Recently, the guys at Top 25 Scouts dropped national team lists that highlighted several Ohio-based teams. Among the Ohio teams highlighted, 2 are ranked number 1. In terms of programs, Edmund Sumner Select and Akron Infantry have 2 teams ranked, while Team BNU has 4 teams ranked. Below is a list of all of the Ohio teams that made the cut: 2025: Superfriends (1) and Ohio Phenoms (24); 2026: Edmond Sumner Select (1), 2027: Edmund Sumner Select (6), 2028: Akron Infantry (23), 2029: Team BNU (6), 2030; Team BNU (5), Akron Infantry (17) and Cincinnati TTP (23), 2031: Team BNU: (5), R4L (18), 2032: BNU Superfriends (4) and Buckeye Prep Hoopsters (12).  Any time a state can boast about having multiple teams nationally ranked, it helps to promote Ohio basketball.  Congratulations to all of the teams that made the lists!