In week two of the Columbus-based Brick League we had the opportunity to run over to Kipp Academy and check out a few kids in the 5th/6th grade division. We were most impressed with Jabrae Bowers, who showed a solid skill set and a great feel for the game. In addition, we intend to keep an eye out for big Jayvon Smoot, who rebounded at a high level and showed a soft touch around the basket.

On Tuesday night, a pair of Buckeye Prep Hoopsters logged in standout performances. Jordan Taylor can not only score the ball, but his court vision and passing skills are starting to draw attention, while Alec Moore excels at driving hard to the basket and finishing at a high rate. Moreover, both players play excellent defense. In terms of long-term potential, Kruz Harper and Brynlie Setmire are two names to remember. Both showed significant upside potential. Below is a complete list of Week II standouts.

Standout Performers

Name Class City
Jordan Taylor 2032 Gahanna
Alec Moore 2032 Pickerington
Brynlie Setmire 2032 Sunbury
Kruz Harris 2034 Columbus
D’Anthony Harris 2033 Columbus
Jabrae Bowers 2030 Columbus
Jayvon Smoot 2030 Columbus
King Lancaster 2031 Lancaster
Colton Clark 2030 Williamsport
 Judah Butler 2034 Pickerington

Standout Performer Pictures 

Jordan Taylor

Alec Moore

Brynlie Setmire

Kruz Harper

D’Anthony Harris

Jabrae Bowers

Jayvon Smoot

King Lancaster

Colton Clark

Judah Butler