Although he played in a combined 1st/2nd grade division at the T3TV Combine, Devon Hollowell (4’2″/PG/2033/IN) not only competed against some of the best 2nd graders in the country, he found a way to shine, to the tune of a all-star game nod and a top 15 ranking.  Had we known at the time Hollowell was only a 1st grader, we would have shown him more love. We had the opportunity watch him play in 5 games, and every time out, he used his quickness and handle to drive the lane and score.  He’s a tough kid who defends well and plays hard.  Also, we just noticed that Top 25 Scouts has him ranked as the top 1st grader in the country, and we understand why!  We plan to keep a close eye on this young baller going forward!