As part of our efforts to closely follow the class of 2032, below is our initial efforts at team profiles for the top 10 ranked teams in Ohio. The profiles are designed to provide a short description of each team; highlight the key players; and to provide an update on the team’s progress over the course of the season. We will do our best to update the profiles with each team’s results. Coaches should feel free to send updates for their respective teams. As always, this information is provided to coaches, players and parents as way to keep track of the class, not to ridicule any team. It’s just for fun people!.

Team Profiles (Top 10)

Notes: So far this season, the Buckeye Prep Hoopsters have won 7 titles (Nike Grassroots, Buckeye Prep Invitational, Dru Joyce Classic, Adidas Spring Stripes, Coaster Classic, Gym Rats Run & Slam, Under Armour Summer Slam) along with 3 runner-up finishes (Music City Premier, Spooky Nook Classic, Nike Cup) and a Final 4 and Elite 8. Currently ranked 7th in the country by Coast2Coast Preps, the Hoopsters are currently 50-8 overall. Buckeye Prep is known for their balanced scoring, stellar ball movement, team play, stingy defense and extreme man-to-man pressure. In addition, because anyone of the starters can lead the team in scoring in any given game, game planning for the Hoopsters can be difficult. Finally, multiple players on this squad are now legitimate 3-point threats making this team very dangerous.

Starters Position City
Tony Jones Jr. PG Gahanna
 Jordan Taylor PG Gahanna
 Alec Moore SG Pickerington
David Johnson III SG Worthington
Will Harding WF Northmont
Reserves: Rhett Bradley, Durant Smith, Christian “JR” Morrow Jr., Hayes Emmons & Aiden Williams

Playmakers University Select

Note: Playmakers University Select is a newly constructed team with a roster of players from last year’s TNBA Ohio and Ohio Basketball Club. In addition to solid guard play and depth, with the acquisition of Nasir Lusane, they have good size in the post.

Starters Position City
Ron “RJ” Houston SG/WF Euclid
Britton Gilford SG Cleveland
Cody Holiday PG North Ridgeville
Nasir Lusane C Loraine
Jayden Vega PG Avon
Bryce Karls G Fairview Park
Reserves: Ari Anderson, Dylan Hooper, Charlie Lombardy & Luke Garlitz

Cincinnati Blazers

Note: The Blazers are a scrappy bunch of kids with solid guard play and decent size. Already this season they have a championship under their belt and have gained national attention.

Starters Position City
Brandon Mazson CG Cincinnati
Ken Coyne PG Cincinnati
David Perry WF Dayton
Lakye Berry WF Cincinnati
Javion Jackson PF/C Cincinnati

Reserves: Kevin Parris, Landon Burgin, Elijah Young & Shyialo White

Ohio Hoopsters-Monarchs

Note: The Monarchs are a scrappy bunch of kids who play hard and defend at an elite level. So far this season, the Monarchs have finished runner-up at the Nike Grassroots tournament and made a final 4 run at the Buckeye Prep Invitational and the Dru Joyce Classic. The Monarchs have also notched a good win against Charging Elite. What's also impressive with this team is the fact they are led by two 2nd graders! Caleb Towns is the heart and sole of this team as he significantly impacts the game on both ends of the floor. Additionally, the Monarchs’ ball movement and defense are definitely strengths. This team is one or two pieces away from elite and the ability to consistently win on a national level.

Starters Position City
Chauncey Cumberlander Jr. (2033) PG Pickerington
Caleb Towns (2033) PG Columbus
Joshua Towns WF Columbus
Hammon Russell IV WF Reynoldsburg
Codan Pollack Unknown Columbus
Reserves: Charles Couzins, Cruz Kaplan, Noah Cain & KK Peterson, Josiah Smith & James Braxton Jr.

The Program

Notes: This will be a new program for 2024 and is rumored to have several players from the former All-Ohio and Charging Elite programs, including: Jedi-Haynes-Lee, Jase Owens, Zion Lancaster and Robert Simpson.

Starters Position City
Jedi Haynes-Lee WF Columbus
 Jase Owens PF Columbus
 Robbie Simpson PG Columbus
Reserves: Unknown

Gem City Heat

Notes: We‘ve only seen the Gem City Heat on a couple of occasions, but one thing is clear’ they’re scrappy as heck and bring a lot of defensive pressure.

