The Columbus, Ohio-based  Jr. Brick League concluded on Saturday with and epic battle in the 3rd/4th grade championship game between the 2031 Team Charging and the 2032 Buckeye Prep Hoopsters.

Although Buckeye Prep led for most of the game, the more experienced Team Charging eventually closed the gap and went on to secure a 31-24 victory. Over the course of the 5-week league, Team Charging went undefeated while Buckeye Prep’s only 2 losses were to Team Charging.

Below is our list of the players who had the biggest impact during the course of the league from week to week in the form of “All-Brick League Teams.” The names were compiled based on our choice for “Players of the Game” each week.  All in all, this session of the Jr. Brick League provided a good opportunity for competition.

First Team

Kallen Parker

Quinn Thorne

Nowland Moore

David Johnson III

Tony Jones Jr.

Second Team

Jordan Taylor

Kyle Darfus

Julian Winner

Kason Angret

Mason Vines

Third Team

Christian Morrow

Hayden Harris

Archie Decker

Chase Crocket

Robert Jameson

Honorable Mention
 Jase Owens
 Carter Watson
Kaiden Graves
 Jack Shaker
Porter Whitts
Kory Butler
Takeo Berry