As the 2023 travel basketball season begins to wind down, a number of “National” tournaments will start popping up across the country. One of the early events is the Inaugural Grassroots Nationals, which tipped off at the Big House in Tarvaes, Florida. on Friday. The first-year event is a collaboration between several TNBA related organizations from Ohio, Houston, Florida, including the Maryland Invitational and Baylor Basketball.

Over 110 teams from 10 states across the country are participating in this event. The opening day of the event proved to be very competitive across several divisions and featured number of very talented teams and players. Below is our complete list of day I standouts.

Standout Performers

Name Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Travon Graves 6’3”/WF 2025 Coco, FL
Kaleb Clark 6’4”/C 2028 Washington, DC
Olaitan Olorungdohuni 6’0”/WF 2028 Washington, DC
Ryan Rodriguez 6’0”/PF 2026 St. Cloud, FL
Troy Turner 5’9”/WF 2026 Sanford, FL
Chris Downing Jr. 4’8”/PG 2032 Canton, OH
Joshua Lang 4’6”/PG 2032 Ocoee, FL
Jack Lewis 4’11”/C 2032 Okemos, MI
Ayden Harvey 5’11”/PG 2027 Houston, TX
Richard Jackson 5’7”/SG 2028 Orlando, FL
Keith Bailey Jr. 5’11”/PG 2026 Fresno, TX
Blake Brody 4’8”/SG 2032 Orlando, FL
Zion Watson 6’0”/C 2028 St. Petersburg, FL
Jason Lewis 4’8”/PG 2032 Cleveland, OH
 A. Medina 4’8”/SG 2032 Orlando, FL
Jayden Vega 4’4”/PG 2032 Avon, OH
Darius Vanegas 4’8”/PG 2932 Ocoec, FL
Bryson Seward 4’6”/PG 2031 Eustis, FL
Le’Daniel Banks 5’8”/PG 2027 Gulf Breeze, FL
Trevor Miller 5’8”/PG 2027 Orlando, FL
Erian Love 4’8”/CG 2032 Houston, TX

Standout Performer Pictures

Kaleb Clark

Travon Graves

Ryan Rodiguez

Ayden Harvey

Keith Bailey

Richard Jackson

Chris Downing Jr.

Troy Turner

Joshua Lang

Zion Watson

Jason Lewis

Brody Blake

Alijah Burke

Jack Lewis

Darius Vanegas

Le’Daniel Banks

Bryson Seward

Trevor Miller

Erian Love