The “establishment/camp daddys ” won’t like it but, Darius Vanegas (4’8”/PG/2032/Ocoec, FL) needs a national ranking right now! This kid absolutely killed it at the Grassroots Nationals in Orlando, FL this weekend! He’s only 9 years old and in the class of 2032, but he played well beyond his years. There is so much to be impressed with about his game, but what we saw was his poise, command of his team, maturity, and the ability to score at 3 levels. He can’t be sped up; he sees the floor well, and he makes great decisions with the ball in his hands. His court vision is elite, as his ability to deliver the rock on target and on time. He’s super poised, does not over dribble, nor does he just chuck up treys trying to make a highlight video!

His D5 Global team is talented, but he’s the straw that stirs the drink. His IQ is significant, and he understands the game. Because he’s not an older kid who uses his size, strength and maturity to dominate, he just projects well going forward. His people are not part of the “daddy clique,” so nobody knows about him, but trust us, he’s going to be good with continued growth and development! We will be updating our national list today to reflect what we saw.