Although there are an increasing number of of camps and showcases to choose from these days, Ty Kish’s MSHTV Camp has established itself as one of the most competitive events in the business.  Having taken a break in 2020 due to COVID-19, Kish’s event returned this weekend and it did not appear to miss a beat. In fact, over 400 players from across the country in grades 6th-9th descended on the Pacer Athletic Center in Westfield, IN for this 3-day event. We arrived at the event on Saturday and concentrated our evaluations on the 6th, 7th & 8th grade divisions.  As expected, there was plenty of talent spread across the 8-court facility. No one was better than Christopher Washington Jr (6’5″/C/2026), who put on an absolute show for the standing room only crowd that surrounded the court.  Washington was a human highlight reel as he treated the crowd to an in-game dunk contest. This kid dunked everything! Needless to say, Washington’s future is very bright and we would not be surprised if high major college basketball is in his future with continued growth and development. Other standout performers included Darrius Hawkins, Joshua Huggins, Deon Johnson, Eron McDuffey, Kamron Mercer, Erick Dampier, Ashton Pierce and Jaydon Johnson. Below is a more complete list of our day two standouts. We look forward to identifying more standouts on Sunday.  Stay tuned. Also, a number of the players listed below will be attending our October 23rd Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase in Columbus, OH.

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Christopher Washington Jr.

