Although we were very slow in publishing our Buckeye Prep Invitational Day II standout’s, and we clearly did not get a chance to catch all of the standout performances, the list below is a good repressive of the level of talent that participated in the event.

Standout Performers

Name Hgt/POS Class City/State
  Aydin Garth 5’1″/WF 2032 Indianapolis, IN
 Nasir Lusane 5’8″/C 2032 Loraine, OH
  Abrielle Taylor 5’5″/PF 2032 Euclid, OH
 Lane Bollie 5’0″/PF 2033 Dublin, OH
 Tristien Waldron 4’9″/CG 2032 Farmington, MI
 Chauncey Cumberlader Jr. 4’3″/PG  2033 Columbus, OH
 Bryce Karls 4’7″/PG 2032 Fairview Park, OH
King Jackson 4’4″/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Julious Humphreys 4’8″/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN
 Carter Waldron 4’2″/PG  2033 Indianapolis, IN
David Johnson III 4’11″/WF 2032 Worthington, OH
Steven Wade 5’1″/C 2032 Bellevernon, PA
Jedi Haynes-Lee 5’2″/W/PF 2032 Columbus, OH
Jeff Williams 5’4″/PG 2028 Lima, OH
Colin Cast 4’4″/PG 2023 Detroit, MI
RJ Houston Jr. 5’11″/CG 2032 Cleveland, OH
Eddie Williams 4’9″/SG 2032 Dublin, OH
Jordan Taylor 4’9″/PG 2032 Columbus, OH
Alec Moore 4’10″/CG 2032 Pickerington, OH
 DeLoni Pughsley 5’1″/PG 2029 Gahanna, OH
 Steven Blackman 5’2″/PG 2029 Gahanna, OH
Dallas Stewart 5’4″/PG 2029 Pickerington, OH
 Ramir Williams 4’10″/PG 2032 Groveport, OH

More Standouts

Dontae Chivers Bubba Scott Colt Cowling
 Rashad Simms  Jack Coleman XXXXXXXXXXXX

Standout Performer Pictures

Nasir Lusane

Aydin Garth

David Johnson III

Steven Wade

King Jackson

Bryce Karls

Carter Waldron

Lane Bollie

Chauncey Cumberlander Jr.

Julius Humphreys

Tristian Waldron

Abrielle Taylor

Ramir Williams

Jedi Haynes-Lee

Jeff Williams

Jordan Taylor

Colin Cast

Alec Moore