Dax Hall

Kaleb Elkins

William Peagler Jr.

Tristian Breland

Isaiah Mack-Russell

Reggie “RJ” Reynolds

Deon Johnson

Ascen Lomack

Colton Clevenger

Kenneth White

Maurice Hamrick Jr.

Landon Evans

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, opportunities to play and watch elite level basketball are still available. Case in point, Courts 4 Sports in Mason, Ohio played host the Bates Fundamental sponsored Hell’s Kitchen Tournament this past weekend, and talented teams and players were in abundance.  Moreover, what was impressive about the event is the fact it attracted teams from as far as San Diego, CA in grades 2nd to 10th.  On Sunday, we watched more 4th, 5th and 6th grade games and could not have been more impressed with the number of very competitive games.

In the 4th grade division, we watched the Cincinnati Dominators take down a nationally ranked George Hill Indy Elite squad that was absolutely loaded with talent. It’s important to note that the Dominators were fortunate to have received the services of William Peagler Jr. and Colten Clevenger, both of whom run with the very successful and Dayton-based BNU squad that we featured on our website last week. In the games we observed, both Peagler and Clevenger were difference makers.  Also, over the course of the day, we identified a number of standout performers and have listed them below with a few evaluation notes.  Fortunately for us, many of the players we were most impressed with will be attending our March 6, 2021 Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase where we can further evaluate their talent.  All in all, it appeared to be a nice event.

Name Hgt/Pos Class City Evaluation Note
Dax Hall 5’2″/PG 2027 San Diego, CA Steve Nash clone w/ excellent skills.  Gritty, crafty & tough as hell. Has ball on string CLUTCH!
Kaleb Elkins 5’6″/WF 2027 Indianapolis, IN Big, strong and can shoot and make plays for others.  Very impressed w/ this kid!
Tristian Breland 5’0″/CG 2029 Indianapolis, IN Good size for position, ball skills & strong to cup
Isaiah Mack-Russell 5’7″/WF 2027 Toledo, OH Good length, athleticism, versatile, unselfish, hits free throws
Reggie “RJ” Evans 5’3″/WF 2029 Tampa, FL Good length, athletic, handles well, prospect, solid vision & passing skills
Deon Johnson 5’11″/WF 2027 Columbus, OH Good length, athletic, solid ball skills, versatile, can guard multiple positions. Prospect!
Ascen Lomack 4’7″/CG 2028 Akron, OH Tight handle & ball skills. Creates space & changes direction & speed well.  Aggressive to cup
Colton Clevenger 4’6″/PG 2029 Lewisburg, OH Elite ball skills, court vision and play making ability.  Can also score the ball from beyond arc
Kenneth White 4’8″/PG 2027 Michigan Small, but super quick PG that can make plays.  Floor general w/ high IQ and can hit the 3-ball
Maurice Hamrick Jr. 5’2″/PG 2026 Hilliard, OH Super skilled PG who can both score & make plays.  Can get hot from 3-pt line
Landon Evans 5’5″/CG 2027 Columbus, OH Good size, can hit catch & shoot treys, rebonds well for position. Impacts game
Andrew Woeste 5’0″/WF 2029 Dayton, OH Good size, skilled & finishes well around the basket
Xavier Steele 5’2″/PG 2027 Bedford, OH Solid handle, crafty, competes and aggressive.
Marino Graham 4’9″/PG 2029 New Castle, PA Quick, elite handle & ball skills, excels at driving and dishing. Can hit the three
Ben Gerdes 5’10″/C 2027 Grand Rapids, MI Big and moves well
Larry Harris 5’10″/C 2026 Chicago, IL Big, strong, physical w/good foot work.  Rebounds well & finishes through contact. Hits FTs
Sydney Mobley 6’0″/C 2026 Lewis Center, OH Big female w/ a soft touch around the bucket.  More than competed w/ the boys. Super prospect
Madden Robinson 4’3″/PG 2029 Cincinnati, OH All around solid Play &  can score
Gavin Allen 4’9″/SG 2029 Indianpolis, IN 3-pt shooter
Carmelo Hearn 4’9″/PG 2029 Peoria, IL Showed some solid play
Ethan O’Byrne 5’2″/PF 2028 Massillon, OH Big, nifty & player to watch
Colt Richmond 5’2″/SG 2030 Cincinnati, OH Showed the ability to score against older players
Jeffery Reynolds 5’9″/C 2027 Columbus, OH Good size, handles rock well on the break. Possible prospect w/continued growth & development
Jake Hall 6’0″/SG 2026 San Diego, CA Elite 3-point shooter; hit multiple threes in multiple games.  Solid skill set
Kamden Thompson 4’8″/CG 2029 Louisville, KY Showed some solid play
Kamaries Allen 4’9″/CG 2029 Anderson, IN Super quick, skilled & can shoot from deep. Handles press well & team leader
Brady Pettigrew 5’2″/PF 2028 Chicago, IL Scorer
Sammy Dari 5’5/CG 2027 Strongsville, OH Excellent ball skills, changes speed & direction well, good size, creates space, athletic
Jayden Davis 5’4″/C 2029 Cincinnati, OH Rebounds, athletic, runs floor well & was clutch late in championship game w/ a steal & FTs
Braylan Banks  4’9″/PG 2027 Indianpolis, IN Ability to see floor and play lock down defense. A floor general who controls the game

Andrew Woeste

Xavier Steele

Marino Graham

Ben Gerdes

Larry Harris

Sydney Mobley

Madden Robinson

Gaven Allen

Carmelo Hearn

Kamaries Allen

Sammy Dari

Colt Richmond