Day II of the Buckeye Prep Invitational proved to be very competitive as evidenced by the number of upset wins in multiple divisions. We spent most of the day concentrating on individual talent and standout performances. Below is a list of players that caught our eye on Saturday. Stay tuned to our final day report. As always, can you follow the coverage on IG @robt1.

Standout Performers

Name Hit/Pos Class  City/State
Deloni Pughsley 5’6”/PG 2029 Gahanna, OH
Jayvontae Swift 5’3”/PG 2029 Cleveland, OH
Dillion Zeagler 6’0”/CG 2028 Cleveland, OH
Marino Graham 5’5”/PG 2029 New Castle, PA
Tyson Cornett 5’7”/SF 2029 Westerville, OH
Tyler Postell 5’4”/CG 2029 Reynoldsburg, OH
Denmark’s Waridlaw 4’5”/PG 2032 Lansing, MI
Rhett Bradley 4’5”/PG 2032 Big Walnut, OH
Amon Baylark 6’1”/C 2027 Lansing, MI
Cole McClure 4’11”/PG 2030 Dublin, OH
Zion Lawson 5’1/C 2032 Reynoldsburg, OH
Julian Winner 4’8”/SG 2032 Dublin, OH
Brayden Adams 5’0”/CG 2030 Cleveland, OH
Brock Schultz 5’10/C 2030 Columbus, OH
Tony Jones Jr. 4’8”/PG 2032 Columbus, OH
Keshawn Richardson 5’5/PG 2029 Toledo, OH
Luke Stupica 6’0”/PF 2028 Chargin Falls, OH
Armani Cooper 4’8”/PG 2032 Lansing, MI
Jayden Vega 4’4”/PG 2032 Avon, OH
David Perry 5’0”/WF 2032 Dayton, OH
Tavares Bolden 5’1/C 2030 Euclid, OH
Charlie Lombardi 4’9”/WF 2032 Avon, OH
Luke Quinn 5’10”/CG 2028 Brighton, MI
Tristen Waldron 4’8”/CG 2032 Detroit, MI
Talon Dodd 5’2″/WF 2030 Akron, OH

Standout Performer Pictures

Dillion Zeagler

Justin “Rocket” Williams

Talon Dodd

Deloni Pughsley

Jayvonte Swift

Julian Winner

Keshawn Richardson

Tony Jones Jr.

Tyler Postell

Jayden Vega

Tyson Cornett

Amon Baylark

Rhett Bradley

Marino Graham

Zion Lawson

Tristen Waldron

Charlie Lombardi

Brayden “Tank” Adams

Tavares Bolden

David Perry

Cole McClure

Brock Schultz

Armani Cooper

Luke Stapica

Luke Quinn

Dennaris Waridlaw