William Peagler Jr.

Josiah Large

Brayden Adams

Rush Anstine

Keyal Kennedy

Chase Rabin

Elliott Troutner

Andrew Woeste

Jaden Tonyemba

Dominique Hollowell

Stevie Williams

Jayden Davis

Andre Tucker

Colton Clevenger

Deon Osborne

Dallas Stewart

Bobby Peebles

King Tari

Name Hgt/Pos Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Chase Rabin 4’8″/SG 2030 Columbus, OH Highly Skilled, high IQ, solid court vision, plays with good pace and poise
Dominique Hollowell 4’9″/CG 2030 Indianapolis, IN Standout performer
Andre Tucker 5’2″/WF 2029 Chicago, IL Good length, athletic, slasher
Steve Williams 4’6″/PG 2031 Parkhill, OH Solid ball skills
Deon Osborne 4’10″/CG 2030 Chicago, IL Standout performer
Jaden Tonyemba 4’6″/PG 2031 Columbus, OH Quick, fast, excellent ball skills, always in attack mode, plays under control
Elliott Troutner 4’5″/PG 2031 New Albany, OH Quick, high skilled, high basketball IQ, attacks cup, good court vision and passing skills, crafty
Kamden Orr 4’4″/PG 2033 Atlanta, GA Standout performer
Zander Pugsley 4’5’/PG 2031 Columbus, OH Super quick, elite skill set, ferocious defender, stays in the paint, changes speed and direction well, can create his own shot
Andrew Worste 5’2″/WF 2029 Dayton, OH Good size, highly skilled, high basketball IQ, can score the rock, rebounds well
Trice Carter 4’7″/PG 2031 OH Dynamic PG with excellent skill set, crafty, can score at 3 levels, always probing paint, prospect
William Peagler Jr. 4’8″/PG 2029 Dayton, OH Highly skilled PG, changes speed and direction well, scores at 3 levels, attacks basket and finishes, creates his own shot, great in transition, should play D-I college basketball
Khalil Brooks 4’6″/PG 2031 Topeka, KS Crafty, skilled, tough nosed, can score, solid handle, good feel for the game
Colton Clevenger 4’6″/PG 2029 Lewisburg, OH Excellent ball skills, court vision and passing ability, pushes rock in transition, 3-level scorer
Rush Anstine 4’9″/CG 2031 Westerville, OH 3-level scorer, shoots with range, excellent ball skills, motor, can go get a bucket, high basketball IQ
Jaydon Davis 5’3″/PF 2029 Cincinati, OH Big, strong, athletic, physical, finishes though contact, handles the ball well for his size
Tayden Benard 4’7″/SG 2031 Branson, MO Shoots the 3-ball well both in catch and shoot or off the bounce situations., skilled
Dallas Stewert 5’5″/CG 2029 Pickerington, OH Great size for his position, dynamic guard with excellent ball skills and court vision, shoots well with range
Tyler Burns 4’4″/PG 2033 Tyler, TX Shoots it well with range
TJ Bolwin 4’4″/CG 2033 Washington DC Skilled, handles well, shifty
Jacob Gorham 4’6″/CG 2032 DMV, MD Good length, can score, athletic, attacks cup
Keyal Kennedy 4’8″/CG 2031 Cincinnati, OH Good size for position, strong, physical
Bobby Peebles 4’6″/CG 2032 St. Louis, MO Highly skilled PG, changes speed and direction well, creates his own shot, plays with good pace and poise, can not be sped up, excellent feel for game
Josh Morgan-Green 4’4″/PG 2032 Upper Marlboro, MD Can score, shoots it well
King Tari 4’6″/PG 2032 Stockton, CA Shoots it well off the bounce, shoots with range, handles the rock well under pressure, goes strong to the basket, uses his body well to protect the ball, prospect
Trey Clemmons 4’9″/WF 2032 VA Big, strong, physical, goes strong to the cup, good in transition, rebounds well
Dexter Turner Jr. 4’9″/PF 2032 Beloit, WS Good size, runs the floor well, finishes well around the basket
Dayson Lee 4’3″/PG 2032 AK Standout performer
Justin Coleman 4’7″/PG 2032 PG County, MD Solid ball skills, drives strong to the cup, can score
Devon Hollowell 4’4″/PG 2033 Indianapolis, IN Passes well, strong build for his position, defends well
Trey Brown 4’8″/WF 2032 Atlanta, GA Good length, solid skill set
King Mo Peace 4’6″/PG 2032 Knoxville, TN Highly skilled, excellent handle, plays with great pace and poise, good court vision and passing skills, shoots well with range off the bounce, high IQ, can’t be sped up, protects the rocks, does not turn it over, prospect
Brayden Adams 4’9″CG/ 2030 Cleveland, OH Solid skill set, plays with good pace and poise, handles the rock well
Josh Anthony 4’9″/PG 2031 Louisville, KY Good size for position, athletic, solid ball skills, 3-level scorer, poised, good driver of the ball
Josiah Large 5’0″/PG 2030 South Shore, KY Great size for position, solid handle, uses size well, can score the rock
Amon Pickens 5’2″/C 2031 Kansas City, MO Big, goes strong to the cup, solid ball skills
Tristian Graham 4’5″/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN Quick, excellent ball skills, motor, tough, drives hard the the bucket, crafty, shifty
Ayden Garth 4’8″/Power Forward 2032 Indianpolis, IN Good size, handles the rock and rebounds well, aggressive, finishes well
Camden Day 4’5″/PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN Skilled, plays with good pace and poise, has a good feel for the game, drives the ball well, solid court vision
 KJ Battle 4’9″/C 2032 Indianpolis, IN  Good size, rebounds, finishes well near the cup, runs the floor well, upside potential
 David Johnson III 4’7″/WF 2032 Worthington, OH Can score, defends well
 Jordan Taylor 4’5″/PG 2032 Blacklick, OH  Highly skilled, has a nice mid-range game, great on-ball defender, motor
 Tony Jones Jr. 4’5″/PG 2032 Columbus, OH Excellent defender, skilled, attacks cup, motor
 Marion Mathews 4’10″/C 2032 Dayton, OH Good size, handles ball well for size, rebounds
 David Perry 4’7″/CG 2032 Dayton, OH Good size, plays solid defense
 Jase Owens 4’7″/PF 2032 Columbus, OH Can score in bunches

Penny King

David Johnson III

Trey Clemons

Jacob Gorham

Khalil Brooks

Josh Morgan-Green

Trey Brown

Jordan Taylor

Tayden Benard

Dexter turner Jr.

TJ Bolden

Devon Hollowell

Amon Pickens

Tristian Graham

Trey Clemons

Ayden Garth

Camden Day