Class of 2032

Ohio State Michigan Michigan State Illinois
Coach: Steve Vega Coach: Kenny Rankin Coach: Ed Lyshe Coach: Tony Raymore
(1) Jordan Taylor (11) Maxwell Ratica (21) David Johnson III (31) Julian Winner
(2) Alec Moore (12) Jayden Vega (22) Ron “RJ” Houston (32) Pilot Bates
(3) Dean  Schwartz (13) Tony Jones Jr. (23) Jedi Haynes-Lee (33) Will Harding
(4) Zion Lancaster (14) Carter Abernathy (24) Kason Angert (34) David Perry
(5 ) Charlie Lombardy (15) Ra’Mir Williams (25) Duwhan “DJ” Bird Jr. (35) Jason Lewis
(6) Anderson Swartz (16) Chris DiPalma (26) MJ Brewer (36) Aiden Williams
(7)  Ramonte Barfield Jr. (17) Ari Anderson (27) Kamar Lee (37) Maverick Shields
(8) Jett Derbyshire (18) Britton Gilford (28) Cale Ivery (38) Josiah Cheers
(9) Braylon Taylor (19) Luke Garlitz (29) Paxton Heflin (39) Cooper Kavanaugh
(10) Durant Smith (20) Shyialo White (30) Aeron “AJ” Turner Jr. (40) Eddie Williams

Class of 2031

Duke North Carolina Louisville Virginia
Coach: Steve Vega Coach: Kenny Rankin Coach: Ed Lyshe Coach: Tony Raymore
(1) Trice Carter (11) Zander Pughsley (21) Jack Shaker (31) Rush Anstine
(2) AJ Davenport (12) Landon Miller (22) Anthony Burns Jr. (32) Reggie “RJ” Harwell Jr.
(3) Elijah Foster (13) John Sumner (23) Robert Sumner (33) Marion “Big Baby” Mathews
(4) Cam Rouch (14) Chris Blalock (24) Jonathon “JJ”  Moore Jr. (34) Nolan Moore
(5) Derrick Perryman (15) Jordan Davies (25) King Blunt (35) Ray Blunt
(6) Mason Vines (16) Cason Glass (26) Maddox Gamble (36) Saxe Ellerbee
(7) Benjamin Rodriguez (17) JJ Maly (27) Kyle Darfus (37) Elliott Trautner
(8) Jaquan Carter (18) Brayden Owens (28) Jaxon Verona (38) Braylon Carey
(9) Deandre Hill (19) Mekhi Massey (29) Wes Hajjar (39 ) Dylan Hooper
(10) Chase Crockett (20) Gerald Warrick IV (30) Logan Green (40) Gavin Grant

Game Rules

1. 2/20 minutes halves with a running clock.
2. Four timeouts total (2 full & two 30 seconds per game). One extra timeout in the 1 st overtime.
3. Three-minute half-time warm-up.
4. Substitutions every 5 minutes until 5 minutes left in the game, them open subs.
5. Five-minute pre-game warm-up.
6. Fouls: Team fouls 7-9 results in a 1-and-1 situation (per half). Team fouls 10 or more results
in a two shot penalty (per half).
7. Scores tied after regulation will result in two three-minute overtime periods. After the second
overtime period, the 3rd 2-minute overtime period will be sudden death (Except in the
championship game).
8. If a player, coach or parent is ejected from a game for any reason, they are ejected for the rest
of the event.
9. Round robin play
10. Tiebreaker criteria:
A. Won-lost record
B. Head-to-head competition;
C. Point system (+15 / -15). (Note -Regardless of the point difference,  “winning margin,”
no team will receive more than a plus “15” or a minus “15” for point differential. For example, if
team “A” wins by 20 points, team “A” will receive a +15 for that game.) Also, only the teams
involved in the tie will be subject to the point system formula;
D. Least amount of points allowed in pool games;
E. Coin flip.
16. The home team is the 1st team listed.
17. We will be using will be using the smaller ball (28.5) for both classes.
18. Individual awards will be presented to the champion and runner-up teams in the round robin tournament.  Also, an “All-Combine Team”  will be selected at the conclusion of the all-star game.