A few weeks ago we published our updated statewide player rankings in several classes.  In an effort to spotlight more kids and to refine our statewide rankings, we decided to take a closer look at players across the state based on their city of residence. To this end, over the next several weeks we will be publishing more detailed rankings by city.  By drilling down city by city, we will be better able to more accurately determine the statewide rankings. Below you will find our initial step in the process as we highlight the top 20 players in Cincinnati in the classes of 2025-2028.  With respect to presentation, although the names of the better players tend to appear higher on the list, we are not yet ready to rank players from 1-20.  What this means is the names are listed “in no particular order.” Once we have completed this city by city project, we will be updating our statewide rankings to reflect the changes we found.

On another note, we are often asked, “How do you determine the rankings?” First and foremost, we do our best to scout not only our own events (i.e., Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases and Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament), but we try to attend other elite showcases, camps and tournaments around the state where we’re able to evaluate the talent on hand.  In addition to our own personal observations, we rely on a statewide network of top middle and elementray school and AAU coaches who provide us with input into their team and players as well as other team’s players.  It’s important to note, you should expect changes/updates to this list as we’re able to see, evaluate and re-evaluate players on a week-to-week basis.

Over the next several weeks we will be reaching out to coaches in other major cities to begin compiling more lists.  We have now completed Columbus and Cincinnati and will now move to Cleveland/Northeast Ohio, followed by Dayton and Toledo.  If you coach one of the top teams in your area or aware of the top players in your area please reach out to us at Buckeyepreprpt@yahoo.com and provide us with your cell number.  This will help us in our efforts.  Also, if you see any errors in our list, please use the “Comment” tab of this website to provide us with more accurate information. In closing, our lists and rankings are primarily designed to recognize players for their hard work while also inspiring them to continue to work toward their dreams. We hope that parents, coaches and players keep this in mind.

Names Highlighted in Red Denotes Current Profile (Click Name)

2025 2026 2027 2028
Jaden Arnold/PG/Cincinnati Athens McGillis/SG/Mainville Joshua Tyson/CG/Cincinnati JaShawn Coffey/SG/Cincinnati
Kiren Granville/C/Cincinnati Tyson Davis/CG/Lakota Kamron Mercer/WF/Springdale Jordan Johnson-Perdo/PG/Hamilton
Trace  Jallick/CG/PF/Anderson James  Turner/PF/Lakota Le’Shawn Hill/PG/Cincinnati Brady Bowman/PG/Lakota
Michael Maldonaldo/SG/Cincinnati Anthony Thompson/WF/Lebanon Amir Phillips/PF/Cincinnati Lorenzo McMullin/WF/Cincinnati
David Steele Jr./CG/Cincinnati Cooper McCutchen/PF/Lebanon Chris Washington/PG/Cincinnati Brian Ross Jr./PG/Cincinnati
James Burnett/PG/Cincinnati Jaylen Mercer/PF/Cincinnati Brayden Myrick/SG/Cincinnati Nolan Edwards/SG/Cincinnati
Christian Wilkins/PF/C/Lakota Sam Hamilton/W/PF/Cincinnati Braylon Settelmeyer/PG/Goshen Gabe Tremble/PG/Cincinnati
Jessie Eubanks/PF/Cincinnati Brycen Johnson/PG/Cincinnati TZ Mamutse/CG/Cincinnati Chase Evan/SG/Cincinnati
Nate Lyman/CG/Kings Austin Paige/PG/Hamilton Xavier Ratica/PF/Lakota Austin Trenz/WF/Cincinnati
Bryce Snell/PG/Cincinnati Karson Lang/PG/West Clermont Ricky Eisham/WF/Cincinnati James Millen Jr./PG/Cincinnati
Kato Meisner/PF/Kings Montez Crutchfield/C/Cincinnati Torri Lipscome/PG/Cincinnati Herman “Bing” Walker/SG/Cincinnati
Andre Arnold/CG/Cincinnati Mike Branch/PF/C/Oak Hills Bob Gallespie/PG/Cincinnati Levi Engleman/SG/Cincinnati
Daviawan Crim/PG/Cincinnati Elijah Harris/PG/Cincinnati Deandre Carr-Short/C/Cincinnati Dakota Patterson/SG/Cincinnati
Alex Kazinecki/WF/Little Miami Antwoine Higgins/C/Cincinnati Josh O’Hara/WF/Cincinnati Cortney Davis/SG/Cincinnati
Brayden Robineete/SG/Hamilton Antwan Hinton/CG/Cincinnati Amir Gill/PF/Cincinnati Sean Tolbert/SG/Cincinnati
Trey Perry/PG/Lakota Aaron McFarland/CG/Oak Hills Gavin Hoffman/SG/Forrest Hills XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Aaron Phipps/WF/Lakota Daniel Vollmer/SF/Indian Hill King Jones/SG/Cincinnati XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Myles Baker/SG/Cincinnati Anthony Blaackar/SG/Cincinnati Carson Fuhrer/PF/Loveland XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Clifford Cass Jr./CG/Cincinnati Jakob Johnson/PG/Cincinnati Xavier Simpson/C/Cincinnati XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Next Up/Additional Evaluation Required

Player/Class/City Player/Class/City Player/Class/City Player/Class/City
Jayden Davis/2029/Cincinnati Taylor Higgins/PG/Cincinnati Eizaiah McKenney/2029/Cincinnati Quin Higgins/2029/Cincinnati
Conner Chaney/2029/Kings Benzo Ahern/2029/Cincinnati Colton Richmond/2030/Cincinnati Lonell Berry/PF/Cincinnati
Gabe Clemmons/6’7″/PF/2025/Cin Teagon Jallick/2027/Cincinnati Ari Anderson/2032/Avon Jayden Vega/2032/Avon
Caden Lakkick/2031/Elyria