Day II at the NEO Youth Elite Camp offered us another opportunity to watch and evaluate young talent from across the country. One of the best players we saw on Sunday was Kingston Hunt (4’10”/PG/2028/Detroit, MI), who excited the crowd with his skill set, quickness and the ability to both defend and score.  Hunt’s killer crossover caused problems for his defenders and his floater was money.  We saw him a couple of years ago at our Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases, but Ty Hairston’s (5’1”/PG/2027/Cleveland, OH) play this past weekend confirms that his game has continued to develop.  Hairstion is electric and his skill level is significant. He’s not only a scorer, he’s an excellent playmaker.  From what we saw this weekend, Hairston needs to move up on our top player list. When you’re bold enough to matchup with one of the top players in the country and you hold your own, attention is bound to come your way.  Such was the case with Ke’mari Pointer (5’7”/PG/2026/Clinton, MD), who he went toe-to-toe with national phenom, Peyton Kemp.  Of course, Kemp did what he does, gets buckets, but Pointer made him work a little harder than usual.  Pointer is supper quick and explosive to the cup. He also has elite ball skills and defends 94 feet.  That matchup was exciting to watch.

When we talk about future prospects, we have to mention Antionio Munoz (6’4”/WF/2025/Chicago, IL).  Munoz already has good size; coupled with a nice skill set, makes him a solid prospect going forward. For his efforts, Munoz was selected as one of two Camp MVPS.  Keep an eye on this kid; he could be good!  Shawn Foster (5’7”/CG/2027/Lima, OH) has clearly continued to develop, and has stretched out a bit since we saw him last.  He’s a fluid athele with excellent ball skills and the ability to score at 3 levels. He plays with good pace, will not be sped up, and is always looking to find cutting teammates.  Austin Brown (4’5”/PG/2027/Youngstown) had a great weekend, and had a lot of fans in the stands commenting positively on his game. Super quick and skilled is what we saw.  There were several other players who caught our eye on Sunday, and we have listed them below. Congratulations to Sonny Johnson and his staff for putting on an excellent event.  Next up for us is our own Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, where the best of the best will assemble, and we will do our best to give them maximum exposure.  As always, follow us @robt1.

Player Pictures

Kingston Hunt

Ty Hairston

Ke’mari Pointer

Antonio Munoz

Shawn Foster

Austin Brown

Jordan Pierce

Anthony Smith III

Charlie Grayer

CJ Thomas

Tony Robinson

Nino Nesbitt

Name HGT/POS Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Kingston Hunt 4’10″/PG 2028 Detroit, MI Defensive stopper, picks up 94 ft, ball skills, killer crossover, has floater, solid motor, selected as MVP
Ty Hairston 5’1″/PG 2027 Cleveland, OH Highly skilled, shifty, changes speed & direction well, creates space, crafty, solid vision, passes well
Ke’mari Pointer 5’7″/PG 2026 Clinton, MD Great on-ball defender, picks up 94 feet, super quick, excellent ball skills, changes speed & direction well
Antonio Munzo 6’4″/WF 2025 Chicago, IL Good length, athletic, dunking, selected MVP
Austin Brown 4’5″/PG 2027 Youngstown, OH Highly skilled, quick, solid offensively
Jordan Pierce 5’11″/WF 2025 Bridgeport, CT Big, strong, physical, athletic guard who finishes well, selected to all-star team
Shawn Foster 5’7″/CG 2027 Lima, OH Good length for position, athletic, smooth, skilled, fluid, smart, can hit 3-ball, gets to cup
CJ Thomas 5’6″/PG 2025 Chicago, IL Stocky, strong PG with 3-pointer capability, strong to the cup, athletic
Anthony Smith III 5’5″/PG 2025 Minneapolis, MI Quick, crafty, skilled, selected as all-star
Charlie Grayer 5’2″/SG 2028 New York, NY Skilled, excellent ball skills, crafty
Machaon Saverda 5’9″/PG 2025 Idaho Skilled, quick, crafty
Jamison Beesley 5’11″/SG 2025 Racine, WI Big body guard w/ olid skill set, nice looking jump shot, finishes well
Justis Olorunto Unknown 2025 Ohio Showed flashes
Tony Robinson 6’2″/PF 2025 Cleveland, OH Long, lanky, athletic, gets to cup, protects the rim, can hit the 3-ball, rebounds well, could be good
Nino Nesbitt 5’10″/PG 2025 Columbus, OH Showed flashes, selected to all-star team
Mondale Bradley Jr. 6’2″/CG 2025 Columbus, OH Athletic, solid frame, selected to all-star game, up and comer