Buckeye Prep Report Elite Showcase

Below is the “tentative” schedule and rosters for the event. It’s “tentative” because there will likely be changes between now and Saturday.  Therefore, you should continue to check this website for changes up until you arrive at the event.  The password to gain access to the information is bpr. As the schedule reflects, because of the overall numbers, we’ve combined grades.  Although there will be only 1 all-star game per division, we will select 4 MVPs for the “underclassmen” in each division.  That simply means that, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th graders, we will select 4 MVPs from each of those grades so that all kids have a chance at awards and recognition!

Please review the schedule and rosters very carefully in order to insure your son’s/player’s team plays at least 3 games.  Right now, 2 teams will play an extra game.  In addition, a few teams will play back-to-back games. Also, please check all of the rosters to ensure your child is listed, has been placed in the right division, his name is spelled correctly, and he’s not present on multiple teams.  It’s been my experience that parents find more of my mistakes than I do!   In terms of the schedule, registration will open at 8:00am; we have a guest speaker at 9:00am, and the first round of games will tip off about 9:30am.  There will be a coaches meeting at approximately 8:45am, so all coaches need to be present.  Each coach will be provided a t-shirt and will be expected to wear it during the event.

At this late stage, we will no longer be issuing refunds!  If possible, please have your son/player wear black shorts, and he will be provided with a jersey.  Also, we may still need backup coaches. Most likely, someone who has committed to coaching will not show up, so we need a couple of back-up coaches ready to fill-in.  In addition a free t-shirt, coaches don’t have to pay the $15.00 entry fee, and will have access to the “Coaches Lounge,” where they can rest, eat and drink throughout the day at no cost.  Cash App will be available to pay the entry fee.

Showcase Teams

 Division I  Division II Division III
1. Ohio State 6. North Carolina (Extra Game) 11. Villanova (Extra Game)
2. Michigan 7. Florida State 12. Georgetown
3. Michigan State 8. Norte Dame 13. Cincinnati
4. Indiana 9. Louisville 14. Butler
5. Penn State 10. Duke 15. Xavier

Game Schedule

Time Court #1 Court #2 Court #3
9:30am 1 v 2 3 v 4 6 v 7
10:15am 11 v 15  13 v 14 8 v 9
11:00am 5 v 1 10 v 6 1st/2nd Shootout
11:45am  11 v 13 12 v 14 7 v 10
12:30pm 1 v 4 16 v 5 9 v 6
1:15pm 8 v 7 13 v 15 14 v 11
2:00pm  16 v 3 4 v 2 9 v 10
2:45pm 6 v 8 15 v 12 2 v 16
 4:00pm Division II All Star Game  5 v 3 1st/2nd Shootout
5:00pm Division I All Star Game 11 v 12 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Rosters & Team Assignments

Division I

Ohio State Michigan Michigan State Indiana Penn State Purdue
Coach: Mike Hill Coach: Tremayne Lipford Coach: Mike Petrie Coach: Marlon Hill Coach: Marcus Stewart  Coach: Lamar Pughsley
Treyton Schroeder Drake Ahrens Le’Shawn Hill Deon Johnson Joshua Tyson Chief Cameron
Bryce Curry Paxon Ediger Carson Vincent Amir Phillips Mike Daniels Jr. Henry Thomas
Landon Carry Jack Kacherski Jonathan Watts Korey Smith Anthony Clark Antwan Hinton
Chris White Drew Yurcich Caden Ivery Nate Yurcich Damien Clay Jasir Rogers
Gavin Wood Zane Kirk Jeremiah Thurman Brody Hatfield Reed Emmons Nathaniel Mack
Riku Nishikawa Brennan Schmidutz Gavin Little Michael Graves Justice Taylor Braden Murry
Aiden Monroe Carter Elliott Isaiah Brooks-Jordan MC Walker Marshall Dorado John Johnson
Jaron Simpson Trey Brundidge John Fox III Jaxon White Owen Hughes Channing Marshall
Silu Wamba Christopher Reid Korban Hammel King Wooten Dennis Galloway Kieran Stokes
Houston Crick Reece Crosby Zymir Knox Ethan James Brody McGurie Jaleel Madison
Seven Allen Kai Russel Ta’vyon Wright Justice Taylor XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX

 Division II

North Carolina Florida State Norte Dame Louisville Duke
Coach: Justin Henry Coach: Craig Mercer Coach: Evan Roddy Coach: Coach: Sergio Spiva
Kameron Mercer Maurice Hamrick Jr. Deloni Pughsley William Peagler Jr. Carlos Lopez
Michael Sellers Jr. Leo Laaper Anthony Burroughs Dallas Stewart Cole Mack
Gary Berry III Jeremy Qualls Ethan Stewart Tridon Flenoury Maxwell Joiner
Brennan Truka Donald Jolly III Cruz Crum Joshua O’Hara Dominique Poellnitz
Isaiah Jones Paisley Phillips Dom Gruttadauria Grant Owens Langston Carry
Jerome Bohanon Jr. Joey Brader Princeton O’Neal Cole Raucci Archibald Cornell
Jacen Uptgraft Michai Roddy Harmony Cooper Tate Bear Kamar Rainey
Ayden Jones Jerome Ward James Hannigan Stephen Ellerbee Chris Poellnitz
Nehemiah Pye Trevin Rinck Trelyn Edmonson Micah Jackson XXXXXXXXXXX

