We’re 8 weeks into the Buckeye Prep Open Run and it’s clear that theses roughly 14 first & second graders (and 1 new kinder garner) are developing at a high rate.  The hour of skills and drills and half hour of 3-on-3 competition has prepared these kids for upcoming league play.  This group has been handpicked based on their foundational talent and parental commitment. Not only are we concentrating on individual skill development, we are teaching team concepts. Our approach is fast paced, demands focus and playing at game speed. Although our 3-on-3 games are fun for the kids, they are intended with teamwork and fundamentals in mind. Over the next several weeks, we will be introducing increasingly advanced and complex basketball concepts that will allow these kids to compete at a high level.  As an example, our kids are already learning how to work the pick and roll.  Fortunately, we’re able to work with more challenging areas of the game because our kids have demonstrated an ability to comprehend these concepts. My son and I are excited with our kid’s development up to this point and we look forward to tracking their progress and development over the next several years!

Photo Gallery

Jordan Taylor 2032

Antonio Jones Jr. 2031

Carter Watson 2032

David Johnson III 2032

Chauncey Cumberlander 2033

Gavin Dennis 2031

Chase Crockett 2031

Benji Siefert 2031

Declan Hardy 2031

Isaiah “Izzy” Jones 2032

Elliott Tratuner-2031

Kaiden Grave-2032

Carmine Liannirino-2033

Grayson Bates-2031

Cale Ivery-2032

Zander Pughsley-2031