Fortunately for us, our schedule allowed for a quick visit to Ty Kish’s annual MSHTV Camp.  The 3-day event returned to the Pacers Athletic Center in Noblesville, IN, and once again, played host to a number of nationally ranked players in grades 6th-9th.  Although we concentrated our evaluations on the class of 2028 and 2029, we caught glimpses of several standouts in 2027 and 2026.  In fact, 2026 was headlined by Tyran Stokes (6’7”/WF/2026/Louisville, KY), AJ Dybantsa (6’7”/WF/2026/Brockton, MA), both of whom put on an absolute show with their above the rim antics! Look for both of these studs to contribute to high school varsity teams soon in route to high major college programs in a few years!

We also caught a few of 2027’s best in Aiden Monroe (6’5”/CF/2027/Cleveland, OH), Cayden Daughtry (5’5”/PG/2027/Bolton Beach, FL), Obinna Ekezie (6’10”/PF/C/2027/Nigeria), Isaiah Mack-Russell (6’2”/SG/2027/Toledo, OH), Le’Shawn Hill (5’4”/PG/2027/Cincinnati, OH), Rasheed Morrison (6’3”/PG/2027/Toronto, CN) and Devion Cleveland (5’9”/PG/2027/Chicago, IL).

One on the best young prospects we saw all weekend included Zion Lawson (5’5”/PG/2028/Charlotte, NC). When we say upside potential, we mean it, as this kid ran the point like a varsity starter. Using an elite set of ball skills and dribble moves, Lawson had his drive and dish game on point, creating easy buckets for teammates.  Not only does he excel at creating for teammates, Lawson is offensively gifted as well. He’s also long, athletic and shifty.  His pull-up jumper is impressive, as his ability to get to any spot on the court he wants to.  Remember this name; you may see Lawson in the ACC in several years!

Any discussion about upside potential has to include Rashaun Robinson (5’10″/PG/2029/Toronto, CN), who is a big physical guard with solid ball skills, the ability to finish at a high rate and the ability to create for himself or teammates. Robinson also has good court vision and the ability to deliver accurate passes. In terms of consistency, Darrius Hawkins (5’7″/PG/2028/Chicago, IL) always delivers. Hawkins is a crafty and shifty PG with elite ball skills.  He changes speed and direction well, and his ability to create space and stay in the paint is impressive. He’s also fun to watch!

Aiden Monroe (6’5″/G/2027/Cleveland, OH) is a big physical guard who is almost unstoppable to the cup.  When he gets up a head of steam and gets down hill, more often than not he’s going to finish near the rim. Despite his size and strength, Monroe has a soft touch around the rim. In terms of young bigs, Jordan Fisher (6’5″/CF/2028/Ontario, CN) and Joshua Huggins (6’3″/PF/2028/Nashville, TN) were 2 of the best at the event. Both possess good size, are explosive, and move well for their size. Both guys are also excellent rim protectors, and they use a soft touch to finish at a high rate at the cup.

Routinely, some of the more highly ranked kids tend to consistently dominate at these elite events.  Some of those kids included: Deloni Pughsley, Harlem McNeal, King Bacot, Dallas Stewart, Austin Sears, Tristin Breland, Chayse Hunter, Cody Rader, and Kameron Mercer.

As you might expect at an elite event this, the point guard play was impressive!  Some of the best floor generals we saw at the event included: Braylon Davis (5’1″/PG/2029?Detroit, MI, Austin Sears (5’4″/PG/2020/Louisville, KY), William Peagler Jr. (5’4″/PG/2029/Dayton, OH), Carlos Lopez (5’4″/PG/2028/Hamby, IN), Deloni Pughsley (5’3″/PG/2029/Gahanna, OH), Ethan Vahl (5’10″/PG/2028/Chicago, IL), Keaton Murry (5’6″/PG/2028/Edmond, OK), Trey Horton (4’5″/PG/2030/Cincinnati, OH), Damani Oliver (5’0″/PG/2029/Detroit, MI), Dallas Stewart (5’8″/PG/2029/Pickerington, OH), Kameron Mercer (6’2″/PG/2028/Cincinnati, OH), Dezhon Hall (6’3″/PG/2026/Fishers, IN) and Triatian Breland (5’6″/PG/2029/Indianapolis, IN).

In terms of elite camps, the MSHTV event stands alone as one of the most fun and highly anticipated events of the year. Not only does Ty Kish do a great job of bringing in elite talent, the level of media exposure is unmatched, with every court being covered my multiple video cameras every game. Oh yea, MSHTV’s drip/gear/merchandise is an industry leader, and is must have for many of the top players in the country! Congratulations to Ty and his staff for putting on a fantastic event.  Stay tuned for Part II of our coverage coming soon.  As always, please follow us on IG @Robt1.

Standout Performers

Player Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Zion Lawson 5’5”/PG 2029 Charlotte, NC
Deloni Pughsley 5’3”/PG 2029 Gahanna, OH
Rashaun Robinson 5’10”/PG 2029 Toronto, CN
Austin Sears 5’4”/PG 2028 Louisville, KY
Darrius Hawkins 5’7”/CG 2028 Chicago, IL
Aiden Monroe 6’5”/SG/WF 2027 Cleveland, OH
Harlem McNeal 5’11”/PG 2029 Miami, FL
Kameren Mercer 6’2”/PG 2028 Cincinnati, OH
Eric Dampier Jr. 6’5”/PF/C 2028 Jackson, MS
Tristian Breland 5’6”/CG 2029 Indianapolis, IN
Braylon Davis 5’1”/PG 2029 Detroit, MI
William Peagler Jr. 5’4”/PG 2029 Dayton, OH
Dallas Stewart 5’8”/CG 2029 Pickerington, OH
King Bacot 5’8″/CG 2029 Richmond, VA
Carlos Lopez 5’4”/PG 2028 Hamby, IN
Jordan Fisher 6’3”/PF 2028 Nashville, TN
Ethan Vahl 5’10”/PG 2028 Chicago, IL
Chayse Hunter 5’7”/CG 2028 Indianapolis, IN
Jordan Mize 6’2″/SG 2028 Sacramento, CA
Joshua Huggins 6’3”/PF 2028 Nashville, TN
Isaiah Mack-Russell 6’3″/WF 2027 Toledo, OH
Obinna Ekezie 6’10”/C 2027 Nigeria
Cayden Daughtry 5’5”/PG 2027 Bolton Beach, FL
Rasheed Morrison 6’3”/PG 2027 Toronto, CN

Standout Performer Pictures

Zion Lawson

Rashaun Robinson

Eric Dampier Jr.

Deloni Pughsley

Tristian Breland

William Peagler Jr.

Harlem McNeal

Austin Sears

Braylan Davis

Jordan Fisher

Joshua Huggins

Jordan Mize

Kameron Mercer

Darrius Hawkins

King Bacot

Carlos Lopez

Ethan Vahl

Dallas Stewart

Aiden Monroe

Cayden Daughtry

Le’Shawn Hill

Isaiah Mack-Russell

Obi Ekezie

Rasheed Morrison