As expected, Day II of the Never Walk on the Hardwood event was a BANGER in just about all of the divisions, especially the 2032 class. Because of the super pool format, several of the country’s top teams went head to head in hopes of advancing to Sunday play. Unfortunately for some, there championship hopes died on Saturday night, as bracket play began and teams lost.

Buckeye Prep, the reigning #1 team in the country, had a tough day on Saturday, loosing to Righteous Elite in the open game, and CSA the second game of the day. Buckeye Prep was up on CSA as much as 17 points heading into the 2nd half, but could not hold on to the lead. A win over Mo Nets set up a rematch with NYBA Elite early Sunday morning. Righteous Elite finished 2-0 in pool play, while CSA finished 1-1, after a loss to BNU.

BNU went 2-0 on Saturday with wins over NYBA Elite and a forfeit win over DS@6, who did not bother to show up. The Hoosier Phenoms breezed through pool play with wins over Young Pro Global (54-49) and Team Takeover (64-44). A 48-26 win over Prodigy in bracket play set up a matchup with D1 Minnesota on Sunday morning. Other big time matchups on Sunday include: Righteous Elite vs Blue Print; Buckeye Prep vs NYBA Elite, CSA vs BNU. Below is our list of day II standouts. Stay tuned for our final day coverage; it should be hot!

Standout Performers

 Name Hgt/Pos Class  City/State
Chase Williams 4’9”/PG 2032 Elkins Park, PA
Cayden Jones 5’0”/PF 2033 Atlanta, GA
Djibril Dabone 5’0”/PF 2032 Oklahoma City, OK
Derrick Coleman Jr. 4’10”/PG 2032 Memphis, TN
Harper Kannan 5’4”/WF 2033 Dallas, TX
Gerald Boone 4’0”/PG 2033 Minneapolis, MN
KJ Battle 5’5”/C 2032 Indianapolis, IN
Aiden Wright 5’5”/CG 2032 Columbia, SC
Clinton Carter 5’2”/WF 2032 Bowie, MD
Kaleb Murphy 4’8”/SG 2033 Oklahoma City, OK
Dooley Brown 5’5”/SG 2032 Memphis, TN
Jayce Wilson 5’0”/SG 2032 Oklahoma City, OK
Owen Pedulla 4’8”/PG 2032 Oklahoma City, OK
Xavier Hartfield 5’4”/SF 2032 Yukon, OK
Jett Hubbard 5’0”/SG 2032 Cape Droola, MO
David Johnson III 4’11”/WF 2032 Worthington, OH
Jack Shaker 4’11”/PG 2031 Powell, OH
Christian Bell 6’5”/C 2031 Arlington, TX
Karan Roshan 5’1”/SG 2031 Washington DC
Keylon Thomas 4’11”/CG 2032 Knoxville, TN

Standout Performer Pictures

Chase Williams

Christian Bell

Aiden Wright

Derek Coleman Jr.

Cayden Jones

Djibril Dabone

Jett Hubbard

Dooley Brown

Clinton Carter

Jayce Wilson

Owen Pedulla

Kamran Roshan

KJ Battle

Kaleb Murphy

Jack Shaker

Gerald Boone

David Johnson

Harper Kannan

Xavier Hartfield