Steve Blackmon

Luke Mitchell

Mekhi Roddy

Brandon Roddy

Ariyana Cradle

After only 2 weeks into the Columbus based Jr. Brick League, the stars have already started to emerge.  We have continued to monitor what’s happening at the league both in person and through their app. Some of the names atop the list are familiar to us as they appear in our recently released player rankings.  Below we have complied a list of the top 10 scorers in the league.  Going forward, we intend to profile some of the top players in greater detail as we continue to cover the premier league in the city.  Stay tuned.

4th Grade Boys 5th/6th Grade Boys 7th/8th Grade Boys 5th/6th Grade Girls 7th/8th Grade Girls
Ashland Hanna (14) Carson Scholl (19) TYE (29) Carmela Biedenbach (11) Ariyana Cradle (20.5)
Grant Patterson (13) Eli Stumpf (13.5) Brandon Roddy (22.5) Tessa Horsley (11) Emily Rimer (13.7)
Steve Blackmon (12) London Evans (13.5) Malachi McCord (17.5) Layla Booth (10) Zay Shepherd (13.5)
Maxwell Davis (12) Wyatt Adams (12) Demarius Adams (16) Areyana Karshner (8) Nalaija Knight (13)
Jayden Johnson (11) Andrew Brooks (12) Marco Harper (15) Kennedi Houston (7.7) Sophie Ziel (12)
Tyler Postell (10) Luke Mitchell (11.5) Mikell Murphy (15) Sydney Cobb (6.8) Jeniya Bowers (10)
Gabe Stumpf (8) Mekhi Roddy (11) Preston DeVito (15) Glory Blevins (6) Aniyah Thorne (8.7)
Michael Sellers (8) Carter Nelson (10.5) Alex Campanelli (14.5) Avery Mann (6) Pierce Cephas (7.5)
Jared Wilson (7) Maddox Sexton (10) Isaiah Crawford (13) Gillian Savage (6) Jayla Whatley (6.7)
Jace Monroe (7) TI Ward (10) Kaden Gebhardt (13) Amelia Brumfield (5.5) Aubree Price (6.5)
Harper Oneal (7) LA Porter (10) Xavier McKenney (12.5) Addly Wais (5) Janiyah Wilson (6.3)