As is the case every year, Ty Kish’s MSHTV Camp attracted a great deal of talent in grades 5th-9th. Over 4oo campers made the trek to the Pacers Athletic Center near Indianapolis, Indiana and were treated to a high level of competition and an impressive amount of media. Below is a complete list of standout performers we identified.  However, there were several players who we beleive deserve special mention.

It’s certainly no surprise that the Pughsley boys are a dominate duo, as they routinly excel at every event they attend. Deloni Pughsley (5’4″/PG/2029/Gahanna, OH) and Zander Pughsley (4’4″/PG/2031/Gahanna, OH) both created a buzz in Indianapolis and proved difficult to guard. Not only can the brothers score the rock at an elite level, they both defend at a high rate. In case you wonder why the Pughsley are so good, because no one works harder that theses 2 kids!

While we are talking about elite guard play, we have to mention guys like  Kam Potts (4’9″/PG/2031/Oakland, CA), Eric “EJ” Blount (4’8″/PG/2030/Memphis, TN), Tanner Morgan (5’2″/PG/2030/Atlanta, GA), Jordan McDaniel (5’4″/PG/2029/Detroit, MI) and Desmond Douglas (5’3″/CG/2030/Houston, TX), all of whom are shifty, change speed and direction well; are aggressive, with elite ball skills and scoring ability.

A special shout out to goes Deo Dixon (5’5″/PG/2030/London Ontario, CN), who was a force! This kid was strong, fast and almost unstoppable getting to the basket. In addition, he is an elite 3-level scorer who is difficult to guard. Although he’s not a super shifty guard, his package of combo moves make him effective. Oh yea, Dixon is an elite defend with complete shut down ability!

We also really liked Trace Lopez (6’8’/PF/2028/Gilbert, AZ), who was seen dunking everything on day 1 of the camp. Lopez has great size, has a solid frame and he plays above the rim. Floy Kuminga (6’6″/SG/2028/Charlotte, NC) is another one to watch going forward, as the explosive combo guard is a walking bucket.  David Whitaker (6’0″/SG/2029/Atlanta, GA) was a monster as well, as he used his size, strength and athleticism to put up big numbers. Moreover, his on-ball defense is a impressive, as is his ability to handle the rock, knock down catch and shoot treys, and finish at the rim at a high rate.

Finally, Rashon Robinson (6’1″/PG/2029/Toronto, CN) was also impressive with his ball skills and ability to shoot off the bounce at a high rate. Robinson has a polished game and he has a good feel for the game. Surely by now, you have seen the numerous highlight video generated by the event, which sets them apart from like events! Congratulations to Ty Kish and his staff for putting together another quality event!

Standout Performers

Name Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Deloni Pughsley 5’4”/PG 2029 Gahanna, OH
Kameron Mercer 6’4”/PG 2028 Cincinnati, OH
Deo Dixon 5’5”/PG 2030 London Ontario, CN
Eric “EJ” Blount 4’8”/PG 2030 Memphis, TN
Desmond Douglas 5’3”/CG 2030 Houston, TX
Trace Lopez 6’8”/PF 2028 Gilbert, AZ
Floy Kuminga 6’6”/SG 2028 Charlotte, NC
Kameron Potts 4’9”/PG 2031 Oakland, CA
David Whitaker 6’0”/SG 2029 Atlanta, GA
Rashaun Robinson 6’1”/PG 2029 Toronto, CN
Tomarri Patterson 6’1”/WF 2030 Indianapolis, IN
Dallas Stewart 5’9”/PG 2029 Pickerington, OH
Nathaniel White 5’10”/C 2029 San Antonio, TX
Brady Pettinger 6’0”/PG 2028 Chicago, IL
Tanner Morgan 5’2”/PG 2030 Atlanta, GA
Delon Carter-Apple 5’1”/PG 2030 Detroit, MI
Jaiylen Ekanem 6’4”/WF 2030 Brampton, CN
Dallas Baldwin 5’5”/PG 2029 West Orange NJ
Joshua Anthony 5’5”/WF 2031 Louisville, KY
Elijah Hammond 6’2/WF 2029 Toronto, Ontario’s CN
Jordan McDaniel 5’4”/PG 2029 Detroit, MI
K’Vontae Walters 5’7”/CG 2029 Toronto, CN
Sammy Garcia 5’10”/PG 2029 Jacksonville, FL
William Peagler Jr. 5’7”/PG 2029 Dayton, OH
Brad Pitt 5’8”/WF 2030 Toronto, CN
Rehman Ehanirc 5’9”/PF 2030 Houston, TX
Nathaniel Young 6’3”/SG 2028 Ontario, CN
Jashaun Cofee 5’10”/PG 2028 Cincinnat, OH
Gavin Allen 5’2”/PG 2029 Indianapolis, IN
Jaden Sparks 5’7”/SG 2029 Pickerington, OH
Cody Rader 5’2”/CG 2029 Genova, IL
Mason Morris 6’3”/SG/WF 2029 Canton, OH
Zander Pughsley 4’4”/PG 2031 Gahanna, OH
Will Simmons 5’0”/PG 2030 Greensboro, NC
Vijay Keshaar 6’0”/WF 2029 Fresco, TX
Lincoln Walters 5’3”/CG 2029 Zion’s Ville, IN
Quentin Bernard 6’2”/SG/WF 2029 Maple Ontario, CN
Kaden Mullins 4’10”/PG 2029 Miami, OH

Standout Performer Pictures

Kameron Mercer

Deloni Pughsley

Deo Dixon

Eric “EJ” Blount

Trace Lopez

Desmon Douglas

Tanner Morgan

Rashaun Robinson

David Whitaker

Delon Carter-Apple

Elijah Hammond

Jordan McDaniel

Dallas Stewart

Nathaniel Young

Kameron Potts

Floy Kuminga

Jashoun Coffee

Brad Pitt

Rhema Ehanire

Jaiylen Ekanem

Joshua Anthony

Dallas Baldwin

William Peagler Jr.

K’Vontae Walters

Gavin Allen

Nathaniel White

Jaden Sparks

Kaden Mullins

Brady Pettigrew

Cody Rader

Mason Morris

Zander Pughsley

Tomarri Patterson

Will Simmons

Vijay Keshaar

Praise Badejo

Quentin Bernard

King Bacott

Quali Giran

Babar Johnson