standout Performers

Name Hit/Pos Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Camden Day 4’5″/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN Highly skilled PG, plays w/good pace and poise, can shoot and score near the rim, can create his own shot, changes speed and direction well
Jordan Taylor 4’5″/PG 2032 Blacklick, OH Skilled, 3-level scorer, good court vision and passing skills, excellent on-ball and help side defender, high basketball IQ
Terry Holt III 4’8″/PG 2031 Dayton, OH Skilled, crafty, can shoot the 3-ball, solid court vision and passing ability, can create for himself or others
Aydin Garth 4’9″/WF 2032 Indianapolis, IN Good size, athletic, solid ball skills, gets to the cup, can score
Jalen Whitney 4’8″/CG 2031 Detroit, MI Good size for position, strong, solid handle and court vision
Kru Cole 4’11″/PG 2031 Carmel, IN Highly skilled, pass-first PG with excellent vision and passing ability
Samuel Sanders 5’2″/PF 2031 Detroit, MI Good length, athletic, solid ball skills for his size
Jedi Haynes-Lee 4’10″/WF 2032 Columbus, OH Good size, strong, gets down hill, can score in bunches, bully to the basket
Brent Johnson 4’8″/CG 2031 Detroit, MI Skilled PG who can score or pass
David Johnson III 4’6″/WF 2032 Worthington, OH Good length, goes strong to the basket, great in transition, passes well, can score in bunches
Chris Downing Jr. 4’6″/CG 2032 Cleveland, OH Strong, athletic CG who gets to the cup, fast, aggressive, excellent defender, plays passing lanes well, can put up big numbers
David Perry 4’9″/WF 2032 Dayton, OH Good size and strength, defends well, can hit the 3-ball
Jeremy Murphy 4’6″/PG 2032 Chicago, IL Quick, aggressive to the basket, tough as nails, excellent defender, makes tough finishes
John Williams 4’6″/CG 2032 Chicago, IL Good size, physical, solid handle for size
Jase Owens 4’8″/PF 2032 Columbus, OH Solid ball skills for size, can score in the mid-range, scores in bunches
Harrison Knotts 4’3″/PG 2033 Marietta, GA Skilled PG with solid handle
Jody Stallings 4’5″/C 2033 Atlanta, GA Good size, rebounds well
Calan Howard 4’4″/CG 2033 Atlanta, GA Standout Performer
Moe Miller 4’7″/CG 2032 Memphis, TN Good size, strong athletic, aggressive to the cup
Jackson Whittinghill 4’8″/W/PF 2032 Mt. Washington, KY Standout Performer
Jarrett Hamilton 4’4″/CG 2032 Indianapolis, IN Hit multiple treys in championship game
 Bradley Blake 4’4″/PG 2032 Cincinnati, OH  Quick, scrappy, solid handle, defends well, attacks basket
 Shyialo White 4’6″/CG 2032 Cincinnati, OH Good size, athletic, aggressive, solid defender

Samuel Sanders

Terry Holt III

Camden Day

Jordan Taylor

Kru Cole

Aydin Garth

Jedi Haynes-Lee

Harrison Knotts

Jalen Whitney

Chris Downing

Jody Stallions

Jackson Whittinghill

David Johnson III

David Perry

Calan Howard

Jase Owens

Brett Johnson

Jeremy Murphy