Day two of the Grassroots Nationals featured additional quality matchups, in terms of both teams and individuals. Although we will feature over 20 players in this report, there were a few players who logged in significant performances and require special shoutouts. Lamar Lee (5’8″/PG/2027/Kissimmee, FL) is one of the better players we saw all day.  Super skilled, shifty with an explosive first step best describes his game. He’s also quick, changes speed and direction well, can create his own shot, and can shoot the rock off the bounce with consistency. His teammate, Kyler Theophile (6’2″/CG/2027/Broward, FL), is a solid prospect as well. He’s long, athletic, explosive and super fluid. We loved the way he attacked the rim and finished at a high rate. We believe Theophile’s upside is significant!

We also really liked Carl Francois (6’0″/CG/2026/Orlando, FL), who was strong, powerful and physical as hell. Despite his size and strength, Francois is nimble, with great footwork and is light on his feet. We were surprised with his ability to spin in the lane and finish at the rim with a super soft touch. We can’t imagine this kid is a not a hell of a football player! We would suggest you keep an eye on DJ Boyd (5’8″/CG/2028/Houston, TX), who demonstrated the ability to score that rock. We saw him yesterday put up big numbers, but Trevor Miller (5’8″/PG/2027/Orlando, FL) impressed us again today with his ability to shoot with range and to score the ball at 3 levels. He won’t scare you getting off the bus, but you better guard him! We also intend to keep an eye on Quais Hafid (5’10″/PG/2027/Orlando, FL), who led his team in scoring from the point position with strong drives to the cup and jumpers. Below is our complete list of day II standouts.

Standout Performers

Name Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Dereyon Bush 5’6”/PG 2028 Houston, TX
Daniel Muchnick 6’1”/WF 2027 Gainesville, FL
Armani Cooper 4’9”/CG 2032 Holt, MI
Lamar Lee 5’8”/PG 2027 Kissimmee, FL
Kyler Theophile 6’2”/CG 2027 Broward, FL
Travis Lewis 5’3”/SG 2031 Cleveland, OH
Quasi Hafid 5’10”/PG 2027 Orlando, FL
Trevor Miller 5’8”/PG 2027 Orlando, FL
Xander Smith 6’0”/WF 2027 Cleveland, OH
Jahi Hobson 6’4”/PF 2027 Cleveland, OH
Carl Francois 6’0”/CG 2026 Orlando, FL
Ben Orthwein 5’9″/SG 2028 Baltimore, MD
Corban Copeland 5’1″/CG 2029 Napes, FL
Jaylen Allen 6’6″/C 2028 Baltimore, MD
DJ Boyd 5’8″/CG 2028 Houston, TX
Kaleb Clark 6’4”/C 2028 Washington, DC
Travon Graves 6’3”/PF 2025 Cocoa, FL
Ethan Knox 6’2”/SG 2028 Lakeland, FL
Rowan Kennedy 5’9”/SG 2028 Rocky River, OH
Kamryn Andrade 6’1”/WF 2028 Tampa, FL
Masen Cervantes 4’7”/CG 2031 Wesley Chapel, FL
Jayden Vega 4’4”/PG 2032 Avon, OH
Josiah Guzman 5’10”/PG 2027 Orlando, FL
Bryce Karls 4’7”/SF 2031 Fairview, OH
Justin Allen 4’9”/SG 2031 Tampa, FL
Jaaden Isaacs 4’10”/CG 2032 Wesley Chapel, FL
Yasdiel Rodriguez 5’8″/SG 2026 Orlando, FL

Standout Performer Pictures

Lamar Lee

Carl Francois

Kyler Theophile

DJ Boyd

Xander Smith

Quais Hafid

Trevor Miller

Jahi Hobson

Ben Orthwein

Daniel Muchnick

Travis Lewis

Corban Copeland

Jaylen Allen

Armani Cooper

Kaleb Clark

Travon Graves

Rowan Kennedy

Kamryn Andrade

Joesiah Guzman

Jaden Isaacs

Jayden Vega

Masen Cervantes

Bryce Karls

Yasdiel Rodriguez