Starters Position City
Kamar Lee PG Dayton
Mark Lakes CG Dayton
My'kell Whitfield CG Dayton
Antonio Jackson CG Dayton
Donnell Tisdale WF Dayton
Reserves: Josiah Washington (WF), Josiah Hopson (WF), Charles Smith (CG), Qaydin Petty (C), Parris Shephard (CG) & Syon McCoy (WF)

Cincinnati Royals

Notes: We have not seen the Cincinnati Royals on the statewide tournament trail just yet, so we don't have much information about the team. What we do know is the Royals have won all but 1 tournament they have entered, including the Cincy Hoop Classic, Under Armour Kickoff and March Madness. Also, the Royals also finished 2nd at the Bearcat Classic this year. Hopefully we will get a chance to see the Royals play some of the better teams around the state this season.

Starters Position City
Trayon "TJ" Goodwin-PG PG Cincinnati
Dion Goins-SG SG Cincinnati
Dean Schwartz-SG SG Cincinnati
Brady Baumann-G G Cincinnati
Maxwell Ratica-PF PF Cincinnati
Reserves: Tre Setters, Lennox Brown & Taylor (LNU)

The Island

Notes: The Island's recent title run at the Bearcat Classic announced their arrival on the Ohio scene. With a roster that includes nationally ranked CJ Downing, Kanin Joyce and Cooper Kavanagh, this Cleveland-based team has a chance to make runs on championship Sunday. As long as this team can retain all of their horses, they should remain among the top of this class. Because this team has played so few tournaments, they are still somewhat of an unknown. Time will tell if they still have an impact in this class going forward.

Starters  Position City
Kanin Joyce PG Akron
Christian Young WF Unknown
Cooper Kavenough  CG Unknown
Braden Voss C Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Reserves: Unknown

Ohio Elite Basketball

Notes: Ohio Elite Basketball (OEB) 2032 was established this year and came out strong, losing in their first tournament only to the ranked Cincinnati Royals. The team then went on to win the OYB Dublin Easter Classic, Coaster Clash, and the Ballin in the Creek tournament. They continue to take on challenging tournaments and have a 26-8 record. With the focus on development as the priority and winning as a result of positive coaching and strong team dynamics look for these kids to continue to improve as the season continues.

Starters Position City
Treyven Harris PG Xenia
Chase Evans SG Beavercreek
Paxton Heflin PG Columbus
Brody Krznarich WF Mad River
Preston Raehll SG Delaware
 Carter Watson  G/F Reynoldsburg
 Ra'mir Williams C Groveport
Reserves: Unknown

Ohio Basketball Club

Notes: OBC is a well coached team with a couple of real solid pieces. Ron "RJ" Houston is the man on this team and is capable of willing his team to a win if he's not accounted for. In addition to Houston, Abrielle Taylor holds it down the post, and not only rebounds at an high level, he adds solid low post scoring as well. We look for this team to continue to get better as the season progresses.

Starters Position City
 Mason Purins PG Cleveland
 Ryan Picha SG Cleveland
 Abrielle Taylor PF Cleveland
 Jax McNamara WF Cleveland
Aiden Parker PF Cleveland
Reserves: Eli Stacher, Walter Boykin & Andrew Kern

Midwest Basketball Club-Wyant

Notes: Although we have not yet seen the MWB team in action, from what we have heard, they have a couple of quality players, and have been competitive in local tournaments. Specifically, they have final-4 finishes at the Bearcat Classic and Pacers jam Fest.

Starters Position City
Braxton Wyatt PG Cincinnati
Asher Riess PG Cincinnati
Jett Darbyshire SG Cincinnati
Beckham Seay WF Cincinnati
Clayton Clark G Cincinnati
Reserves: Micah Greenberg, Winston Erb, Ethan Hill

Midwest Basketball Club-Cummins


Starters Position City
Adam Kennedy PG Unknown
Eddy Williams SG Unknown
Abram Grunden G Unknown
Henry Wisler WF Unknown
Anderson Swartz WF Unknown
Reserves: Valentino Williams, Bryce Villanueva, Kam Cummins, Conner Hardy & Tyler Balmert