Day one of the NEO Youth Elite Camp proved to be a platform for elite basketball players and several long-term prospects. Sonny Johnson’s event attracted a ton of talent and brought in kids from all across the country. However, despite the national scope of the 2-day event, the best player in the gym proved to be a local kid. Simply put, TJ Crumble (6’6”/C/2026/Moreland Hills, OH) is a problem! He’s super efficient using his big frame to post up on the block and to score shooting over his left and right shoulders. He’s also a skilled big with a soft touch around the rim. The problem is, Crumble is now putting in work on the perimeter and causing problems. He handles the rock well for his size and appears to have developed a jumper. This kid is a sure fire high major prospect that will demand early attention. Another Ohio kid, Brayden Fogle (6’4”/WF/2027/Mansfield, Oh), much like Crumble, is a big kid that usually does most of his damage close to the rim. On Saturday, he showed the ability to handle the ball on the perimeter, shoot from beyond the arc, and drive the ball to the cup. Fogle is another solid D-I prospect. While we’re talking about long-term prospects, we have to mention Alier Maluk (6’9”/C/2025/Pittsburg, OH). Maluk already has great length and a super soft touch around the rim. He’s thin and can be pushed off his spot by bigger post players, but he’s quick, has solid ball skills for his size and can step out on the perimeter and knock down jumpers if left unguarded.

In terms of guard play, Peyton Kemp (5’7”/PG/2026/Detroit, MI) is fun to watch. Of course he’s super skilled, can score at 3 levels, and has excellent court vision and passing skills, but he just brings a lot of excitement to the gym. Marcus Johnson (5’11”/PG/2026/Garfield Heights, OH) reinforced his case as the top player in the class of 2026. When challenged, Johnson is a human bucket. He gets to his spots, finishes at the rim at a high clip, and has deep range on his shot. He’s not just an elite scorer; his court vision and passing skills are unmatched. We expect Johnson to be a high school star before he heads off to a college program. We were supper impressed with Moussa Sidime (6’4”/CG/2025/Columbus, OH). We saw him this summer at the Columbus-based Jr. Brick League, but he’s much better now. Offensively, Sidime gets the job done. He’s athletic, strong to the basket and skillful. Apparently, Sidime played with the New York-based PSA AAU program this summer and has clearly developed nicely. James Turner (6’5”/PF/C/2026/Cincinnati, OH) is making the showcase, camp and elite tournament circuit and drawing national attention for his size, skill and ability to score and defend the rim. He’s doing it again hear in Cleveland and proving that college coaches need to be tracking this kid now.

Ahijah Eichelberger (6’4”/WF/2026/Saginaw, MI) is another one to watch. Possessing good size, Eichelberg is tough to stop driving to the cup, where he finishes at a high rate. We’ve seen him before, but Eichelberger has gotten better and will be a problem this spring and summer when the travel basketball season kicks into gear. Luke Fawns (6’4”/WF/2026/Mt. Sterling, KY) had another good day. We first saw him at a tournament last week where he knocked down a ton of treys. Another good showing this week has boosted his national reputation. Other players that caught our eye include Kenny Scott (5’6”/PG/2025/Canton, OH), Zyaire Weaver (5’7”/PG/2025/Columbus, OH), Darryl Hill (5’4”/PG/2025/Bowie, MD), Brandon Roddy (5’10”/PG/2025/Columbus, OH), Scoop Smith (5’4”/PG/PG/2026/Pittsburg, PA). We also really liked several younger players like Recardo Harris (4’11″/PG/2028/New Haven, CT) who was a defensive menace, Angelo Adams (4’11″/PG/2028/Chicago, IL), Braylon Harris (4’10″/PG/2028/Pittsburg, PA), Nazir Pitchford (5’6″/PG/Manatee Co, FL), Kayo Griffin (4’10/PG/Sacramento, CA),  Kaden Mullins (4’8″/PG/2029/Lake Worth, FL), Andrew Cuzio (4’2″/PG/2030/Orange, CT) and Michael Bailey (4’8″/PG/2030/Dallas, TX). There were a lot of kids who put in work on Saturday, and the list below will outline whom we saw and liked. Stay tuned for our Day II report. As always, follow us @robt1.

