Day II of the Buckeye Prep Charging Shootout proved to be very competitive, as several games went right down to the wire. In addition, there were several outstanding individual performances as well. In the 4th grade division, Terry Holt’s BNU team went 3-0, with their toughest game being a 45-55 win over Flint Flames Gold. In terms of individual performances, we’re not sure anybody had a better day that Indiana’s David Ice who was seen doing “David Ice things;” getting buckets! As is the case every time we see him, Ice is simply unstoppable to the rim. His teammates, Trice Carter and Terry Holt III balled out as well, making BNU a very tough out.

Team Charging Elite also finished 3-0 on the day and never really felt any resistance. Much like BNU, Charging is loaded with talent, with several of the team’s players being nationally ranked. So far this event, Elliot Trautner, Rush Anstine, Landon Miller and Jack Shaker have done most of the heavy lifting. The Charging’s full court press has proven to be a big problem for most teams.

BNU’s 2032 team had a big day, going 3-0, with wins over Team Charging II (46-11), NYBA Elite (46-45) and All-Ohio Red (48-46). What should be noted, despite having a roster that included at least 4 nationally ranked teams, BNU had two tough games, each of which were undecided until the last few seconds. Chase Williams was impressive all day. Bottom line, this kid can go get a bucket, and he finishes plays at a high rate. We always liked the kid, but his play at this event proves we have under valued him; it won’t happen agin! His teammate, Aydin Garth had a great day as well, and he hit some really big buckets when his team needed them the most.

NYBA Elite 2032, finished 2-1, with wins over the Buckeye Prep Hoopsters (42-32), Riley Decker Underdogs (42-21) and a loss to BNU (45-46). The 2 studs on that team are Cavalli Goldthreate and Keylon Thomas, both of whom played really well in their first 3 games. In addition, both guys played up with their 2031 team and were more that productive. We also really liked Jaxson Spray, who added an extra scoring punch to the offense.

The Buckeye Prep Hoopsters finished the last 2 days with a 2-1 record, with wins over the Riley Decker Underdogs (33-18), a loss to NYBA Elite (32-42) and a win over All-Ohio Red (29-28). In the All-Ohio game, the score was close throughout the game, with Hoopsters securing the win after David Johnson III drove the full length of the court with 6 seconds left to hit a floater for the win. Jordan Taylor led all scorers with 13 points, followed by Johnson with another 9 points. Based on what we’ve seen so far, championship Sunday should be very competitive. Stay tuned!

Standout Performers

 Name Hit/Pos Class City/State
David Ice 5’5″/C 2031 Indianpolis, IN
Trice Carter 4’11″/PG 2031 Ironton, OH
Landon Miller 5’1″/WF 2031 Dublin, OH
Terry Holt III 4’9″/PG 2031 Dayton, OH
Justin “Rocket” Williams 4’9″/PG 2031 Flint, MI
Austin Lashbrook 4’11″/SG 2031 Hartland, MI
LeShawn Lyles 4’9″/PG 2031 Chattanooga, TN
Mason Love 5’1″/WF 2031 Jonesboro, TN
Trustin Farmer 4’9″/CG 2031 Flint, MI
Robert Jameson 5’0?PG 2031 Columbus, OH
Robert Carter 5’2″/C 2031 Flint, MI
Landon Bryer 4’11″/PF 2031 Toledo, OH
Zander Pughsley 4’5″/PG 2031 Gahanna, OH
Cavalli Goldthreate 4’9″WF 2032 Nashville, TN
Aydin Garth 4’9″/CG 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Chase Williams 4’6″/PG 2032 Elkins, PA
Jed Haynes-Lee 5’10″/WF 2032 Groveport, OH
Jordan Taylor 4’7″/PG 2032 Gahanna, OH
Alec Moore 4’8″/WF 2032 Pickerington, OH
 David Johnson III 4’9″/WF 2032  Worthington, OH
Jaxon Spray 5’1″/PF 2032 Murfreesboro, TN
 Qua Towns 5’0″/WF 2031 Flint, MI
Keylon Thomas 4’9″/PG 2032 Murfreesboro, TN

Standout Performer Pictures

David Ice

Landon Miller

Trice Carter

LeShawn Lyles

Terry Holt III

Justin “Rocket”Williams

Austin Lashbrook

Robert Carter

Mason Love

Landon Bryer

Zander Pughsley

Trustin Farmer

Robert Jameson

Chase Williams

Aydin Garth

Cavalli Goldthreate

Jedi Haynes-Lee

Keylon Thomas

David Johnson III

Jordan Taylor

Alec Moore

Qua Towns

Jaxon Spray