 Division III

Villanova Georgetown Cincinnati Butler Xavier
Coach: Brian Rogers Coach: Jonathon Blalock Coach: David Johnson Jr. Coach: Scott Burre Coach: Matt Perry
Cardel Brown Marion Matthews Zander Pughsley Jayce Fisher Taylor Higgins
Cameron Cooper-Patton Jack Shaker Aden Johnson Quinn Rethman Lester Caruthers
Ali Adams Ryan Durkin James Carpenter Chris Isby Aiden Lipford
Deshaun Thomas Jr. Harrison Parker JaBrae Bowers Jedi Haynes-Lee James Milen
Joshua Anthony Romell Salone Jr. Kane Ladegast  Jayden Stash Chase Rabin
Anthony Burns Kaiden Graves Carter Watson Sergio Spiva Benny Rodriguez
Chase Burre David Johnson III. Tony Jones Jr. Jordan Taylor Chris Blalock
Cale Ivery Cael Truka Benny Gonzalez Hayes Emmons Gavin Grant
Jase Owens David Perry Kallen Parker Jared Porrini Michael Thomas
Parker Brown RJ Reid Trace Short Turk Washington Chase Crockett

1st/2nd Grade Teams 

Ohio Akron
Coach: Mike Petrie Coach: Nich Gouch
Jordan Taylor David Perry
Carter Watson Tony Jones Jr.
Jase Owens Cale Ivery
Hayes Emmons David Johnson III
Ali Adams Jedi Haynes-Lee
Aden Johnson Aiden Howard
Jayden Scott Kaiden Graves
Marion Matthews Jared Parrini Jr.


Players and coaches should plan on arriving at Fieldhouse USA between 8:00am and 9:00am on Saturday the 23rd to register/check it.  After our guest speaker and opening remarks, the showcase games will start promptly at 9:30am on Saturday.  No player will receive a jersey without the proper paperwork and fees. The facility is located at 1400 Polaris Pkwy Columbus, OH 43023.

Every team will play at least 3 games.  A couple of teams will play an extra game, and there will be two 1st/2nd grade exhibition games.

The pool games will consist of two 16-minute halves with a running clock.  No timeouts are allowed in pool games The first team listed on the schedule will be the home team and will wear the white jerseys.

A final all-star game will be played at the end of the day. The top players in each division will be selected to participate in an all-star game.

At the end of the day, awards will be presented to each all-star game participant.  In addition, the top 5 players in each division will receive a “Top Five Award,” which is based on performance in the all-star game only, and 4 MVP awards for the top 2nd, 3rd 5th and 7th graders. There will also be a 5-player “All Defensive Team” selected.

The all-star games will consist of two 12-minute halves with a running clock.

We will be using regulation size basketballs for grades 7th & 8th and 28.5 for all other grade divisions.

Players are asked to wear solid black shorts.

Masks are suggested and should be worn over mouth and nose.

Spectators are welcome, but an entry fee ($15.00-adult, $5.00 student & kids under 5 free) will be charged at the door.

Neither profanity nor fighting will be tolerated from a player, coach or fan.  If a player receives a technical foul for any reason, he may be asked to leave without a refund.  If a parent or coach gets out of hand, he/she will be asked to leave the premises and will not be afforded a refund.

The above rules are subject to change at any time. Let’s all enjoy the event and let the players have fun!

Coaches Letter


Let me start by thanking you for volunteering to coach at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase! Your participation will go a long way in making the event a positive experience for the players, parents and fans in attendance. Please take a few minutes to read the contents of this letter and the other showcase documents.

As a coach at this event, you will receive a showcase T-shirt and access to the Coaches/Media Hospitality Room where you can grab you something to eat and drink throughout the day. You will be expected to wear our camp T-shirt (red) so please coordinate your outfit accordingly. Also, as part of your coach’s packet you will be given an armband which you will need to wear at all times in order to gain access to the hospitality room.

There will be a formal coaches meeting on Saturday at about 8:45am.  Until then, I have outlined my expectations below. Over the course of the weekend, you will have several very important responsibilities; these responsibilities will include the following:

-Arrive at your scheduled games early and prepare your team to take the court as soon as the previous game has concluded (we will start games early!).

-Taking an accounting of your roster to insure you have all of the players assigned to you.

-Coaching your team, providing positive feedback to your players and ensuring equal playing time.

-Teaching and developing your players for the short time you have them.

-Evaluating, ranking your players and documenting standout performers.

-Submitting the evaluation sheet with complete, fair and unbiased rankings from 1-10 in a timely manner (See example of evaluation sheet below).

-Advise/disclose any connection with a player that might result in the appearance of favoritism toward that player(s).

-Providing input about players for later post-event reports.

-Support the overall mission and administration of the event.

-Act professional, serve as a positive ambassador for the event and help create a positive experience for players and parents.

As a coach you shall not:

-Trade players with another coach or alter your roster in way without approval from the director.

-Allow yourself to be influenced by players, parents, other coaches or any other outside influences in the evaluation process.

-Allow personal grudges or biases to influence your player evaluations or rankings.

-Leave the event without submitting your completed evaluation sheet.

I know coaching at an event like this is very challenging, but I hope your love of the game and the joy you derive from working with young people makes the challenges worthwhile. Thanks again for your help and support!

Rob Taylor