TJ Crumble

Peyton Kemp

Alier Maluk

Brayden Fogle

Marcus Johnson

James Turner

Moussa Sidime

Ahijah Eichelberger

Brandon Roddy

Scoop Smith

Luke Fawns

Memphis McDowell

Kenny Scott

Zyaire Weaver

Darryl Hill

Cameron Haudu

Mekhi Nelson

Josiah Andrews

Name HGT/POS Class City/State Evaluation Notes
TJ Crumble 6’6″/C 2026 Moreland Hills, OH Great size, physical, solid post moves, finishes @ high rate, steps out & shoots, handles, high major prospect
Peyton Kemp 5’7″/PG 2026 Detroit, MI Dynamic PG with advance skill set, 3-level scorer w/vision & passing skills, fun to watch, D-I prospect
Braydon Fogle 6’4″/WF 2026 Mansfield, OH Good size, finishes w/left & right hand. can handle & shoot away from basket, developing wing skills/ D-I prospect
Alier Maluk 6’9″/C 2025 Pittsburgh, PA Great length, slim, rebounds, handles well, can shoot from beyond arc, solid ball skills, soft touch, DI prospect
Marcus Johnson 5’7″/PG 2026 Garfield Heights, OH Highly skilled, elite court vision & passing skills, player maker & 3-level scorer, D-I prospect
James Turner 6’5/PF/C 2027 Cincinnati, OH Great size, soft touch around rim, handles well for size, rim protector, D-I prospect
Alier Maluk 6’9″/C 2025 Pittsburgh, PA Great length, slim, soft touch, rim protector, handles well, can step out & hit jumpers off bounce, D-I prospect
Moussa Sidime 6’4″/CG 2025 Columbus, OH Athletic, solid ball skills & handles well for size, developing offensively, can hit the 3-ball, prospect
Memphis McDowell 5’10″/PG 2025 Detroit, MI Strong PG with ball skills and ability to score at 3 levels, communicates well, runs team, high IQ
Luke Fawns 6’4″/WF 2026 Mt. Sterling, KY Good length, elite shooter, can get to cup, surprisingly athletic, college prospect
Scoop Smith 5’4″/PG 2026 Pittsburgh, PA Dynamic PG with quickness, scoring and playmaking ability
Ahijah Eichelberger 6’4″/WF 2026 Saginaw, MI Good size, athletic, strong in the post, finishes well through contact, runs floor, D-I prospect
Brandon Roddy 5’10″/PG 2025 Columbus, OH Good size for position, skilled, aggressive to the cup, motor, good vision & passing ability, prospect
Kenny Scott 5’6″/PG 2025 Canton, OH Shifty, quick, athletic PG, explosive 1st step, tough, sees floor, gets to rim
Zyaire Weaver 5’7″/PG 2025 Columbus, OH Skilled, pass first, athletic PG, strong to cup, makes plays, can score, defends, sees floor
Darryl Hill 5’4″/PG 2025 Bowie, MD Quick, handles rock well, gets to basket, hits catch & shoot treys off the bounce, defends
Cameron Haudu 5’11″/WF 2026 Huron, MI Finishes well at rim, good length, has floater, hit 4 treys in a game, can score
Josiah Andrews 5’8″/PG 2026 Sacramento, CA Shoots w/range, gets to cup, great court vision, creates well, willing passer, good size
Ty Iagram 6’1″/WF 2026 San Diego, CA Athletic, handles rock, smooth, length, good size, finishes through contact & with left & right hand
Maurice Burns 6’3″/C 2026 Inkster, MI Long, lanky, handles well in transition, rebounds, finishes at high rate
Jordan Taylor 5’3″/PG 2027 Twinsburg, OH Quick, athletic PG w/good court vision and passing skills.  Makes good decisions w/rock
Sammy Dari 5’7’/SG 2027 Strongsville, OH Good size for position, skilled PG w/play making ability, makes solid decisions, high IQ
Landon Evans 5’5″/WF 2027 Reynoldsburg, OH Used size & body well to score near basket, crafty, knocked down multiple treys, played well
Jeremy Williams 5’9″/WF 2027 Baton Rough, LA Strong, physical, athletic guard, made buckets, strong with rock, defended multiple positions, strong to cup
Trey Dorsey 5’3″/PG 2027 Baton Rough, LA Creative passer, played with swagger
Kahliq Wash 5’2″/PG 2026 Lima, OH Quick PG with solid ball skills, has floater, changes speed & direction well, good court vision
Malik Simms 5’5″/PG 2026 Indianapolis, IN Shifty, quick w/solid passing skills, solid decision making, crafty, pushed ball in transition
Cash Gervin 5’0″/CG 2028 Unknown Competitor, shoots well, makes plays, good feel for the game
Andrew Brooks 5’11″/W/PF 2027 Mansfield, OH Big and dominate
Karl Mullins 4’3″/PG 2027 W. Palm Beach, FL Skilled, quick PG with solid ball skills
Michael Bailey 4’3″/PG 2030 Dallas, TX Skilled PG, changes speed and direction well
Kaden Mullins PG 2029 Lake Worth, FL Quick, skilled PG, poised, changes speed & direction well, creates space, knocked down catch & shoot treys
Kayo Griffin 4’10″/PG 2029 Sacramento, CA Quick, plays w/swagger, high energy, solid motor, confident, ball skills, has euro step
Andrew Cuzio 4’2″/PG 2030 Oranage, CT Skilled PG, crafty, excels at catch & shoot treys
Mekhi Roddy 5’6″/CG 2028 Columbus, OH Used size & body well to score
Caleb Buigins 5’10″/WF 2025 Chicago, IL Knocked down the 3-ball, showed flashes
Darrius Hawkins 5’0″/CG 2028 Chicago, IL Good size for position, sees floor well, finishes w/ left & right hands, all around game, IQ
Kaylen Brooks 5’1″/PG 2028 Mansfield, OH Good size for position, skilled, hits treys off bounce, confident
Mekhi Nelson 5’10″/PG 2025 Augusta, GA Athletic, gets to rim, tough, physical, finishes w/ left & right hands, solid motor
Recardo Harris 5’11″/PG 2028 New Haven, CT Defensive hawk, durned defense into offense, quick, can score, solid ball skills
Angelo Adams 4’11″/PG 2028 Chicago, IL Gets to cup, good in transition
Braylon Harris 4’10″/CG 2028 Pittsburgh, PA Hit catch and shoot treys, spot up shooter
Darek Whitfield 5’0″/PG 2026 Columbus, OH Still quick, still smart, makes plays
Nazir Pitchford 5’6″/PG 2027 Manatee Co, FL Good length, defends well, got buckets, unselfish, played hard
Jaden Berry 5’6″/PG 2027 Riverside, CA Defended well, has euro step, strong guard

Ty Iagram

Kahliq Wash

Maurice Brown

Jordan “Ice” Taylor

Sammy Dari

Landon Evans

Malik Simms

Jeremy Williams

Andrew Brooks

Caleb Buigins

Kaylen Brooks

Darrius Hawkins

Recardo Harris

Angelo Adams

Braylon Harris

Nazir Pitchford

Jaden Berry

Darek Whitfield