In terms of competitive tournaments, they don’t get much bigger than John Brooks’ Never Walk on the Hardwood event in Kansas City, MO, which is slated to tip off this weekend. In the 2032 division alone, 26 teams will make the trek to middle America, where they will compete with the top teams in the country. In fact, at least 11 teams in the field are ranked among the top 51 teams in Top 25 Scouts’ national rankings. Those teams include: #1 Buckeye Prep; #2 NYBA Elite; #3 BNU; #6 Blueprint; #7 CSA; #9 Righteous Elite; #13 Young Pro Global; #14 Team Takeover; #41 DS@6; #51 Southern Assault and previously ranked Hoosier Phenoms.

An added feature of this event, and the 2032 division in general, is the super pool format (3). Ten of the 11 nationally ranked teams have been placed into 3 super pools, so right out of the gate there’s going to be some serious heat! The 3 super pools break down like this: Pool A: Buckeye Prep, CSA and Righteous Elite; Pool B: BNU, DS&6 and NYBA Elite; Pool C: Blueprint, Team Takeover, Young Pro Global and Hoosier Phenoms.

It just stands to reason, if you have nationally ranked teams, you going to have nationally ranked players as well. Consequently, this division is absolutely loaded with top guys like: #2 Aydin Garth; #4 Trey Clemons; #6 Cole Adams; #7 Keylon Thomas; #8 Chase Williams; #9 Khalil Brooks; #10 Cavalli Goldthreate; #12 Aiden Wright; #13 Jordan Taylor; #15 Derrick Coleman; #22 Jace Vanderbilt; #20 Maddox Perry; #21 David Johnson III; #25 Dexter Turner; #26 Amir Stevens; #27 Will Harding; #29 Ronald Colbert; #31 Chris Downing Jr,; #33 Aiden Williams; #36 Kash Tolliver; #38 Mason Alexander; #40 Justin Coleman; #41 Jeremiah Poole; #44 Tony Jones Jr.; #60 Durant Smith; #63 Julian Winner; #67 Tristan Graham; #78 Camden Day; #102 KJ Battle; #106 Tucker Wise. In addition, although they may not be highly ranked or represented all in some rankings, guys like Djibril Dabone, Xavier Hatfield, Jayce Wilson and Trey Speights deserve to be named among the best at this event!

With the 2032 division there comes several intriguing storylines. The most compelling of which are a couple of revenge tours for some teams and the hunt for number 1 national ranking. In terms of the competitiveness of this division, there are 4 current or past #1 ranked teams in this event (i.e., Buckeye Prep, NYBA Elite, BNU & CSA). The current #1 team is Buckeye Prep, who ascended to the top spot with a win over NYBA Elite in the championship game of the Music City Classic in Nashville, TN 3 weeks ago. Before that, NYBA Elite grabbed the top spot from BNU at Terry Holt’s, March Madness tournament in Cincinnati, OH in March. Unless the Buckeye Prep can win it all, this event may crown a new #1 Sunday afternoon. In any respect, the national landscape and rankings will be heavily impacted by this weekend’s results!

Along the same lines, some teams are looking to avenge earlier losses. In pool A, Buckeye Prep will look for some get back against Righteous Elite, who caught them slipping in the elite eight of Balling on the Beach last June. In Pool B, BNU will attempt to avenge a close loss to NYBA Elite last month. Oh, that’s not all, BNU would love exact some revenge from CSA, who took them down on their trek to the title at Ballin on the Beach. Also, we’re sure the Hoosier Phenoms would like another shot at NYBA Elite, who got ‘em in the final four of March Madness. With the super pool format, the 10 top teams will all advance to bracket play creating more early clashes and juicy matchups.

All that we can say, we intend to spend a lot of time in the gym checking out the action. Stay tuned to our daily coverage of teams and players this weekend.