Sometimes this week we intend to release our initial Buckeye Prep Power Rankings! Initially, because the season is still early, we will only rank about 10-15 teams in each class (3rd-8th). Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating the rankings and adding additional teams. For our first draft, we will look at the results from several major tournaments including the Buckeye Prep Invitational and the Midwest Circuit.

Speaking of the Midwest Circuit, Ohio teams appear to be performing well currently. Specifically, in a few of the divisions we checked this morning, several Ohio-based teams were undefeated. In fact, in the 6th grade division, ALL H.E.A.R.T., Ohio Basketball Club and C2K Elite were all undefeated at 6-0. Also undefeated are Ohio Basketball Club’s 5th grade team and Edmond Sumner Select’s 6th grade squad. Sitting at 5-1 currently are Ohio Basketball Club and Hardwork in the 6th grade division.

Looking back at our own tournament, All Ohio Red (8th), Ohio Basketball Club (7th) and Team BNU (4th & 6th) were all divisional champions. Edmund Sumner Select’s 7th grade team is well built and making noise nationally, while Team BNU (2029) is collecting championships across the country. The Akron Infantry program has recently burst onto the scene and is quietly building a national reputation as well.

The 4th grade Ohio Hoopsters has a star in Askia Holloway Jr., and the team is racking up championships by the boatload. The All H.E.A.R.T. program has several quality teams and will be well represented in our rankings. Carlos Davis’ R4L Pioneers are always in the mix and only continue to get better over the course of the season. Moreover, Nova Village has fielded several competitive squads as has the Miller Factory, C2K, Mid Ohio Pumas, Hard work, and Cincinnati Royals. The Drew Lavender-created Buckeye State Elite Program is on the board with a couple of young teams as well and All Ohio’s 7th grade team is one of the best in their class.

Look for our Power Rankings to drop early this week. As always, much of the information we publish comes from direct feedback from coaches and parents. Don’t be afraid to email us and brag about your team and/or players. To this end, we have created a link where coaches and parents can provide us information about their teams. It takes a few minutes, but the information you provide helps us out with our rankings. We’re all about providing exposure!

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