Carson Schol

Jayden Morrison

Luke Barnt

Pharoahe Zaire

Mike Alexander

Tanner Kellte

We had the opportunity to catch some PSL action on Sunday at the United Sports Arena in Columbus and two of the players we watched were among the scoring leaders in the league including Jayden Morrison (5’1”/SG/2027/Asheville) and Carson Schol (5’7”/WF/2027/Lewis Center).  In the case of Schol, he’s an excellent shooter in catch and shoot situations.  In fact, he drilled at least three treys in the game we watched and appeared comfortable doing so. Moreover, after he knocked down a couple of treys and the defense started aggressively closing out, Schol effectively used the shot fake to put the ball on the ground in order to create a mid-range shot for himself or a weak-side pass to a teammate.  As he gains strength and weight, Schol could be a good one going forward.  We also liked his teammate Mike Alexander (5’3”/SG/2027/Lewis Center), who also consistently knocked down shots from beyond the arc.  In the game was saw, he had 3 first half treys

The biggest player on the floor; in fact, the biggest person in the gym, was Pharoahe Zaire (6’2”/C/2027/Columbus), who stood head and shoulders above everybody on the court.  As was the case the last time we saw Zaire earlier this fall, he’s incredibly raw, but he seems to be getting better. Because of his enormous size, he’s a great rebounder, rim protector, and he does a good job of out letting the ball in transition and relieving pressure when his team is pressed.  If someone can get this kid a big man coach who emphasizes the Mikan drill, who knows, he could turn out to be a decent basketball player down the road. Other standouts included Luke Barnt (5’0”/SG/2027/New Albany), Tanner Kellte (5’4”/SG/2027/Ashville), Rashad Perry (4’8”/PG/2028/Columbus), Carson Stuckley (5’2”/PF/2027/Grove City), Conner Noland (5’0”/CG/2027/Lewis Center) and Dempsey Bush (4’6”/PG/2027/Westerville).

Name Height/Position Class City Evaluation Notes
Carson Schol 5’7″/WF/ 2027 Lewis Center Elite Shooter in catch and shoot situations.  Can put it on the floor a bit, but don’t leave him open!
Jayden Morrison 5’6″/SG/ 2027 Ashville Good size for position, goes strong to the cup., can step out and hit the trey & finishes through contact
Luke Barnt 5’0″/SG 2027 New Albany Scorer, solid handle, passes well, scrappy, has a floater, passes ball out on break well, IQ, good decisions
Pharoahe Zaire 6’2″/C 2027 Columbus Big, Big!  Raw, but rebounds well, outlets ball, can score close to basket. Releases pressure when pressed
Tanner Kellte 5’4″/SG 2027 Ashland Good length, physical, plays hard & can score
Mike Alexander 5’3″/SG 2027 Lewis Center Ability to shoot from beyond the arc.  Knocked down multiple treys in game we watched
Rashad Perry 4’8″/PG 2028 Columbus Scrappy lil PG with solid skills. Aggressive to cup, more than competed playing up. Slasher & aggressive
Carson Stuckley 5’2″/PF 2027 Grove City Leading score in game we watched.  Can shoot it if left open
Dempsey Bush 4’6″/PG 2027 Westerville Shooter, leading scorer, selected as player of the game
Conner Noland 5’0″/CG 2027 Unknown Skilled, scrappy, solid handle and can score