On Sunday, Lamonte Tillman’s 8-week Hoopsters D-League culminated in championships in 4 divisions.  This year the league hosted 26 teams and approximately 225-230 elementary and middle school-aged boys and girls.  The 5 divisions included :Middle School (7th & 8th graders), All-Stars (10-12 year olds), Pros (7-9 year olds) Rookies (5-7 year olds) and P Squad (3-5 year olds).  Champions in each of 4 divisions [non for the P Squad division] were: Warriors (Middle School Division), Nicks (All-Star Division), Lakers (Pros Division) and Heat (Rookie Division).

Tillman has been running the D-League for about 20 years, and he was pleased with this year’s event “… I thought things went very well; this is probably the best season in a long time. As a league, we listened to the suggestion box and that helped us improve,” Tillman told the Buckeye Prep Report.

In addition to monitoring the top teams, like we always do, the Buckeye Prep Report kept a close eye out for the top players in the league.  Below is our list of the top players and the kids that made our “All D-League Team.”  Many of these kids will go on to make an impact on local highs school programs in the future. The Hoopsters will be running it back with a Summer D-League scheduled for June 7th-July 14th.  Congratulations to all of the teams, coaches, players and fans for a great season!

Gavin Dennis

Jordan Taylor

David Johnson III

Chauncey Cumberlander Jr.

Peyton Gibbs

Alex Ragland

Carter Watson

Konner Keitch

Reagon Bruins

Mason Vines

Gavin Manley

Carson Mitchell

Logan Green

Prince Granger

Damarco Wellerman Jr.

King Kendrick

Brian Granger

Geo McKnight

Buckeye Prep All D-League Team 

Name Grade/Class Division Team
King Kendrick 7th/2026 Middle School Warriors
Brain Granger 8th/2025 Middle School Lakers
Keitch Konner 2nd/2031 Pros Lakers
Mason Vines 2nd/2031 Pros Clippers
Prince Granger 4th/2028 Pros Lakers
Geo McKnight 6th/2027 All-Stars Nicks
Cameron Harris 4th/2029 All-Stars Nicks
Reagon Bruins 3rd/2030 Pros Clippers
Logan Green 2nd/2031 Pros Lakers
Gavin Dennis 2nd/2032 Rookies Heat
Jordan Taylor 1st/2032 Rookies Heat
David Johnson III 1st/2032 Rookies Nuggets
Chauncey Cumberlander Jr. KG/2-33 Rookies Lakers
Peyton Gibbs 1st/2032 Rookies Warriors
Alex Ragland KG/2033 Rookies Rockets
Carter Watson 1st/2032 Rookies Rockets
Gavin Manley 4th/2029 All-Stars Warriors
Damarco Wellman Jr. 4th/2029 All-Stars Warriors