Much like stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange, a player’s basketball stock often ebbs and flows throughout the course of a single season and/or from season-to-season. In an effort to increase the exposure level of some of the up and coming players we’ve seen recently, we have put together a list of what we’re calling “Stock Risers.” In terms of our methodology, we have considered several factors in selecting these players. First and foremost, these 65 players are not necessarily the most highly ranked players on our various top player lists, but rather players who either we had not previously seen; players who have tended to fly a little under our radar; players who are on the cusp of breaking out; and/or players who have a chance to break into and/or rise up on our current top player lists.  Also, many of the players we’ve highlight caught our eye at our spring elite showcase and/or our recent Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament, as well as other elite tournaments, camps and showcases. Finally, many of the state’s top ranked players are not listed here, as they have already established themselves as elite and are already getting maximum exposure.  As always, we are always looking  for new players to highlight!  Our next Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase is scheduled for August 21st and will be held at the brand new, state of the art Fieldhouse USA, a 5-court facility located in northern Columbus.

 Name/Class  Name/Class  Name/Class  Name/Class  Name/Class
 Xavier Ratica/2027 Brady Bowman/2027 Evangelos Virginis/2026 Sam Greer/2026 Cole Albers/2026
 Amari Addy/2026 Trey Perry/2025 BJ Hatcher/2025 Brody Denny/2026 Drew Cripps/2027
 Darius Dennis/2027 Lonnell Berry/2029 Brayden Torgrimson/2025 Kiren Granville/2025 Zy’Aire Weaver/2025
 Moussa Sidime/2025 Nate Miles III/2026 Jaden Shoults/2026 Marlon Walker/2026 Jordon Bowens/2026
 Kenny LaRue/2026 Ben Mirgon2027 Shawn Foster/2027 Amileo Norvell Jr. /2028 Ottarreus Walker/2028
 AJ Davenport/2031 Trice Carter/2031 David Johnson/2031 Marion Matthews/2031 David Johnson III/2032
 Jordan Taylor/2032 Carter Watson/2032 Kaiden Graves/2032 Kenny Scott/2025 Treyton Shredder/2026
 Brody Fields/2026 Kieran Stokes/2027 Antwon Pollard/2027 TJ Ward/2027 Jaylon Folds/2027
Keon Bonner/2027 Sae Robinson/2028 Ascen Lomack/2028 Ashland Hanna/2029 Seth Ferguson/2029
 Tyson Cornett/2029 Brody Hatfield/2026 Jahmere Johnson/2025 Austin Brown/2026 Cam Elwer/2026
 Tyreke Ruffin/2026 Levi Davis/2026 Landon Vandenwalker/2025 Demarus Adams/2026 Jace Recardo/2027
 Ty Hairston/2027 Tony Robinson/2025 Kahliq Washington/2026 Andrew Brooks/2027 Kaylen Brooks/2028
 Askia Holloway Jr./2030 Anthony Dunson Jr./2030 Jordan Johnson Perdo/2028 Drew Cripps/2027 Taylor Higgins/2030