This past weekend we had the opportunity to check out the action at Sonny Johnson’s NEO Elite Showcase in Cleveland, Ohio, and as expected, the talent level in the gym was impressive. Not only were there a number of big time ballers in the middle and elementary school divisions, but the high school division was loaded as well.

On Saturday some of the players that separated themselves from the pack included: Harlem McNeal, Deloni Pughsley, Kameran Mercer, Ashton Jolly, Kaden Mullins, Mason Broyles, Kaylon Brooks, Jaylen Mercer and King Bacot, all of whom arrived at the event with big time reputations and national rankings.

Below is our initial list of standout performers, most of whom exhibited stellar play on Saturday.  Stay tuned for Part II in the next couple of days. Follow us on IG @Robt1.

Player Hgt/Pos Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Harlem McNeal 5’10″/CG 2029 Houston, TX Great length, athletic, physical, makes tough finishes, handle for size, can hit the 3-ball, solid court vision & passing skills, lefty, gets buckets, D-prospect!
Deloni Pughsley 5’3″/PG 2029 Columbus, OH Dynamic PG with excellent skill set, changes speed and direction well, can create his own shot or make plays for others, 3-level scorer, fun to watch, D-I prospect
Daviano Brown 5’10″/CG 2029 Cleveland, OH Good size for position, solid ball skills, can defend multiple positions, can score at 3 levels, sees over the defense, athletic, can defend smaller defenders, good body control, bucket getter, Good court vision & passing ability, college prospect
Kameron Mercer 6’0″/PG 2028 Cincinnati, OH Great size for position, athletic, lefty, defends well, 3-level scorer, plays with good pace and poise, has a good feel for the game, unselfish, does not force the action, lets the game come to him, D-I prospect!
Delon Carter 5’1″/PG 2030 Detroit, MI Good length, scores at 3 levels, has a mature game, defends at a high level, solid ball skills, athletic, crafty, has a good feel for the game, understands the game, attacks cup, bucket getter, significant upside potential
King Bacot 5’8″/PG 2028 Richmond, VA Great size for position, athletic, knows how to use his body to score, handles the rock well for size, solid court vision & passing ability, makes tough finishes, physical, lefty, can block shots, good upside potential
Kaylon Brooks 5’6”/PG 2028 Mansfield, OH Highly skilled, plays w/ good pace and poise, plays the game the right way, consistent performer, crafty, solid defender, finishes well with left hand, college prospect
Ashton Jolly 4’9”/PG 2032 New Orleans, LA Highly skilled, 3-level scorer, excellent  defender, great in transition, attacks the cup, finishes drives at a high level, elite competitor
Kaden Mullins 4’5”/PG 2029 Miami, FL Elite skill set, tenacious to the basket, has the ball on a string, stays in the paint, shoots the rock well, makes plays for himself and teammates, changes speed and direction well, fun to watch, consistent performer
Ashton Spiva 5’0”/PG 2030 Canal Winchester, OH Strong, physical, gritty guard who’s know how to use his body to score, lets the game come to him, finishes through contact, tough, solid ball skills
Mason Broyles 5’2”/PG 2030 Cleveland, OH Good size for position, solid skill set, athletic, can go get a bucket, good vision and passing skills, shoots with range, plays with good pace, poised
Aiden Nichols 5’0”/PG 2029 Cleveland, OH Solid skill set, handles the rock well, shoots with range, can score at 3 levels, got hot in a game we watched, good court vision & passing ability
Landon Kruger 6’6”/CG 2026 New Haven, CT Explosive athlete, tried to dunk everything, solid skill set, good court vision, willing passer, handles the rock well for his size
King Kendrick 5’9”/PG 2026 Columbus, OH Highly skilled, smooth, crafty, stays in the paint, finish’s well at the rim, can make plays for himself or teammates, confident, changes speed and direction well, can create his own shot
Zachariah Belcher 6’11”/C 2026 Ft Wayne, IN Great size already, athletic, bouncy, rim protector, rebounds at a high rate, solid defender, good ball skills for his size, plays above the rim, college prospect
Marlo Moore 5’10”/PG 2025 Chicago, IL Super quick, crafty, solid defender, shifty, made tough finishes, has second gear, changes speed & direction well, handles the rock well
Jaylen Mercer 6’4”/W/PF 2027 Cincinnati, OH Good size, soft touch around the rim, rebounds well, sees the he floor well, solid handle for size, passes the ball well
Jyaiire Harper 6’1”/PG 2026 Cincinnati, OH Good length, athletic, lefty, solid court vision and passing ability, good in transition, shoots it well, hit multiple treys in game we watched
Jayvontae Swift 4’9”/PG 2029 Loraine, OH Scorer, let the game come to him, played with good pace, finished well with left hand, good in transition, competes, solid on-ball defender, guarded the other team’s best player, willing and able passer
Tanner Morgan 4’9”/PG 2030 Atlanta, GA Solid ball skills, tough as nails, motor, skilled, great on-ball defender
Rocco Loomis 5’8”/CG 2027 Watchung, NJ Skilled, crafty, quick, gets to the cup, tough, can create his own shot, changes speed & direction well
Xavier Vickerstaff 6’2”/W/PF 2025 Cleveland, OH Good size, strong frame, athletic, nice touch around the basket, finishes well
Tariq Johnson 6’1”/SG 2024 Columbus, OH Good size for position, quick,lefty, solid handle
Maddox Purins 5’11”/PF 2029 Poland, OH Good length, nice mid-range pull up, moves well, solid defender, sets solid screens

Harlem McNeal

Delnoni Pughsley

Daviano Brown

Kameron Mercer

Delon Carter

King Baycott

Kaylen Brooks

Ashton Jolly

Kaden Mullins

Ashton Spiva

Mason Broyles

Aiden Nichols

Landon Krygier

King Kendrick

Zachariah Belcher

Marlo Moore

Jaylen Mercer

Jyaiire Harper

Jayvontae Swift

Tanner Morgan

Rocco Loomis

Xavier Vickerstaff

Tariq Johnson

Maddox Purins