John Brooks’ Never Walk on the Hardwood event tipped off at Hyvee Arena in Kansas City, MO on Friday, and like most events of this size, Friday’s action was pretty much limited to match ups between local teams.

Although there were really no compelling or super competitive games on opening night, we were still able to identify several standout performers. Below is a complete list of players who caught our eye.

With all of that said, tomorrow morning, early, things are really going to heat up quickly, as nationally ranked teams square off in each division.  Stay tuned!

Standout Performers

 Name Hgt/Pos Class  City/State
Zander Pughsley 4’4”/PG 2031 Gahanna, OH
Kale Reynolds 5’1”/PG 2032 Oklahoma City, OK
Dylan Jarrett 5’1”/PG 2031 Tulsa, OK
Zadrien Brown 4’10”/PG 2032 Kansas City, MO
Izzy Garcia 5’1”/CG 2030 Oklahoma City, OK
Dupree Smith 5’2”/CG 2031 Minneapolis, MN
William Mitchell 4’9”/SG/WF 2032 Kansas City, MO
Carter Garcia 4’9”/CG 2032 Kansas City, MO
Kaden Pauley 5’7”/C 2031 Kansas City, MO
Jacent Barnes 5’3”/SF 2031 Tulsa, OK
Kayden Florie 5’5”/SG/WF 2031 Oklahoma City, OK
Ryan Florie 5’5”/CG 2031 Oklahoma City. OK

Standout Performer Pictures

Zander Pughsley

Kale Reynolds

Zadrien Brown

Izzy Garcia

Dylan Jarrett

Dupree Smith

Kaden Pauley

Jacent Barnes

Carter Garcia

William Mitchell

Kayden Florie

Ryan Florie Jr.