Below is our final list of 25 standout performers from the MSHTV Camp last weekend.  As is always the case, we’re sure there were a number of other players who balled out over the weekend and who deserve recognition; however, with several hundred kids playing on 6 courts and only one person covering the event, it’s impossible to catch every standout performance. Congratulations to the players we saw, and to the kids we missed, keep working hard and developing and your recognition will come! Follow us on IG @Robt1

Standout Performers

Player Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Chris Pollnitz III 6’0″/CG 2028 Toledo, OH
Colton Clevenger 4’10″/PG 2029 Dayton, OH
Chayse Hunter 5’7″/CG 2028 Indianapolis, IN
Keaton Murry 5’6″/PG 2028 Edmond, OK
Cody Rader 5’1″/PG 2029 Chicago, IL
Dezhon Hall 6’3″/PG 2026 Fishers, IN
Amir Phillips 6’0″/WF 2027 Cincinnati, OH
Tyran Stokes 6’7″/WF 2026 Louisville, KY
AJ Dybantsa 6’7″/WF 2026 Brockton, MA
Josiah Adamson 6’0″/CG 2027 Boston, MA
Jayden Carr 5’10″/CG 2028 Philadelphia, PA
Deonte Jiles 6’2″/WF 2028 Birmingham, AL
JaShawn Coffey 5’7″/PG 2028 Cincinnati, OH
Kai Russell 5’11″/CG 2028 Cincinnati, OH
Amir Tucker 5’5″/CG 2028 Chicago, IL
Jahzye Lem 5’3″/PG 2029 Ontario, CN
Damani Oliver 5’0″/PG 2029 Detroit, MI
Mateo Moise 5’9″/SG 2029 Toronto, CN
Williams Phillips 6’1″/WF 2028 Lincoln, CA
Jeffery Williams III 5’1″/PG 2028 Lima, OH
Jaylen Allen 6’4″/C 2028 Baltimore, MD
Trey Horton 4’5″/PG 2030 Cincinnati, OH
Nicholas Wuthrich 5’7″/CG 2029 Toronto, CA
Liam Bazin 5’10″/WF 2029 Crown Point, IN
Devin Cleveland 5’9″/PG 2027 Chicago, IL
 Jordan McDaniel 5’1″ /PG 2029 Detroit, MI

Standout Performer Pictures

Chris Poellnitz

Colton Clevenger

Chayse Hunter

Keaton Murry

Cody Rader

Dezhon Hall

Amir Phillips

Tyran Stokes

AJ Dybantsa

Josiah Adamson

Jayden Carr

Deonte Jiles

JaShawn Coffey

Kai Russell

Amir Tucker

Jahzye Lem

Damani Oliver

Mateo Moise

William Phillips

Jeffery Williams III

Jaylen Allen

Trey Horton

Nicholas Wuthrich

Liam Bazin

Devin Cleveland