As we all know, there is no shortage of youth basketball camps in this country. With that said, there are very few camps that are invitation only and attempt to limit participation to only the very elite, and there are even fewer camps that are free. Such is the case of the Dyckman Basketball Invitational Elite Camp, which is scheduled for October 21st through the 23rd in New York City.  This exclusive event will provide an opportunity for roughly 45-50 elite 3rd & 4th  graders to get the “New York basketball experience.”

Sponsored by Jordan Brand, the camp’s primary mission is to provide a high level of competition and exposure for a group of nationally ranked players as well as a group of New York based players who have been under exposed to date. “We want some of our inner city kids to get more exposure. These kids can’t get out to AAU events,” said camp director Melquan Bolden Sr. The Dyckman Basketball Program is an institution in New York basketball and represents one of the pillars of basketball in the city.  In fact, the program’s sponsorship of teams and events is significant, and the Dyckman Park Court one of the 4 primary basketball courts in the city, including the famed Rucker Park, Tri-State Park and West 4th Street Park, that make up the “New York Street Ball scene.”

In addition, as part of the format, Bolden’s event seeks to create more of a “bonding experience” for campers. The hand-picked kids will get a chance to bond with each other versus creating just another “kill kill” situation, continued Bolden.  Despite this approach, campers will also get a chance to go head-to-head with kids who have already created a reputation for themselves. Also, the training will be provided by high school coaches, elite trainers and former D-I athletes (i.e., @cwill_bball, @laboutskillz, @coach_b_, @eepbasketball). According to Ken Stevens, program director, “We want to see how kids perform with high level training.”

Some of the kids committed to this event include: (2031) Trice Carter (OH), Terry Holt III (OH), Zander Pughsley (OH), William Paige (NY), Joshua Anthony (KY), Trey Horton (OH), Melquan Bolden Jr. (NY), Josiah Belfor (NY), Carmelo Almodovar (NY), Kam Potts (CA ), KJ Varney (CA ), Zaiden Oguebla (RI), Adam Lawrence (NY), Kobe Cross (SC); (2032): Penny King (TN), Nas McCoy (NY), Bobby Peebles (MO), Chase Williams (PA), Trey Clemons (VA), Camden Day (IN), Juston Coleman (MD), Jordan Taylor (OH), Mason Alexander (IL), Preston Hanby (TN), Maddox Perry (MO), Teran Jennings (TX), Aiden Charles (NY), Aiden Rodriguez (NY),  and Saif Ahmed (NY).

In terms of the selection process, Bolden was looking for “high IQ kids.” Although the event is primarily designed for current 3rd and 4th graders, he has invited about 4 very talented 2nd graders as well. “According to Bolden, almost half of the players in each class will be local kids. Moreover, because participation is so coveted, all but about 7 spots have been filled. “People have been blowing me up trying to get in,” Bolden said.

Not only will the 1st-year event offer a high level of competition, but there will also be significant exposure opportunities as well.  In fact, the list of media outlets include: the Buckeye Prep Report, Overtime, T3TV, Top 25 Scout, Dream Ball, Ronnie Love, Sideline, Shayz Dayz, Dave’s_Joint, The Baller journal and Shot by Flash.

Below is the initial Itinerary, which includes both on and off the court activities. For more information about the storied Dyckman Basketball Program, visit their website.

Camp Itinerary 

Friday October 21st
* 6:00pm-7:00pm-Uniform Pick & Media Day
*7:00pm-8:00pm-Meet and Greet, Opening Ceremony
*8:00pm-9:00pm-Distributin of Weekend Credentials
 Saturday October 22nd
*10:00am-11:30am-Trip to Overtime
*1:00pm-Skills Warm up
*1:20pm-Skills Workout
*1:30-1 v 1 Challenge
*2:00- 2 v 2 Challenge
*2:30pm- 3 v 3 Challenge
*3:00pm-5:00pm-Scrimmage Play
*6:30pm-Saturday Night Elite Camp Dinner TBD
 Sunday October 23rd
*9:00am-9:45am-Breakfast Club Morning Skills Workout
 *10:00am-12:00pm-Elite Camp Game Play
*1:00pm-2:00pm-Guest Speaker & Awards
*2:00pm-Camp Concludes