With the 2022 travel basketball season coming to a close, we had the opportunity to scout one final event. Although the Nike Sumer Championship was a bit top heavy in a few divisions, there was still plenty of competitive basketball games being played around the Columbus, Ohio area. In addition, we were able to evaluate and spotlight a number of very talented players.  Below is our list of standout performers over the course of the weekend. Follow us on IG @robt1

Standout Performers

Player Hgt/Pos Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Jaylen Gunther 5’8”/PG 2027 Youngstown, OH Highly skilled PG who’s plays with great pace & poise, excellent court vision, 3-level scorer, playmaker, nice mid-range game, good feel for the game, changes speed & direction well, feeds the post, mature game
Levi Davis 5’11”/PG 2026 Columbus, OH Athletic PG who can score at 3 levels, solid ball skills & passing ability, plays with good pace and poise, can knock down catch & shoot treys, scored 17 points in a game we watched
Jace Ricardo 6’4”/C 2027 East Liverpool, OH Good size, moves well, nice touch around the rim, runs the floor well, can defend guards, rim protector, blocked multiple shots in game we watched, passes well from the high post, can step out & hit the 3-ball
Jorden Bowens 6’5”/WF 2026 Reynoldsburg, OH Good size and strength, explosive, soft touch around the rim, solid court vision & passing ability, fluid, nice body control, finishes well at the rim
Tyler Postell 5’1”/PG 2029 Reynoldsburg, OH Crafty PG with solid ball skills, plays with good pace, can knock down treys off the bounce, lefty
Ashton Hanna 5’4’/CG 2029 Lewis Center, OH Skilled combo guard who can score from the perimeter or get to the cup, poised, plays with good pace
Tyson Cornett 5’4”/CG 2029 Westerville, OH Big time scorer, dropped a game-high 35 points in a game we watched
Jachai Dubois 5’5”/PG 2027 Cincinnati, OH Team’s leading scorer, standout performer
Daviano Brown 5’10”/PF 2029 Loraine, OH Good length, athletic, finishes tough shots, solid court vision, willing passer, crafty
Jazear Terry 5’9”/PF 2028 Elyria, OH Athletic, good size, finishes drives left handed
Jayden Jordan 5’8”/PF 2028 Cleveland, OH Athletic, scorer, finishes well, attacks to basket, dropped a game-high 28 points in a game we watched
Carson Scholl 6’1”/SG 2027 Columbus, OH Excellent shooter with range, can hit multiple catch & shoot treys in a game, scored a game-high 13 points (3 treys) in a game we watched
Caden Larrick 4’8”/SG 2031 Elyria, OH Excellent catch and shoot shooter, scoured 16 points in a game we watched, solid ball skills
Jason Maly 4’7”/PG 2031 Avon, OH Excellent 3-point shooter, went for 16 points on 3 treys in a game we watched
Keshawn Samuels 5’3”/C 2028 Brampton, CN Big, strong, physical, solid handle for size, can rebound and push the rock in transition, rebounds well
Jaylen Earl 4’7”/CG 2028 Buffalo, NY Crafty PG with solid ball skills, aggressive to the cup, defends well
Jordan Taylor 4’6”/PG 2023 Blacklick, OH Skilled, developing jump shot, high IQ, solid on-ball & help-side defender
Nick Reece 5’9”/PG 2027 Brook Park, OH Tough, gritty, bucket getter, solid ball skills, always in attack mode, finishes well, hits his free throws
Grant Combs 5’6”/SG 2028 Mason, OH Good size, crafty, good decision making, scored a game-high 18 points in a game we watched
Jameson Lake 5’2”/PG 2028 Lebanon, OH Skilled, finishes drives well, solid handle, hig basketball IQ
David Johnson III 4’7”/SG 2032 Worthington, OH Excellent on-ball defender, can shoot it, passes well, great in transition
Chase Karls 4’8”/SG 2029 Fairview Park, OH Big time shooter, can score the ball
Kyler Larrick 4’9”/SG 2030 Elyria, OH Elite shooter with range, knocked down 10 treys in 2 games
Aaron Ash 4’8”/CG 2030 Brunswick, OH Standout performer
Tony Jones Jr. 4’6″/PG 2032 Columbus, OH Solid ball skills, excellent on-ball defender, great rebounder for size, tough, competes
Jayden Vega 4’4″/PG 2032 Avon, OH Excellent shooter, high basketball IQ, solid handle

Jaylen Gunther

Levi Davis

Jace Riccardo

Tyson Cornett

Jorden Bowens

Daviano Brown

Tyler Postell

Jayden Jordan

Nick Reece

Caden Larrick

Ashton Hanna

Jameson Lake

Jordon Taylor

Keshawn Samuels

Jazear Terry

Carson Scholl

Jason Maly

David Johnson III

Grant Combs