Darrious Hawkins

Eron McDuffey

Deon Johnson

Kamron Mercer

Joshua Huggins

Dezhon Hall

Trey Pittman

Jaylen Mercer

Austin Sears

Deonte Jiles

Devon Colbert

Jayden Johnson

Nicholas Smith

Erick Dampier

JJ Sati-Grear

Jordan Sigman

Jaylen Simmons

Name Hgt/Pos Class City Evaluation Notes
Christopher Washington Jr. 6’5″/WF 2026 Gainesville, FL Great length, explosive, skilled, dunks everything, smooth, runs floor well, can play and guard multiple positions, can play in the post or step out & be productive, human highlight reel, big time prospect!
Darrius Hawkins 5’4″/PG 2028 Chicago, IL Super skilled, excellent handle, floor general, play maker, communicates, court vision, solid passing skills, plays w/great pace & poise, changes speed & direction well, consistent performer
Eron McDuffey 5’5″/CG 2028 Indianapolis, IN Has deep range on jump shot, highly skilled, good court vision & passing skills, has nice drive & dish game
Deon Johnson 6’1″/WF 2027 Columbus, OH Good size, plays multiple positions, skilled, athletic, solid defender, impacts game on both ends of court, has floater, difference maker
Kamron Mercer 5’9″/WF 2028 Cincinnati, OH Good length, athletic, solid ball skills, aggressive to the cup, lefty, solid court vision & passing skills, unselfish, makes good decisions w/the rock, was dominate at times.
Joshua Huggins 6’1″/PF 2028 Nashville, TN Nice size, physical, finishes at a high rate, athletic, good feet, gets out in transition well, has a floater, nice touch around the basket
Dezhon Hall 6’2″/CG 2026 Gainesville, FL Strong, physical guard, athletic, finishes well, hits treys off bounce, finishes w/left hand, gets rock out on break, excels in transition
Trey Pittman 5’2″/PG 2028 Birmingham, AL Knocked down multiple treys in game we watched, has nice euro step & floater, aggressive to the cup, finishes at high rate, deep range.
Jaylen Mercer 6’3″/PF 2027 Cincinnati, OH Good size, solid frame, soft touch around the basket, finishes well, defends smaller defenders, versatile, moves well
Austin Sears 5’2″/PG 2028 Louisville, KY Super skilled, floor general, good court vision, passing skills & play making, high IQ, can score & shoot, creates space & own shot, crafty
Devon Colbert 5’0″/PG 2027 Indianapolis, IN Small, quick, crafty & tough PG, gets to rack, aggressive, can shoot it if left open, knocked down multiple treys in game we watched, pesky on-ball defender, consistent performer
Deonte Jiles 5’10″/CG 2028 Birmingham, AL Good length, athletic, knocked down treys off bounce, gets to the rack, hit catch & shoot 3-balls, versatile, blocks shots, tough as nails
Erick Dampier 6’2″/PF 2028 Ridgeland, MS Great size, soft touch around the rim, runs the floor well, athletic, rim protector, outlets the ball well, finishes well around the rim, prospect
JJ Santi-Grear 5’2″/PG 2027 Charlotte, NC Defends well, crafty, has a nice floater, scrappy, plays w/pace & poise, creates space & his own shot, skilled
Jordan Sigmon 5’11″/PG 2026 Detroit, MI Explosive athlete, attacks the cup, converts catch & shoot treys, motor, put up big numbers, good court visions and passing skills
Jaylen Simmons 5’11″/CG 2026 Odessa, TX Athletic, was aggressive to the basket, scorer, solid ball skills, impacted game at both ends, gets down hill
Nicholas Smith 6’1″/CF 2027 Harrisburg, PA Good size, unselfish, can push the rock in transition, can knock down the 3-ball
Adam Coates 5’9″/SG 2027 Miami, FL Athletic, solid motor, handles the ball and defends well, long arms
Nicholas Smith 6’1″/CF 2027 Harrisburg, PA Good size, can knock down treys, pushes the rock in transition, unselfish, passes well for his size
AJ Tennall 5’5″/CG 2027 The Villages, FL Strong PG w/solid court vision, nice drive & dish game, good ball skills, plays physical, get down hill
Kymani Weathers 6’4″/C 2026 Orlando, FL Good size, shot blocker, runs the court well
Jeremy Williams 5’10″/SG 2027 Baton Rough, LA Strong, creative passer, goes strong to the basket, solid handle
Michai White 5’7″/PG 2028 Hackensack, NJ Plays w/good pace & poise, solid court vision, willing passer
Ashton Pierce 6’2″/PG 2026 Charlotte, NC Good size for position, has deep range on his jumper, good in transition, a bucket getter, strong, crafty, skilled, athletic
Mike Sorrell 5’5″/PG 2028 Dallas, TX Lefty, thin, good length, ball skills, gets to the cup, can shoot it, crafty
Carlos Lopez 5’2/PG 2028 West Palm Beach, FL Sold handle, crafty, can score
 Luke Loughlin 4’8″/PG 2028 Chicago, IL Small, but crafty, solid ball skills, plays w/good pace & poise, works the pick & roll, tough, defends, changes speed & direction well, gets to the cup
 CJ Roberts 5’8″/PG 2027 Chatham Kent, CN Plays hard & defends well
 Thomas Clark 5’7″/PG 2026 Indianapolis, IN Hit multiple treys off the bounce, willing passer
Jaylen Mitchell 6’5″/WF 2027 Olney, IL Good size, athletic, passes well for size, solid court vision, unselfish
Derrick Cross Jr. 5’7″/PG 2027 Bloomington, IN Gets to the cup, athletic, motor, good in transition, has baseline floater, crafty, scorer
Lincoln Crosby 6’3″/SG 2027 Nashville, TN Good length, solid ball skills, lefty, big upside, can shoot it if left open
Chris Ware 6’0″/CG 2027 Augusta, GA Good length, athletic, solid handle, knocked down treys off the bounce, solid motor, defends well
Erick Dampier 6’2″/CF 2028 Ridgland, MS Great size for his age, soft touch around the basket, finishes at a high rate, runs the floor well, solid passing skills for his size, rim protecter, athletic, works the pick & roll well
Quincy Sims 2029 Madison, WI Solid on-ball defender
Korey Smith 4’11″/PG 2027 Raleigh, NC Small, but scrappy PG, quick, tough, good on-ball defender, attacks the cup
Quincy Williams ? 2026 ? Smaller PG who hit catch & shoot treys, tough, got to the basket
Peyton Stoffregen 5’9″/PG ? Schereville, IN Nice skill set, has a nose for the ball
Jordan Bender ? 2026 ? Saw flashes of solid play

Adam Coates

Jeremy Williams

Christian Smith

Michael White

AJ Tennell

Kymani Weathers

Ashton Pierce

Mike Sorrell

Carlos Lopez

Luke Loughlin

CJ Roberts

Thomas Clark

Jaylen Mitchell

Derrick Cross Jr.

Lincoln Cosby

Chris Ware

Isaiah Sealy

Erick Dampier