Braxton Miller’s Inaugural Charging Elite Camp represents another clear sign that “camp season” has arrived. This past weekend, approximately 200 5th-12th grade boys and girls participated in the 2-day event, which was held on the campus of the Ohio State University. Over the course of 2 -days, campers were put though a series of 8 fundamental skill stations designed to enhance basic basketball skills. We found the skill stations to be both relevant and high energy. The camp concluded with a school supply give away, which was provided by the event’s key sponsor.

Although day one of the event consisted of skill stations, day 2 was more competitive and concluded with 5 on 5 play. By design, the event was not intended to be a traditional elite/exposure type event, however, we noticed there were several statewide and nationally ranked players at the event. Some of those players included: Myles CurryJack Shaker, Rush Anstine, Landon Miller, Jaden Tomyemba, Jordan Taylor, Christian Morrow Jr., Zion Lancaster and Kason Angert. All in all, the event was a complete success and a definite must attend next year. Congratulation to Braxton Miller, Mike Porrini and the entire staff for putting on a well run event!