A few weeks ago we published our updated statewide player rankings in several classes.  In an effort to spotlight more kids and to refine our statewide rankings, we decided to take a closer look at players across the state based on their city of residence. To this end, over the next several weeks we will be publishing more detailed rankings by city.  By drilling down city by city, we will be better able to more accurately determine the statewide rankings. Below you will find our initial step in the process as we highlight the top 25 players in Cleveland in the classes of 2025-2028.  With respect to presentation, although the names of the better players tend to appear higher on the list, we are not yet ready to rank players from 1-25.  What this means is the names are listed “in no particular order.” Once we have completed this city by city project, we will be updating our statewide rankings to reflect the changes we found.

On another note, we are often asked, “How do you determine the rankings?” First and foremost, we do our best to scout not only our own events (i.e., Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases and Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament), but we try to attend other elite showcases, camps and tournaments around the state where we’re able to evaluate the talent on hand.  In addition to our own personal observations, we rely on a statewide network of top school and AAU coaches who provide us with input into their team and players as well as other team’s players.  It’s important to note, you should expect changes/updates to this list as we’re able to see, evaluate and re-evaluate players on a week-to-week basis.

Over the next several weeks we will be reaching out to coaches in other major cities to begin compiling more lists.  We have completed Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland and will move on to Dayton and Toledo by next week.  If you coach one of the top teams in your area or aware of the top players in your area please reach out to us at Buckeyepreprpt@yahoo.com and provide us with your cell number.  This will help us in our efforts.  Also, if you see any errors in our list, please use the “Comment” section of this website to provide us with more accurate information. In closing, our lists and rankings are primarily designed to recognize players for their hard work while also inspiring them to continue to work toward their dreams. We hope that parents, coaches and players keep this in mind.

2025 2026 2027 2028
Darryn Peterson/CG/Canton Marcus Johnson/CG/Garfield Hgts Sammy Dari/CG/Strongsville Marlin Jackson/PG/Maple Hgts
Diare Pride/SG/WF/Akron TJ Crumble/W/PF/Cleveland Mali Pearson/PG/Akron Jordan Taylor/CG/Twinsburg 
Jason Henlon/PG/Sandusky Maksi Pearson/PG/Akron Ty Harrison/CG/Cleveland Heights Dylan Zeigler/W/PF/Shaker Heights
Jordan Johnson/PG/Cleveland Heights Brayden Holt/PG/Wooster Jaylen Gunther/CG/Newton Falls Luke Bates/C/PF/Youngstown
Tyler Patterson/PF/Sylvania Demere McClellan/PG/Canton Rayshawn Myers/WF/Cleveland Daniel Piper/CG/North Royalton
Jayden Quaintance/C/Cleveland Heights Nathan Judy/PF/C/Hudson Adin Evert/PG/Brunswick Ascen Lomax/CG/Akron
Paul Rusinko/SG/Cleveland Kodah Allen/PG/Orrvile Lincoln Lee/SG/North Royalton Xavier Steele/PG/Bedford
Anthony Whitt/WF/Cleveland Evangelos Zirginis/WF/Highland Brody Durham/SG/Hiram Dante Howell/PG/Solan
Damari Dammons/WF/Cleveland Cole Albers/WF/Minster Chad Runsinko/PG/Talmadge Dante Shipp/WF/Sandusky
Jayquan Stubbs/PF/Cleveland King Young/PG/Maple Heights Stephen Ellerbee/PG/Twinsburg
 Jayden Crutcher/PG/Elyria Rayshawn Hamilton/WF/Barbeton Jaylen Billingsley/SG/Cleveland DJ Jolly/WF/Twinsburg
DeErick Barber/PG/Cleveland Deon Solomon/PF/C/ Cleveland Hgts Jerimiah Chapman/CG/Cleveland Jason Mikin/WF/Cleveland
Kenny Scott/PG/Canton Jadyce Thigpen/WF/Canton Korda Carey/W/PF/Akron Brady Strickler/WF/Hudson
Noah Chambers/PG/Shaker Hgts Jayden Carlton/CG/Hudson Carlos Vaughn Jr./WF/Cleveland Chase Wolochuck/CG/Cleveland
Vincent Walker/SG/Cleveland Robert Herendon/WF/Twinsburg Tyree Williamson/SG/Cleveland Dominic Grutudaria/CG/Akron
Bryce Rice/WF/Warrensville Demetrius Jenkins/CG/Cleveland Davin Laster/PG/Cleveland Geovani Venson/CG/Cleveland
Daron Miles/PG/Warrensville Zach Hackleman/PG/Cleveland Tyson Clay/PG/ Berea Ja’Neal Baker Jr./PG/Akron
Grant Washington/SG/Avon Sean Busey/PG/North Royalton Andre Alexander/PF/Berea JJ Staufer/SG/North Royalton
Mason Dawkins/PG/Hawken Trey Drexler/PG/Brunswick Jace Riccardo/C/Beaver Local Me’jor Cheek/WF/Canton
Damon Friery/WF/Brunswick Matthew Hessske/CG/Strongsville Jayden Nellemsbey/C/South Euclid Ryan Durkin/PG/Cleveland
Brady Ganley/SG/Brecksville Cohen Easa/CG/Brunswick Mason Cerovac/C/Olmsted Falls Tanner Watkins/WF/Akron
Braylin Irby/PG/Garfield Hgts Roman Gambino/SG/North Royalton Liam Goran/WF/Keystone Cameron Nellemsbey/PF/Euclid
Jayden Patton/PG/Twinsburg  Arvel Nelson/SG/Cleveland Charlie Blasko/C/North Royalton Mike Holt/CG/Cleveland
Lucas Kaltenbach/WF/Kinston Joshua Belcher/CG/Cleveland Jaylen Owen/SG/Copley Matthew Williams/SG/Cleveland
Kae’lon Hurt/PG/Cleveland Kevin Lowrey/PG/Cleveland Jeren Holmes/PF/Cleveland Aaron Lewis/CG/Cleveland
Jimmie Walker/PG/Cleveland Jayden Akins/CG/Shaker Heights RJ Walgate/C/Medina Chris Underwood/CG/Solon

Next Up/Requires Additional Evaluation

Name/Class/City Name/Class/City Name/Class/City Name/Class/City
Ronnie Vaughn/2026/Akron Rashawn Austin/2026/Painesville Jayden Johnson/2029/Cleveland Aiden Nichols/2029/Cleveland
Zavion Suon/2029/Cleveland Landon Rooth/2029/Macedonia Win Fluker/2029/Twinsburg Jody Harris/2029/Canton
Lasaveon Robinson/2028/Sandusky Davan Aniton/6’5″/Maple Tony Robinson/6’5″/PF/Maple Daishun Brown Jr./2027/Sandusky