We’re looking to host the top 3rd, 4th & 5th grade teams (2031-2033) in the region. Each team will play at least 3 games. Every team will advance to Gold Bracket play. Not only will the event offer elite competition, but the exposure opportunities will be big time for these young ballers. The Buckeye Prep Report will continue to cover these classes very closely. Awards will be very nice and will include team, individual, MVP and All-Tournament Team. The event is scheduled for June 7th-9th, 2024 and will be held at New Covenant Believers Church (3400 Kohr Blvd. Columbus, Ohio). You don’t want to miss this event! Contact Rob Taylor at buckeyepreprpt@yahoo.com or 614-502-9359 with interest.


To register for this event, send the registration fee via Cash App to $robtaylorbpr.  Make sure to include the team name, grade, coach’s name, cell number and email address in the “note” section.

Committed Teams   

 Class of 2031  Class of 2032 Column 2033
#5 Buckeye Prep Hoopsters (OH)

2024 Buckeye Prep Pre-Nationals Shootout

Game Rules

  1. 2/12 minutes halves with stop and go clock. Clock runs with 20 + lead in 2nd half.
  2. Three timeouts total (2 full & two 30 second per game). One extra timeout in the 1st overtime.
  3. Three minute half-time warm-up.
  4. Game time is also forfeit time.  No grace period will be allowed (Director’s Discretion).
  5. Three-minute pre-game warm-up.
  6. Only one coach at a time can be standing during the game.
  7. Fouls: Team fouls 7-9 results in a 1-and-1 situation (per half). Team fouls 10 or more results in a two-shot penalty (per half).
  8. Scores tied after regulation will result in one two-minute overtime period. After the first overtime period, the 2nd two-minute overtime period will be sudden death (Except in championship game).
  9. Other than the # of exceptions, current AAU age/grade exemptions rules will be in effect.
  10. If a player, coach or parent is ejected from a game for any reason, they are ejected for the remainder of the day.
  11. Each team will play 3 pool games and advance to a single elimination bracket play.
  12. Tiebreaker criteria:
  13. Won-lost record
  14. Head-to-head competition;
  15. Point system (+15 / -15). (Note -Regardless of the point difference,  “winning margin,” no team will receive more than a plus “15” or a minus “15” for point differential. For example, if team “A” wins by 20 points, team “A” will receive a +15 for that game.) Also, only the teams involved in the tie will be subject to the following point system formula;
  16. Least amount of points allowed in pool games;
  17. Coin flip.
  18. Although we will attempt to provide clock operators, the home team will keep the official book and will provide a scorekeeper and the visiting team should be prepared to provide a clock operator.
  19. The home team is the 1st team listed on the schedule and will wear light colored jerseys and the visiting team will wear dark colored jerseys.
  20. We will be using a 28.5. Please bring a game ball.
  21. Coaches must have birth certificates and grade cards in hand in case of challenges.  If a player is found to be ineligible, the player will be ejected from the tournament and the team will forfeit all games the player participated in.

17) For age/grade challenges, the team issuing the challenge must submit a non-refundable $200 challenge fee.

Note: An All-Tournament Team and MVPs will be selected (by director) at the conclusion of the championship game.  In addition, individual awards will be presented to the champion and runner-up teams.